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Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Alternia the Barbarian is here and she will be much more in 2022

Allow us to show you the new mascot miniature of Alternative Armies.  We call her 'Alternia' and she is a very versatile lady indeed.  In 28mm scale you can see her here now released in original look; that of a fantasy barbarian.  A new miniature great for any system and the first entry into a new range on the website.  Go HERE to the new page.

For now she is alone but beginning in January 2022 and across the entirety of the coming year each month a new version of Alternia will appear.  That new version will be free in every order for that month before being replaced with the next month and so forth until December 2022.  Each of these Alternia's will be different in costume and in pose with only herself and her signature Alternative Armies arrowhead weapon remaining every time.  You will be able to build up a collection for free!  

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  1. I like her! I love it when companies do things like this. It's get my attention and makes me want to see what else you have. In my case, what sort of witches or wizards you have.
    Now just do a series of posts with her stats in various game systems; maybe to coincide with a new release.

    1. Thank you. We try to keep the fun in the hobby. She will feature monthly across all of 2022. That is most kind of you. We have a lot of different figures which might suit you and check out the Ganesha Games range too. I will leave it to the wargamer to make their stats, there are so many different game systems though if we do a Flintloque or Ion Age etc version that might happen. GBS