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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

TOR13 Wheel of Death set added to the Torture Chamber Range

Another classic 1980's code returned to the Torture Chamber range of scenic sets now produced by Alternative Armies.  You can see the whole range HERE and be aware that this range contains adult themes and miniature nudity.  Hence this censored leading image.  Read on for more information.

Tied and turned the victim is at the mercy of their captors...

TOR13 Wheel of Death
Spin the Wheel for a prize..well maybe not. This pack contains the following pieces all in metal to make the complete Wheel of Death.  The wheel itself atop a pole, the naked and bound victim and the 'pusher of the wheel' with his pole plus robed and hooded inquisitor This pack is 25mm scale and not supplied with bases and you can choose to purchase one pack or parts these being the wheel itself only, the naked victim or the pusher of the wheel and the inquisitor.  Note the lead image is censored and other images are not.

Captors, Slave Traders, Inquisitors, Torture Devices as well such as The Rack, the Wall, the Whipping Post and the Snake Pit all give interest to a gaming table or to add to your collection.  Have a look and see what peaks your interest. Go HERE for the whole range.

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