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Thursday, 2 April 2020

March to War 2020 all April - 15% off all orders and 20 new releases

It is spring once more and the first of the two mega events which Alternative Armies runs each year is now on!  The March to War 2020 event runs until 9am GMT 1st May 2020 and is packed with brand new miniatures and a superb offer as well.  An ideal time to prepare for the campaign season. Go HERE for the website and read on for full details.

15% Off Every Order
During the event when you reach the checkout on the website (or by email or phone) with your chosen codes in cart you will automatically get 15% off the cart total on screen before reaching payment. This applies to every single product on the website and if they are already discounted (like Slaughterloo DAP's, Digital Download books or value bundles) then the 15% is applied ON TOP of that.  No limit on the number of orders and just add to cart as normal then proceed to checkout.  Choose your shipping region and method as normal.  Note you will not be able to use any other discount code during the event.

See a list of all the ranges we have on our site on a page of our blog HERE.

Twenty New Releases
Across the span of this event Alternative Armies will reveal twenty or so new releases across our ranges and scales.  All of these codes are on our website now so that you can place your order and know everything which will appear during April 2020. Here is a list of all of the releases and of course you will get 15% off them during checkout. 

28mm Scale

Army of Great Britorcn
54004 2nd Heavy Dragoons (2 Orcs on Horses)
54052 2nd Heavy Dragoons Command (Orc Officer, Orc Musician on Horses)
54053 2nd Heavy Dragoons Colour and Casualty (Orc Std Bear on Horse, Dead Orc) 
54523 2nd Heavy Dragoons (5 Orcs on Horses, 10 Orcs on Horses or 1 Trooper)

58020 Jigoku the Giant Oni (A Huge Monster in the Kitton Range)

SHM96 Sekoth Guardian Demons (6 Creatures or 1 Creature)

TOR13 Wheel of Death (1 Kit or parts)

Asgard Classic codes – Large Sadistic Demons (LSD)
LSD1 Standard Warrior
LSD2 Assault Warrior
LSD3 Winged Noble Warrior
LSD4 Ripper
LSD5 Bio Tank
LSD6 Operator
LSD7 Winged Brain Noble
LSD0 Large Sadistic Demons (7 Models LSD1-7) (10%)

15mm Scale

HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range
HOF143 SFA Flamers and Grenadiers (10)
HOF144 SFA Female Troopers (10)
HOF145 SFA SAW Teams (10)

HOT 15mm Fantasy Range
HOT120  Armoured Elf Infantry with Bow (16) 
HOT121  Armoured  Elf Cavalry with Bow (6)
HOT122  Armoured Elf Heroes and Champions (16)
HOT123  Armoured Elf Guard Spear Infantry (16)
HOT124  Armoured Elf Beast Masters (16) 
HOT125  Armoured Elf Eagle Riders (3)  

SGFP42 Sengoku Set VII (Value Pack Save 10%)

6mm Scale

BR031 Chariot Armoured Car (Pack of Four or Single)

The Failed Apprentice in every Package
All this month we are putting this 28mm scale miniature taken from CA1 Wizards Progress worth 2.50GBP into every order automatically which is sent out across the world by regular mail and by door to door courier.  A wee treat from us which you can see on the website HERE.

If you have any questions please do ask us and thank you for your continued custom.


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