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Tuesday 1 March 2016

This month all Flintloque Dogmen Cavalry codes on special offer with new resin Horse!

The Ostarian Empire is the largest single power in Urop with more troops than the Confederation of Finkelstein and the Elves of Armorica and yet it loses battle after battle.  Why is this when its soldiers are capable and its generals at times inspired?  The answer is that the Dogmen of Ostaria are ruled over by a mad man; the Emperor Klaffenhund.  The Ostarian Army is powerful and as long as its ruler stays off the field it has a chance of beating the Usurper Mordred.

Welcome to March 2016 and all of this month Alternative Armies is celebrating spinning up resin horses for all Dogmen codes in the Flintloque and Slaughterloo range by taking 15% off the price of codes.  All of the cavalry and command (any codes that use the riding horse) along with Divisional Army Packs in the Ostarian Army and the Confederation of Finklestein are on offer.  Click on the links to see each army.  Prices are shown reduced and you need only add to cart.

Above is an image of the new horse.  Its just like the original white metal horse except we adjusted the pose of the legs and re-positioned the tail.  It is still the same big horse and all the riders fit it well. The limber horse remains in white metal.  Here is a list of the codes now with the new horses and on offer:

56508 Dogmen Cuirassiers
56509 Dogmen Hussars
56524 Dogmen Lancers
56510 Dogmen Command
56537 Dogmen Engineers
LE032 Prince Swartzenbarch
56600 Ostarian Dogman DAP
56601 Confederation Dogmen DAP

Thanks for the emails from Flintloque players about this new horse.  I think it came out rather nicely.

Thanks for Reading.


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