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Saturday, 12 March 2022

Painted Stock big update March 2022

Hand painted miniatures from Alternative Armies ranges by our ladies here in Scotland.  A large update has now been completed with nearly two hundred new ready to ship painted codes added.  Everyone one of them ready to use right out of the box as it were and the price includes not only the miniature itself and its painting but also the base it is mounted on (or element base) and the sculpted basing effect (typically grass but also snow or rubble) too.  Try us out or add to your collection from a single miniature to entire units with flags included for free.  Free Worldwide Shipping kicks in at 50.00GBP (UK), 100.00GBP (Europe), 125.00GBP (North America and rest of world) of product added to cart. 

We have hundreds of happy customers all over the world who purchase painted and based from us every year. While most of these miniatures are sold and shipped out directly there are some which we place onto our website for immediate purchase.  There are several pages.  You can look at the Painted World of Valon (Flintloque and Slaughterloo ranges), Painted 28mm Fantasy and Painted Science Fiction (including The Ion Age) as well as Painted 15mm Scale (for Furioso, HOTT, Patrol Angis and Laserburn).

Enjoy your look around and if you would like a quotation on anything else we offer on our website as a painted item then do ask us.  Email on with codes you are keen on and you will find our prices very reasonable.  Above a recent commission we carried out on Bradley Miniature 15mm Science Fiction several tanks, field guns and armoured cars for example.

Lastly our Deals and Offers page will shortly be reset just as our New Releases page now has been.  We always have great offers on whole sets, single packs and such with up to half price with them being rotated every few months.  Just now 28mm Campfire, 28mm Winter Knight, 15mm Cultist Mob as well as Ion Age Battlesuits feature.  Well worth a look before they change once more at the end of next week.

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