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Wednesday 23 March 2016

First Look at the Pudigroan Command Set for Flintloque

Welcome to the last, yes the last, first look article for the Ruined Kingdom of Pudigrochumsberg army for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Come April 2016 every code and the divisional army pack (DAP) will be released. Following up on the Line Infantry, Casualties, Rache Carabiners, Dragoons, Artillery Crew, Characters and the three barrel cannon we have two more codes to come.  These are Cuirassiers (no first look post sorry!) and the epically excellent Command Set which is the focus of this article.  You can see everything already released on the Pudigroan page of our website HERE.  

We want to show you these great 28mm original miniatures.  This time as 'greens' hand made sculpts by Sam Croes our lead designer. Here is the code, description as well as images of the leaders on foot and mounted of this burned and blackened land.  The Pudigroan Command Set!

56587 Pudigroan Command Set
This will be a set of 28mm white metal Dogman miniatures which will give you the foot and mounted officers in all units for your new force.  These are meant for use with the rest of the Pudigrochumsberg packs but they will also serve well in Confederation of Finklestein collections and also revolutionary older style Ostarian Empire forces.  Sculpted by our lead designer Sam Croes there are six new different models in this set and two from the existing range (Horses from 51514) and they will be available as a full set (8).  As with all our Valon miniatures we will offer the additional choice of purchase pro-painted and based by our team of ladies here in Scotland. 

Every command set we made for The World of Valon follows the same methodology in that we have four officers on foot and two mounted.  Those on foot have one of four dominant personalties to reflect officers in Slaughterloo.  These personalties are Aggressive, Cowardly, Heroic and Dastardly. The mounted officers are always a 'colonel' grade and a 'general' grade for maximum usefulness in an army. The poses are from left to right in the foot officers photograph firstly the 'Cowardly' type of officer with hand out stretched and a pistol, the 'Aggressive' type of officer at a full run teeth bared and sword raised.  Next is the 'Heroic' type of officer sword held aloft and arm raised preparing an order to attack.  Then the 'Dastardly' type officer who is rubbing his hands together plotting how to get his troops killed and himself glory.  The mounted officers from left to right are firstly a 'General' with raised sword and periwinkle wig and secondly a 'Colonel' holding the reigns and with a pistol in his hand.  All are wearing Pudigrochumsberg uniform and most wear a tricorne hat.  These Dogmen are all 'poodle' types making them the same average height and bulk as an Elf.  They are character filled miniatures who would also make excellent additions to an infantry, cavalry, artillery or any other section as well.

I just have to say that having held the actual sculpts before they went for master molding that the Aggressive Foot Officer is I think one of the nicest Flintloque miniatures ever!  Such a radical pose and possessing a vitality that makes you think he will begin running at any moment.  I look forward to seeing it in white metal.

Go HERE to see the whole Pudigrochumsberg Army.

So roll on April when the following codes will be released during our Salute Season of annual promotions, offers and fun!

56587 Pudigroan Command Set
56592 Cruellest DeVille Cuirassiers
56604 Pudigroan Dog Division (DAP)

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