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Thursday, 24 October 2019

Ten Percent off all orders and we now take cards online too!

Alternative Armies now accepts through its website all major credit cards and UK debit cards as well as Google and Apple pay.  To mark this we are applying a 10% discount to every order placed with us until 9am GMT 30th October 2019.  The discount is automatically applied IN CART before checkout and shipping. You need do nothing other than add to cart.  This is our last news for the month.  Go HERE or read on for full details.

This 10% discount applies to everything on the website.  Every range, all scales, all books, all digital titles and so forth.  This discount is applied ON TOP of any special offers on the website.  So if a bundle is 10% off on the screen, it will be a further 10% off when put in the cart.  You cannot use any manually added discount codes during the period of this offer.  Here is an example of the normal cart (left) and the cart with the same items during this event.  You can see 10% has been automatically taken off the total.  

During the whole month of October we are automatically adding a brand new 28mm miniature to every order placed for physical shipping.  The Witch Carline is a spooky treat great for any game system (pictured below).  You can also purchase it and you will get one free in your order too.  Go HERE to see more.  We like to treat our customers!

There is still a while before the bells begin to jingle. We would like to show you our fantastic Seasonal Range which gives you the festive firepower for your gaming table.  We have two packs of 28mm Snowmen (above) as well as an entire 15mm scale array of Snowmen, Xmas Trees, Snow Monsters, Gingerbread Men and Jack Frost as well as a one of each sampler pack with saving and a whole HOTT 24AP Army with bases.  Go HERE.

We will be back in November with more excellence and in the meantime if you would like to speak to us on wargaming and our miniatures and games we invite you to join our Facebook Group and our new MeWE page.  See you there.

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