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Monday 14 March 2016

Fighting Fungi by Ganesha Games wave two released!

Back in September we announced our arrangement with Ganesha Games to fulfil backers orders on their 'Song of Blades Hammer and Forge' Kickstarter.  You can read about that on our blog. As well as this project we are now geared up for direct and trade sales of the Fighting Fungi range of 28mm scale white metal miniatures.  The first wave of releases from the range came out last time and now we have the second wave online on Ganesha Games page on the Alternative Armies website.  The miniatures are manufactured right here in Scotland and shipped worldwide so no worries about stock or availability.  Go HERE.

We have split this excellent range into three waves and this is the second or middle wave.  The last wave will come out later this month so look out for this.  While the first wave focused on your core warriors this second wave has more warriors along with larger infantry and character cavalry.  The biggest and strangest models are in the last wave.  All the miniatures are online as singles and there is a value pack too containing one of each in this wave.  We offer 15% off the value pack and until the end of the month all the new singles are 10% off too!  Go HERE.

Below is a list of the codes released and if you wish to visit the Ganesha Games website for resources you can do that HERE.

FIFU 007 Archer
FIFU 008 Multi-Pose
FIFU 009 Matanagar
FIFU 010 Spell Caster
FIFU 012 Vampire Fungus 
FIFU 016 Greater Sporeling
FIFU 017 Spore Monster Heavy Infantry
FIFU 021 Flying Eye Fungus
FIFU 028 Rotting Heart Mushroom Master
FIFU 029 Reaper
FIFU 033 Andrea Underfoot and Davey Snoutbottom
FIFUW02 Fighting Fungi Value Pack Two (13 miniatures) Save 15%

Its a great time to be a fantasy wargamer!

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