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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Rounding up all in June 2021 and last chance for free Space Brains

We hope that the month is treating you well and that your tabletop gaming projects and play are proceeding well.  Alternative Armies is always busy creating wargaming fun every week and we have been told that it could be useful for us to 'round up' all of this for past weeks just as the month ends.  In case you missed something or you just want to see it all in one place as well as what the free gift is currently.  This is our last message and we will see you all in July!  Go HERE for the new releases page.

“The mind is a mighty thing yes indeed.  But I never thought I would be enslaved by one toting its own laser!” - Unknown Soldier 2063.

Free Space Brains in June.  Every order shipped; you need do nothing but order.  Our gift to you.  BLOG and WEBSITE.

Furioso new massive Imperial Army with all figures saving 15% off list AND all needed element bases free.  Also Landsknecht Pike Block with free element bases.  BLOG and WEBSITE.

Magicians and minor monsters for Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy.  New!  BLOG and WEBSITE.

Free bolt on rules for Furioso.  Leonardo da Vinci and Handbushen light gun.  Read and print.  BLOG and WEBSITE.

Cesare Borgia lives again in 15mm.  Released on foot and mounted on a horse.  BLOG and WEBSITE.

Lizardman Behemoth!  Our Savage Lizardmen expand again in 15mm scale.  BLOG and WEBSITE.

Sadly the prices of the entire 28mm Ion Age science fiction range will increase by 20% in early July.  BLOG and WEBSITE.

Valon Villagers and restored Orc Militia for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  BLOG for details.

Legion de Nain Grenadiers!  New Dwarves for the Bier Wars.  Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  BLOG and WEBSITE.

Green World Inc get cattle to farm themselves...well Allison MacKay has a wee story about that.  See the BLOG.

Blasts from the past! Tabletop Games and Asgard 25mm science fiction. Big reptilian Thulgs and the oddity that is the One Eyed Glax.  Great fun from the 1980's.  See the restored range thus far on our WEBSITE.

See you all in July for more new, more free, more fun!


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