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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

The Ion Age new painted pictures the Betrayers!

The new Female Retained Knights happen upon the morrow but before our last release of this month and following up on yesterday we present more from the collection of Sam Croes.  The Betrayers!  Hives, Cyberpunk and sneering attitude.  Over two hundred miniatures in 28mm scale of space opera wargaming.  Enjoy!

Betrayers are Humans of Prydian space that have for many reasons decided not to stand united with their fellows. Many choose the service of the Shia Khan Empire believing that Humanity will lose the war while some become space pirates and mercenaries.  In places of crime and extreme danger they thrive. They are rough and ready, they are despised, they are Betrayers! 

Click to enlarge - IB34 Betrayer Humans

Click to enlarge - IB40 Betrayer Urbanites

Click to enlarge - IB41 Betrayer Alphas

Click to enlarge - IB45 Betrayer Saboteurs

During June 2022 every order shipped out from here in Scotland automatically gets ALT006 Alternia of The Ion Age (worth 3.00GBP) free included in the package.  See her below and go HERE for more information.

Thank you for time and if you are keen on finding out more about these miniatures in their own game systems rather than for use in any set of rules then have a look at MOTH for skirmishing and Firefight 2.0 for intense urban combat.  Keep in mind every miniature in the range can be had as a single within its pack on its page.


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