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Thursday, 19 August 2021

Erin Celtic Myth 28mm range returns to the website

Alternative Armies is delighted to once more be able to offer our unique range of miniatures in the Erin range to wargamers and collectors worldwide. Sculpted by legends of the industry across the early years of the 1990's all the figures have been re-mastered and are now online as single choices (plus three warbands with savings).  They have returned to their original codes and their names from the Erin game also.  The Sidhe, the Fomorians, Firbolg and Milesians as well as many monsters and minor gods. 85 Different Miniatures. Great for any 28mm game system and wonderfully characterful.  Go HERE.

Currently we have brand new images of the Sidhe and of the Fomorians for you to see.  More will follow soon as we progress so it is well worth checking back over coming weeks as we get to the monsters and the Milesians.  All of the codes are now in the range though including three miniatures which have not been available in nearly three decades.  Can you spot them?

The Sidhe are a whimsical race. What seems trivial to a Man they find significant, what Man mocks they cherish. To a Sidhe Hero even the pursuit of a poignant tune can be a lauded quest.  Clan Warriors make up most of their warband alongside a couple of Champions and of course a Hero of legend.

The Formori are the sea dwellers who come to the land to conquer, with little in the way of lofty ideals, it is for avarice and cruelty that they quest.  Terror from the waters of Erin.  Fomori grow in stature as they age with Pucci being the smallest and the mighty elder Heroes the largest.

We are committed to the Erin range in the longer term which means it will grow from here.  There shall be more miniatures and it is our aim to release Erin 3.0 when we are able to among our other titles such as En Garde and The Bier Wars.  We have been delayed by a world event but the will is strong and these things will happen.  So if you wish to see certain heroes of legend or warriors of note appear then do please tell us who they are.  Do you want a horde of Pucci?  We may even create our own vision of the monstrous Balor!

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