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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

The Failed Apprentice free in every April order shipped

We are not fooling but perhaps this apprentice was a fool....  Welcome to the month and as you know we like to give our customers something extra so during all of April every order which ships out from Scotland will have this miniature included automatically.  Go HERE to see the entire CA1 Wizards Progress pack and the free model is CA1-05 The Failed Apprentice.

Ending 9am GMT 1st May 2020 we will automatically add one CA1-05 (worth 2.50GBP) to every order shipped out from here in Scotland.  You need do nothing but place your order and we will put one in for you.  

Of course you can order from CA1 as normal as well and if you do you will get the free miniature as well.  Please note this offer applies to any order placed by webstore, by phone or by email and post which requires shipping (Digital Download books only does not count sorry!).  It will be an unpainted and unassembled free item.

"A college of magic is the place for any aspiring Wizard. From the Youngling who is trying a feeble first in spell making to the young Mage who is adept at a few spells and strives for more and then the Magus at the height of his powers and influence who holds all in his thrall. Elderly spell casters who are in the twilight and yet find employment. Then there are those who fail as apprentices through drunkenness or sheer dimwitted act they end up as offal and charred or worse remains upon the ground. A Wizards Progression can be a rewarding one...or one fraught with danger!"  

This code contains five different 28mm metal miniatures approx 28mm average height. Poses in this code are as follows:

CA1-01: The Youth beginning his magic. Sitting with Book.
CA1-02: The Young Mage casting a spell.
CA1-03: The Grand Magus expanding his realm.
CA1-04: The Aged Wizard with his staff.
CA1-05: The Failed Apprentice. A pile of remains and boots!

Go HERE to see all of our 28mm scale Wizards and Adventurers packs.  Every pose in packs can be had on its own.

What Else is Going on at Alternative Armies this Month?

Our annual 'March to War Event' has begun and runs for the entire month of April 2020.  Full details of this will be released on the 2nd April on our blog and on our website.  We have some TWENTY new releases and each will get its own news and the offer is 15% off your cart which is automatically applied upon checkout (you need to do nothing but proceed to checkout).  All the releases are on the site and pictures will be added as news comes out for it.  The event is on now from the morning of 1st April 2020.

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