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Tuesday, 16 November 2021

BEAST Mutant Bulls 15mm scale from Loud Ninja Games

Now released at Alternative Armies the fiftieth pack in the excellent and different 15mm Science Fiction range of Loud Ninja Games.  See the range HERE.

"The wastelands of the blasted future are a dangerous and crazy place where sanity and even life itself have been challenged and often destroyed by the powers that brought the world to its knees. These miniatures are designed to be used in any post-apocalyptic or science fiction setting where wasteland peoples and creatures have developed."

RAP050 BEAST Mutant Bulls: This pack contains three different Mutant Bulls from BEAST (Bovine/Equine Agricultural Security Trust) in 15mm scale metal.  Each is about 23mm to the eye line. You can choose from a pack or select poses from the pack.  Below you can see a scale line up with these new miniatures along with Ikwen, SFA Human, Space Brain and Bear Cat Battlesuit.

These bullish fellows are not the only bovine miniatures we have.  Part of the Grey Alien array in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range are the Uplifted Cattle and these cyber ladies might well like the company of the BEAST's.

Loud Ninja Games expanded earlier this season with a host of new for the Ikwen.  These aliens are well worth checking out if you want a more 'militia' looking force in your collection.  More than twenty codes and all have 'pack of pose within' choice.  The Rhunth riding beasts are awesome!

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