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Friday, 22 April 2022

58021 Kitoka Ashigaru Matchlocks released for Kitton range

The twelfth pack in the expanding 28mm fantasy Kitton range is here and gives some black powder bang to the Catfolk.  There are now some forty poses in the range covering Ashigaru, Samurai, Ronin all with various weapons as well as Villagers and Jigoku the Giant Oni one of the largest models we make. Go HERE.

Part of the wider Flintloque setting of the World of Valon the Kitoka are on track to get their own setting and core rules during 2022 as projects have now resumed at Alternative Armies. 

58021 Kitoka Ashigaru Matchlocks: This pack contains four different poses of Catman in Ashigaru armour with separate sword bundle and back banner armed with a Japanese style Tanegashima matchlock musket.  You can choose from pack or poses with in it using the lettered poses in the picture.  As with all other Valon miniatures these are supplied with our resin cartouche bases for free.

Kitoka are about the size of Dwarves such as the Legion de Nain and the Von Rotte Legion and are shorter than Undead such as our 55508 Zombie Line..presently we know of no encounters between the Catfolk of the Shogun and the shamblers of the Dark Czar...

Jigoku is a legend.  A terrible and feared legend among the Kitoka for though almost all Oni are larger than they are Jigoka is the largest of all.  The ground shakes as this giant monster walks and it swings its Kanabo leveling bridges and buildings with ease.  Only the greatest Samurai will face the lord of destruction!

58020: A very large and highly detailed resin kit model. When assembled this Giant Oni stands about 100mm tall and as a small degree of pose choice as well. It carries a Kanabo Spiked Club (90mm long from end to end). Composed of six pieces this model is easy to put together and is durable as it is meant for tabletop use. Shown for scale with 58009B Ronin for scale only.

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