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Thursday, 16 April 2020

Twenty Five new 15mm Elves added to the HOT Range

A large expansion of the 'Hordes of Things' HOT 15mm Fantasy Range at Alternative Armies with five new packs of Elves.  Go HERE to see the whole range or read on for more information.

Twenty five poses of 15mm Elf plus new Eagle and Hounds presented in five pack codes as well as each pack having the option of choosing a 'sampler' which is one of each pose in the pack; great for fantasy skirmishing.  Some packs have other options and there are more pictures including scale shots on the website.

HOT120 Armoured Elf Infantry with Bow 
A block of armoured archers to add to your army or characters skilled with the bow.

HOT121 Armoured  Elf Cavalry with Bow 
This pack contains six cavalry in two poses.  Each rider is two part meaning pose choice of upper body.  Pack or Sampler.  Elves love trick shots!

HOT122 Armoured Elf Heroes and Champions
Great for making officers or notables in any Elf unit or as adventurers; eight different pointy ear poses.  Pack or sampler of eight.

HOT123 Armoured Elf Guard Spear Infantry
Bringing the heavy hitters!  Form a block with these in a pack or a sampler.

HOT124 Armoured Elf Beast Masters
A pack with four beast master Elves and twelve hounds.  In this code you can get a pack or a sampler one of each pose or a hound sampler to expand your army.

HOT125 Armoured Elf Eagle Riders
A pack with three different armoured Elves riding giant Eagles.  In this code you can get a pack or a single Eagle with rider (choose which) and an Eagle on its own.

These new miniatures join a wide selection of High Elves already in the range.  See them all HERE including new pictures for HOT10 Elf Spearmen and HOT10 Elf Archers.  You can create an army for any game system such as HOTT 2nd Edition with ease.

HOT10 Elf Spearmen

HOT11 Elf Archers

HOT118 Elf Hero on Wyvern
HOT117 Elf Hero on Griffen
HOT116 Elf Mounted Knight Command
HOT8 Elf Command
HOT9 Elf Mounted Sword Knights
HOT9 Elf Mounted Sword Knights
HOT42 Elf Mounted Lancer Knights
HOT43 Elf Mounted Spear Knights
HOT69 Elf Crossbows
HOT70 Bolt Thrower with Elf crew
HOT71 Elf Mattocks
HOT72 Elf Blades
HOT73 Elf Axes
HOT20 Elf Chariot

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