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Monday, 26 July 2021

Significant site wide price rise in August 2021 at Alternative Armies

Sadly we are going to have move our prices for the first time site wide in five years.  It was a large decision to take and it was taken with care but we cannot put it  off any longer for our customers.

During the month of August (after 3rd August) prices will rise between 10% and 20% range by range until the entire website is re-priced before the end of the month. Most ranges by 20% increase. We made mention of this at the start of July to give our customers notice and having the increases follow the summer event saving means most codes are twenty percent less; then twenty percent less again during event time compared to post event and post increase August rise.

The 28mm Ion Age science fiction range and the 15mm Laserburn range will not increase in price.

Our deals and offers page will see some alteration as well with some of the bundles reducing their savings to ten percent or five percent.

Our printed books will rise in price but the relationship between them and their digital download versions will remain in place at one fifth less in price.

If you have any questions please ask us on and we will do our best to assist you.

The free miniature or pack each month WILL remain.  We will continue to fund this fun for our customers such as August 2021 with the Hann Merchant.

Thank you as always for your custom.


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