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Sunday, 24 April 2022

Matt Finch converts a GNATS 15mm mech for Ion Age Xin!

A wee hobby article for 15mm science fiction gamers to enjoy.  Kindly given permission by long time IonFan and customer Matt Finch these are pictures of his conversion of a GNATS mech into a centre piece for his Xin Trade Hegemony forces in Patrol Angis.  Enjoy!

“I wanted to create a proxy model for the Zhanshi Tank found in the Xin playtest rules download on the website as the Xin lack that model just now.  I began with a HOF146 Crookback GNATS mecha kit from the HOF Range and Alternative Armies was kind enough when asked to provide an additional right arm with the railgun along with the left and right.  As to the parts beyond that which were used they were as follows.  Random parts from my 'bits box' some plasticard, parts from an old 1/100th scale Trumpter aircraft kit plus track units from Ground Zero Games.  The top mounted rotary cannon is the arm cannon transposed onto the missile pod mount. While it does not match the Zhanshi as I expect it to appear in the future (I see it more like a giant tracked ape) it does have the sort of size and weapons load out I desired.”

If you are keen on attempting such conversions then we are happy to help.  See HOF146 Crookback GNATS as well as the Xin Trade Hegemony on the website plus go to the Free Ion Age Downloads page for the Patrol Angis rules for the Xin as a PDF.  If you would like certain parts replaced or added in your mech kits when just ask by email or in order notes and we will assist you.

There are now five different 15mm scale big mechs in the HOF Range and you can see them all HERE on a refined search.  Easy to assemble and designed for use in play not as static display they are durable and rugged.

The Xin Trade Fleet are a pretty special faction on the fringes of the Prydian Precinct and as well as a platoon pack of Sanbao Trade Fleet Soldiers with free unique officer there packs of same with single pose choices and others like the Jade Ape Battlesuit, the Shangpin Armoured Vehicles, Warrior Monks and Youxia too all in 15mm scale.

One of the most fun aspects of this hobby is the mixing and matching of parts and pieces to create custom models.  Thanks again to Matt for letting us show off his work.


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