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Monday, 21 March 2016

Fighting Fungi by Ganesha Games final releases at Alternative Armies!

With the 'Hammer and Forge' Kickstarter pledges now mailed out across the whole world, those for the UK and Europe coming from Alternative Armies, it gives me great pleasure to announce the release of the third and final wave of Fighting Fungi. Manufactured by Alternative Armies under agreement with Ganesha Games the whole range is now on their page on our website HERE. No worries about stock and availability. 

Wave three sees all the exotic cavalry plus the monsters and the biggest miniatures added as well as a third value pack saving 15% and the ENTIRE range in a box with a 20% saving and free postage too! 

Here is a list of the releases in this third wave and until the end of this month all of these singles plus those of the second wave of releases are at 10% off list price. They are shown in the order below above in images and below this list are images of the complex miniatures with pieces contained and scaled alongside a 28mm Fungus warrior.  HERE.

FIFU 014 Spore Monster 
FIFU 019 Fungi King 
FIFU 020 Worm Rider 
FIFU 022 Pillbug Heavy Cavalry 
FIFU 023 Grasshopper Rider Light Cavalry 
FIFU 025 Swamp Fungus 
FIFU 031 Sporebomb Launcher Fungus 

FIFUW03 Fighting Fungi Value Pack Three (7 miniatures) Save 15% 

FIFW00 Fighting Fungi Full Range Box (36 miniatures) Save 20%   Free Shipping!

Fighting Fungi is now complete and our thanks to Andrea and the rest of Ganesha Games for choosing Alternative Armies. Get yourself some unique fantasy miniatures. After all where else will you find a Fungus Warrior riding a mass of worms? Go HERE.

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