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Wednesday, 24 November 2021

New HOTR 15mm resin Orc Horde, Archers, Boar Riders, Command and Trolls

Our last releases into the HOT 15mm Fantasy range this year are presented in resin.  A total of nineteen poses of Orcs and Trolls great for any game system.  Go HERE for the range and read on for more information.

Every sprue (one piece) contains between two and four 15mm scale miniatures which can be easily removed with a sharp blade (with care of course!) and as with the rest of the HOT range there is a 'sampler option' which in this case is one sprue, then a pack which is four sprues with a small saving and for mass battle a saver bundle which can be sixteen sprues with a greater discount.  It varies by code with more Orc Horde and fewer Trolls etc.  There are many more pictures on the website of each code and these are shown on a 40mm element base taken from our Bases Range.

HOTR01 Orc Horde

HOTR02 Orc Archers

HOTR03 Orc Command

HOTR04 Orc Boar Riders

HOTR05 Trolls

These miniatures join the over one hundred and thirty packs in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range and remember we also have an array of HOTT 2nd Edition Armies which come with free element bases as well as the classic Tabletop Games 15mm Fantasy Range which scales well.

Oddly enough a creature which goes with these Orcs is the 549 Giant Slug which featured re-mastered earlier this year from us.  As allies or enemies of slime and eating the slugs go with brutal Orc mentalities.  You can also see our Small Hovel from the HOB 15mm Buildings Range.

Orcs need somewhere to live and you can find these in the above HOB Buildings range where we have five different structures for them including 'Eric' our name for the Orc Idol.

In 2022 we will be continuing the expansion of the Savage Lizardmen in the HOT range by adding cavalry as well as a flyer and personalities to bring that army to completion.  More about that after the new year but we hope you enjoy these new resin miniatures which end 2021 for our 15mm fantasy ranges.

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