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Thursday, 26 August 2021

Ikwen Uprising event 25% off ends 3rd Sep now painted pictures online!

One week remains (ends Friday 3rd September) in the 25% off the brand new and the entire Loud Ninja Games 15mm science fiction range in the Ikwen Uprising Event.  The discount is on screen and you need do anything but add to cart (plus if you have an active discount code you can use that at checkout too!) and orders containing the new codes are shipping from Monday worldwide. 

We are delighted now to show you our professionally painted pictures of the new codes RAP042 to RAP048 (very large images on the site plus if you scroll though the pictures on the product pages large images front and back of each pose in the code too) and a useful scale image of Ikwen against other 15mm sci-fi ranges Alternative Armies produces.  Go HERE for the Loud Ninja Games Range.

Here are the pictures of each of the new codes.  Those riding beasts look super sweet!  Click on these to make them full size.

There are other Ikwen codes such as the value platoon pack and hardened fighters all in the range.  As well as these Loud Ninja Games also has the Yandrassi Empire, the Chuhuac (Space Raptors), Alien Encounters and Wasteland Mutants too.  There are the six different mighty Archon mecha kits too (the value set which gives you all six including one free is also in this event with the discount) have a browse.

Alternative Armies manufactures many different 15mm scale science fiction ranges and we have been asked if we could show the Ikwen alongside some examples so we have!  Bradley Miniatures (Chariot Armoured Car kit with equipment supplied too), HOF Penal Legion Guard (part of the mighty Security Force Alpha), Evil Space Emperor (in the unique SHM range), Diodine Sparrow of the Quarrel Company (a hero of the massive Ion Age space opera range).

Our congratulations to Eli Arndt on getting the new Ikwen to the world.  We hope you enjoy and we will see you all in September!

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