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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Large Sadistic Demons LSD Asgard codes return at Alternative Armies

It is my pleasure to present to the world once more the complete line of Large Sadistic Demons (LSD) created at the dawn of the 1980's by Asgard and now in production once more at Alternative Armies.  Seven miniatures great for any scale of wargaming plus, as you have come to expect from us, a new code which is a value set of all seven with a saving.  Go HERE for all we have of the Asgard Science Fiction range.

You can use these bio-mechanic creatures in all manner of settings from science fiction to post apocalyptic and also semi-magic fantasy as well.  They scale excellently with 28mm miniatures as well as 15mm miniatures and even 6mm scale too.

LSD1 Standard Warrior (28mm tall)

LSD2 Assault Warrior (45mm long)

LSD3 Winged Noble Warrior (45mm tall)

LSD4 Ripper (25mm long)

LSD5 Bio Tank (50mm long) (LSD6 Operator can ride on the rear of this).

LSD6 Operator (22mm long)

LSD7 Winged Brain Noble (48mm long and 50mm tall with wings)

LSD0 Large Sadistic Demons Value Set (Seven Models LSD1-7) (10% Saving)

Go along to the Asgard Science Fiction page and see the other codes such as the Hunting Lizard, Weapons Set, the Orts and more.

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