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Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Tabletop Fun June 2022

Across the world and the internet tabletop gamers, collectors, painters and players show off their miniatures and models bought from us or from our stockists such as Noble Knight Games. While the vast majority of these pass us by sometimes a kindly soul will show us their hobby results. Click on each picture on our blog to make it larger. 
In this round up are six such results ranging from 15mm Historicals to 15mm Science Fiction, to The Ion Age as well as Flintloque and 28mm Fantasy. Where possible names and links have been provided and in each case a link to the website is present. Enjoy! 
Tim Cook's Banneret of the Fleet! Tim painted up this 28mm Ion Age Miniature (IA002 in IB1 Retained Knights pack) as a Varlet Standard for his collection. He took several attempts at it but told us that he is happy with the effects and the basing he achieved. We agree! 
The Failed Apprentice painted by Heroic Miniatures (see them on Instagram) a one piece miniature CA1-05 from The Wizard's Progress pack. Painted in a night time dead flesh scheme using Vallejo colours to be a Necromancer's aide perhaps. He gives more details on his account. But yuck! That really works. 
The gallant South Mordor Regiment by Dances with Gnomes (see him on Instagram) his Slaughterloo Orc Line Unit using a photo editing program. One of the more famous regiments in the Army of Albion in a fierce battle with Armorican Elves and Diberian Werewolves. Featuring a scratch built Sergeant Obidiah speaking into his shako you can have your own unit with 54503 Orc Line including an officer and colour party. 
Cai-Z popped up on the mighty 15mm Science Fiction group on Facebook and kindly permitted the use of this picture from his growing collection. HOF155 Dominator Sphere on the attack amid a lovely looking landscape. All those limbs will give anyone a hard time in combat! 

Wargrunt Art (find them on Facebook) recently increased their 15mm historical forces with elements of Visigoths taken from our Isarus Dark Age Goths range. Lovely work on these and we often do not see these painted up. We hear he is now working on a Hun Army too. 
This just in by Tony Aguilar for his DBA Army of the Konstantinian Byzantine list two stands of mounted Norman Knights. Lovely stuff and restored Tabletop Games 15mm range you can see in the Israrus pages of the website. Tony has added artillery and infantry to his army and it is looking very strong. 
Thank you for your time! 

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