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Thursday, 14 April 2022

HOT 15mm Fantasy range artillery pieces

Now in our over one hundred and forty code HOT 15mm Fantasy Range we have, by customer request, released all of the artillery pieces which can be found in the Dwarf and Goblin armies. Go HERE for the range. 

These artillery pieces are great for almost any army and can be teamed up with most crews in your collection. We have also added a 'crew only' option to our Dwarf, Goblin and Undead artillery codes. They are: HOT15A Cannon – One three piece 15mm kit. HOT16A Bolt Thrower – One four piece 15mm kit. HOT17A Catapult – One nine piece 15mm kit. 
Our Savage Lizardmen (link) Army in the HOT Range contains packs of warriors, behemoth, lizard ogres and a catapult with crew. The artillery piece, the Savage Catapult, can also be had on its own too. 
Thank you for your time. 

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