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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Closed Wedge Tent joins our 28mm Terrain Range

Now released at Alternative Armies a brand new piece of terrain suitable for Fantasy, Historical and of course Flintloque in 28mm scale.  The Closed Wedge Tent goes excellently alongside our Abandoned Wagons, Barricades, other codes and value set HERE.  Read on for more or go straight to the website.

Everyone needs somewhere to sleep from the greatest regiment to the wandering warband.

59539 Closed Wedge Tent
When not in battle nor on the march we all need somewhere to rest our heads.  A wedge tent with space for two to four occupants and made from canvas is just what is needed. This code composes one 28mm scale high quality resin terrain piece great for your table.  It is one piece and can be used for an encampment or as battlefield interest.   A row of them to home your platoon or your warband.  

This 28mm scale resin terrain object is a great piece for World of Valon wargaming. Put it on your table as an objective or cover or just for interest. It is one piece and measures about 50mm long, 35mm wide and 30mm tall.  Sculpted by Elton Waters.

The above pictures show you a lovely little encampment with campfire and also the 54025 Major 45th Regiment concocting a plan of battle next to the Campaign Table.  I wonder what scenarios these could be from?

Our Barricade Set gives you one of each of the eight different and wonderful models which come as separate packs all in one with a 10% saving on screen.  Library, Ruined Apothecary, Furniture, Bed, Discarded Kitchen, Crates and Boxes, Beer Barrel; all with loads of interesting detail.

I know that no one leaves full barrels of beer behind even on a fearsome winter retreat in the face of the I prefer to think that the wooden vessels upon this abandoned wagon are empty.

See every model in our 28mm Black Power Terrain range HERE.

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