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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

James Ward wizards party of creative insanity for Frostgrave

I was treated to one of the strangest collections of miniatures from Alternative Armies ranges when I spoke with James Ward. He had a vision to create a warband for Frostgrave by Osprey. While many wargamers come to us for selected miniatures for their warbands for this game (we supply every pose in a pack as a single on its page..maximum choice!) this warband was beyond the norm! 

James did not tell me the story behind his choices from our High Fantasy range, the Grinning Skull range and the Sengoku range so I am taking a stab at guessing what the warband is. The game allows for a great variety centred around a Wizard. My thinking is that the Wizard is an Illusionist and he is using a combination of hired muscle and creatures to form his force. After all a sword master attacking with a killer plant and little gingerbread men..what else could it be? 

We have hundreds of 28mm scale miniatures spread across many ranges. In the warband here I have linked up to the miniatures used in the picture so that you can find them easily if desired. FL11-02 Ogre with Baggage, FL19-02 Assassin hooded with Blade, CA7-03 Gladiator with Sword. Two of SGF77 Greater Centipede Demon and GRN70 Three Headed Plant. Lastly a pack of four 15mm scale SN05 Gingerbread Men

You could begin in the Adventurers and Wizards or in the Barbarians pages for your choices. In fact there is a super bundle of all twelve Barbarian characters plus our female Druidess included free!

Until the end of October 2019 you will get the brand new FL24-02 Witch Carline FREE in any order placed automatically as it is shipped out to you. A female wizard for your warband. 

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  1. A very unique and great looking warband, I got a bit of a Magic The Gathering vibe from it.