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Thursday, 14 April 2022

HOT 15mm Dwarf Handgunners released and new Dwarf pictures

New miniatures in the expanding HOT 15mm Fantasy Range this time with HOT138 Dwarf Handgunners which has been released alongside new pictures of the entire Dwarf part of the range. Go HERE for the range.

As with the entire HOT range you can purchase a pack or within that pack a 'sampler' which gives you one of each pose from the pack which is ideal for skirmish wargaming and for collecting. In addition with HOT1 Dwarf Command you can now also select single poses (King, Banner, Spear, Guard) by request to tailer your forces. 
HOT138 Dwarf Handgunners: A pack of sixteen evenly mixed four poses of Dwarf in plate armour armed with a handgunne. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on 20mm Square Resin Bases from our Bases for Miniatures Range). 

You can see all of our Dwarfs by selective search on the website CLICK HERE and enjoy these new pictures keeping in mind you can get the crews for the artillery pieces on their own as well. 

We have also re-mastered and released as singles our artillery pieces in the HOT Range.  You can learn more about this on our BLOG or visit the RANGE directly for the above codes. 

Three mighty monsters of the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range in new molds and pictures in our DEALS AND OFFERS page at 20% off (that is on top of the event discount automatic at checkout).  A great time to get a Ghoul Dragon, a Cockatrice or the mighty Jabberwock.  15mm Human for scale.  Check out all the MONSTERS in the range.

Thank you for your Time, 

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