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Saturday, 4 April 2020

Sengoku value set Seven released with saving!

Over the last few months set seven has been building up and now the value set is released giving you all of set seven with ten percent off.  A great way to build up your 15mm Japanese Fantasy collection.  There are now about one hundred and fifty miniatures in the range almost entirely sculpted by John Bell.  Go HERE or read on for more.

SGFP42 Sengoku Set VII
Elven metal miniatures and five conversion pieces as well as a Palaquin set and Shogi Player on Bench set all designed by John Bell suitable for use in any oriental themed 15mm scale game system or army. This is a set containing one of every pose in the seventh set of the range SGF137 through to SGF150. Small amount of Assembly required. The pack offers a small saving off single purchases of those codes. Get one of everything!  Go HERE.

Get some Hunters for your games of Monster Hunter!  These characters are detailed in Rampage the expansion to the game.  See them HERE.

While you can use the Sengoku range of miniatures for any game in this scale there is an excellent game system at Alternative Armies which uses these miniatures.  Two books written by Steve Danes (he of Furioso and Doom Squad). In PRINT or a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD at a twenty percent less.

Sengoku Monster Hunter  
A game for one to four players set in medieval Japan where monsters and creatures of myth roam the jagged crags and hidden valleys of the Sacred Mountain. It is from the Sengoku setting and has merciless hunters who track down the monsters and slaughter them at every opportunity. Who you Play. Hunters are the players characters in the game. Each hunter has a profile of attributes, skills and special abilities that players can improve if their hunters are successful. There is a range of weapons, armour and equipment that hunters can acquire as well hired henchmen, spirit guides and others to assist them in their expeditions. The more powerful the hunters get…the greater challenges they can take on!  Author:  Steve Danes. A4 Format, 52 pages. 

Sengoku Rampage
Rampage is the second book in the Sengoku Monster Hunter series; the game set in a mythical Japanese past of fierce monsters and even fiercer monster hunters. This is a supplement to the original rules and it provides much more material for playing Sengoku Monster Hunter. Players will need to be familiar with the original rules and will of course need the first book to be able to make use of Rampage.  It's features are: More Monsters More Encounters.  New Hunters and Clans.  New Hunting Grounds including the Underground. Monster Rampage which is a larger version of the game where the Hunters become the hunted. Author: Steve Danes. A4 Format, 52 pages. 

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