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Thursday, 20 January 2022

Legion de Nain new Artillery Crews released for Flintloque

“Zay say Nains are moved by only two levers; fear unt self interest.  Vell I would add to that the trail spike of ze guns.  Cannon are moved by the spike unt it is ein lever too.  Cannons make Nains move..on the whole or in ze pieces!”  (Legionaire Gunner Malthe von Vauters, 1st Legion de Nain)

The brand new releases for Flintloque and Slaughterloo this month give the big guns to the Legion de Nain.  Two versions of an artillery crew with limber beasts choosing limber boars or limber pigs.  The gunners with boars are above with 59527 Ferach Grand Howitzer.  The legion now has near seventy poses of Dwarf and you can read all about it on our blog using the Bier Wars TAB. Go HERE for the Confederation of Finklestein on the website where all these miniatures reside.

52527P Legion de Nain Line Artillery

52527B Legion de Nain Line Artillery

On the website you can select the unit pack of crew and beasts of select any single gunner in any amount. 

If you would like to get Pigs and Boars for limber use and for riding on their own to use you can on the website.

We are building towards creating the entire 'army' of the Legion de Nain including all arms of infantry, cavalry, artillery, casualties, command and more.  At this time the goal is in sight with all those arms in place.  Have a browse over the website for all of these Dwarves. Above is 52023 Legion de Nain Staff for example.  All codes allow for single pose choice if you wish to tailor your forces even more.

Manufactured in Scotland we are happy to announce that 5028 Bier and Bones game book and game pack as well as 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar beginners booklet and set have a new print run and are back in stock!  

If you would like to get into Flintloque in the lands of the Dwarfs then look no further than 5028 Beir and Bones game book.  On its own with full rules in print or as a digital download or as a shilling starter pack with miniatures and scenarios. If you have any questions please contact us on and ask.

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