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Thursday, 15 July 2021

Mrurz and Centalons return Tabletop Games science fiction

Now restored and on the Alternative Armies website five more classic miniatures by Tabletop Games.  As we continue to restore the 1980's 25mm to 28mm scale metal figures these follow up on the Large Sadistic Demons and the Szithks Warbirds, the Gorgory, Orts and Thulgs.  

This time it the four legged alien Centalons and the furry not so cute Mrurz. See what is in this combined range HERE on the website.

TSF22 Mrurz with blaster rifle

TSF21 Mrurz with machine pistol

TSF20 Mrurz with slug pistol and force shield

TSF31 Centalon with Assault Rifle

TSF30 Centalon with blaster pistol and force sword

The miniature used for a 28mm scale comparison is an Ion Age 28mm scale Retained Knight (IB23).  See that range HERE.

Thulgs and the One Eyed Glax arrived back on the website last month and were well received. These were a pleasure to restore to the world and we will continue with further returned classics across this year for science fiction and fantasy and scenic ranges.

There are all of our releases for this scale and genre this month.

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