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Thursday, 18 November 2021

Sengoku 15mm releases Fuku Tanuki plus Japanese Boxes and Containers

November has a lot of new in terms of scenic pieces and pure oddity when it comes to the Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy range.  Sculpted by John Bell these releases take the range to nearly two hundred miniatures.  Go HERE for a browse of the range and books or read on.

Brand new Fuku Tanuki and the eight different single miniatures which make up the Japanese Boxes and Containers.  These new releases are joined above by the hunter SGF103 Takemito the Sumo as well as SGF146 Shogi Player on Bench plus other scenics the SGF108 Hokora Roadside Shrine and SGF109 Carved Milestone.  Meant for use in Sengoku Monster Hunter and its expansion Rampage these 15mm scale miniatures can be set in Fantasy or in Historical Japan for any game system.

SGF188 Fuku Tanuki: A yokai of the oddest sort and a very unique foe for your hunters to seek out or to meet in the wilds of mythical Japan. Composed of the creature and two wooden stilt frames upon which is rests.  Add it to your collection!

As with all Sengoku miniatures which are not single code creatures (such as the Ki-Shu Oriental Dragon) we offer them as a pack made up of single codes.  The new Japanese Boxes and Containers are like this.  SGFP54 contains two sets of the seven pieces with a saving. Single codes are SGF189 to SGF195 within the range. Total choice.  Very useful in many settings.

If you fancy tracking down yokai, creatures, bandits and others as a skilled warrior then look no further than Steve Danes rule set Sengoku Monster Hunter. A Tabletop Game. A game for one to four players set in medieval Japan where monsters and creatures of myth roam the jagged crags and hidden valleys of the Sacred Mountain. It is from the Sengoku setting and has merciless hunters who track down the monsters and slaughter them at every opportunity. Two different books both in print and as digital downloads as well.   

These are the last releases for Sengoku this year.  The range will continue to expand in 2022 with many more miniatures and creatures.

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