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Thursday, 12 August 2021

Ikwen Uprising event is on 25% off new and all Loud Ninja Games range

Now online all of the codes in the second expansion for the Ikwen by Loud Ninja Games. These new packs are in production in Scotland and we have made a bit of an event out of it!  From now until Friday 3rd September 2021 there is Twenty Five Percent (25%) off all of the new Ikwen AND the entire rest of the LNG range.  This discount is on screen and already applied. Your chance to get in on the awesome.  Go HERE or read on for full details.

You can place as many orders as you wish and in every package mailed out a free Hann Merchant (worth 3.50GBP) will be automatically included.  Perhaps the Hann is a large alien (30mm tall) allied to the Ikwen?  See the free HERE. We will be shipping out orders which contain the new codes at the end of August 2021.

Who and what are the Ikwen?

"If you are new to the Ikwen or its been a while, let me introduce you to a race that is fighting for its own freedom and the preservation of its species. Envisioned as a range of miniatures to represent one side of an asymmetric conflict the Ikwen are intended to be pitted against any other species or faction 15mm players might have in their collections. To this end, the miniatures are depicted with mostly mid-tech weaponry, the sort that might be cobbled together or acquired in great numbers from sources outside the conflict much in the same way that we see the AK-47 used in modern day warfare. I have worked hard to make sure the Ikwen show some sort of specific culture in their sculpts, even if that is just the minimal cloths they wear between their legs and the sorts of gear they carry. The Ikwen are miniatures designed to tell a story." -  Eli Arndt (creator of Loud Ninja Games and the Ikwen)

What new codes have been released? A total of eleven new packs. Go HERE.  Every code can be had as a pack or as single poses within it in any quantity.  Here they are!

Any chance of seeing these Ikwen painted up and in scale shots? Yes!  That is in progress right now. Our lead designer Sam Croes (prime sculptor of the 15mm Ion Age range) and professional figure painter is brushing up a full array of the new codes.  Once these are complete we will show you the results.

How about some rules for Ikwen? While the miniatures in the Loud Ninja Games range can be used with any game system you want Alternative Armies we will have an article with game rules for Iwken in Patrol Angis.  If you fancy pitting them against the Prydians, the Khanate or the Prang you will be able to. Written by Gavin Syme.

What else is in the Loud Ninja Games range? Many strange and interesting science fiction creatures, aliens and mutants.  The Yandrassi Empire as well as the the Chuhuac Space Raptors and Wasteland selection too.  More than sixty packs to choose from including vehicle like the Vasseth Strike Tank below.  Have a browse. A real feature point of the range are the six Archon mecha kits each very posable and standing 60mm tall.  You can see the Guardian Archon with its energy sword and shield above.

We hope you enjoy this event which turns a nearly successful kickstarter campaign for the Ikwen into a reality with a good saving.

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