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Friday, 26 November 2021

Starvaulter Knights now in the 15mm Ion Age range

Our final releases of 2021 and some of the most awaited over the last month are the four packs and the platoon set of Starvaulter Knights in 15mm scale.  A total of twenty one power armoured poses which can, as with all other miniatures in the range, be had as singles within their codes.  Go HERE for the range and read on for details.

Starvaulters are the one million strong elite of the Prydian Precinct. True Knights of the Stellar Vastness.  The best of the best sitting atop the entire Prydian Army and given nearly impossible missions and quests daily.  At their own pinnacle sit the great lords who attend the Princess Cyon and are true heroes in their own right.  Some campaigns are assigned a lance of Starvaulters in regular battle to use as special forces as they are more than a match for even the finest Desteria Knight or Retained Noble.

We have four packs of five with single pose choice and a platoon pack of the twenty which also includes a unique Starvaulter Hero for free (you can select this miniature on its own on that page too).

IAFP14 Starvaulter Lance (platoon pack)

IAF159 Starvaulter Rifle Demi

IAF178 Starvaulter Command Demi

IAF179 Starvaulter Support Demi

IAF180 Starvaulter Assaulter Demi

There are more pictures on the website including a close up of the flag on IAF178-1 Banner Bearer plus review views.

Starvaulters take to the field in a test game of Patrol Angis.  You can see a Cratered Hab Dome, a Smashed Hab Dome and a Fabricator Spire all from our 15mm Ion Age Terrain range.  If you want to field these knights of the stellar vastness then we can assist!

Play Test Rules for Starvaulters:  A seven page testing article containing setting and statistics tables for these new miniatures in Patrol Angis.  Open testing and feedback is welcome.  All of the troop types appearing in the tables will be released. Originally from late 2018 we are recommencing Ion Age releases from this month and into 2022.  Download from our secure server by CLICKING HERE.  Enjoy!

Go to our Ion Age Publications page for the Patrol Angis game system and others.  All books are print and digital downloads plus there is the game pack which comes with miniatures, bases and a saving.

If you missed the previous new releases this month for The Ion Age in 15mm scale then your Planetary Militia could benefit from IAF176 Hazelwurm Patrol Lifter as well as the IAF177 Colabreta Patrol Carrier.

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