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Friday 11 March 2016

56124 Dead Horses 28mm scale released!

“We lost our last mounts as we neared the river. Though frozen by the deep chill of the weather we had hoped that our horses would carry us safely across to the other side to escape our pursuers; but it was not to be. Though short of both powder and shot I thought it a mercy to end my beloved Genevieve's suffering with a pistol to her skull. I owed her that after these long weeks in the retreat, my life owed to her several times over. We must move on and it doubt we will reach the river before the enemy catches up. Its been mere minutes but already the horses stiffen and freeze. Will we be the same before the sun falls this day?” 

Alternative Armies is proud to present a release that like our three barrelled cannon is ideal not only for Flintloque but also for any historical wargame system as well. A pack of dead horses which have given their last in any of a million different battles. Go HERE or read on for details. 

56124 Dead Horses 
This pack contains two different resin 28mm one piece miniatures depicting dead horses. These are useful for any 28mm scale army which uses horses in its campaigns. The horses are laid on their sides with saddle and tack along with saddle bags and roll. They are wearing face covers to protect against adverse weather conditions. Ideal for casualty markers in Flintloque or Slaughterloo or as diorama pieces too. Price is 4.00GBP per pack. Go HERE

We also have other Battlefield Bits and Items including Dead Riding Pigs, different Riding Rhinos, Camp Fire, Debris, Musket Pack, Tankards, Pistols, Exotic Fruit and much more to choose from. Have a look HERE

Remember that all of the Dogmen Cavalry codes from singles to packs to units and divisions in the Ostarian and Finklestein armies are currently 15% off list prices due to the addition of the new resin horse to the codes If you wish to expand your Dogmen then have a look HERE until the end of this month. 

Lastly we have other releases this month including a character pack for the Army of Pudigrochumsberg and the second and then final phase of the Fighting Fungi from Ganesha Games too. Watch out for news on these as the month progresses. We may also have a first look at a coming Flintloque set too! 

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