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Friday, 15 April 2022

What was new in our last Mega Event for the offer is the same right now

It is our Spring Mega Event 2022 right now  (details on our BLOG) which lasts until 5th May and gets you 20% off automatically at checkout on all orders.  You also get a free Alternia Miniature and there are loads of deals and offers as well as a great many new releases.  We are past the mid point of the event now with a lot still to be revealed but we thought you might want a wee trip down memory lane this Easter Weekend.  What was new six months ago in the last mega offer?  Did you see it all or miss something? The Mega Event is different but the offer is the same.  

Thirty New Releases in the Winter Mega Event 2021:   See them all in NEW RELEASES (page two now) as well as our RENAISSANCE range and ERIN CELTIC MYTH range.  Here they are by scale:

28mm Scale

CM26 Streng of the Iron Club  (Fir Bolg Hero)

IB55 Starvaulter Knights (Pack and Single Miniatures with separate arms and back pack)

IB56 Starvaulter Knights II (Pack and Single Miniatures with separate arms and back pack)

FL28 Female Landsknects

ALT000 Alternia the Barbarian

JBC00 Canadian Paladin on Flying Moose

    52528B Legion de Nain Uhlans on Boars

52528P Legion de Nain Uhlans on Pigs

52529B Legion de Nain Hussars on Boars

52529P Legion de Nain Hussars on Pigs

52530B Legion de Nain Dragoons on Boars

52530P Legion de Nain Dragoons on Pigs

TSF3 Szithk commando leader on foot,  TSF5 Szithk firing projector, TSF13 Froog in power armour.  All on Tabletop Games and Asgard Science Fiction.

15mm Scale

IAFP14 Starvaulter Lance including free extra unique miniature (Starvaulter Hero)

IAF159 Starvaulter Rifle Demi

IAF178 Starvaulter Command Demi 

IAF179 Starvaulter Support Demi 

IAF180 Starvaulter Assaulter Demi

IAF176 Hazelwurm MkII Patrol Lifter

IAF177A Colabreta Patrol Lifter MkI

IAF177B Colabreta Patrol Lifter Command MkIII

HOTR01 Orc Horde 

HOTR02 Orc Archers 

HOTR03 Orc Command

HOTR04 Orc Boar Riders

HOTR05 Trolls

HOT139 Bone Cart

MRP03 Georg Von Frunsberg on foot and mounted

SGF188 Fuku Tanuki

SGFP54 Japanese Boxes and Containers (Pack and Single Pieces)

RAP050 BEAST Mutant Bulls

Isarus Range 15mm Arabs return to the website with all new pictures and re-mastered Cavalry Command and Camels.

6mm Scale

BR036 Marcach Hover Tank (Four or Single with Turret Choice)

Thank you for your Time.



  1. I know every manufacturer hates it when punters ask them to do a model instead of buying what they've already made, but is there any chance we'll see 15mm Undead animals in your range in the future? I'd love to mix a skeleton dog/wolf into future units plus skeleton animals in general are just great.
    Already have a spare skeleton horse mixed into some zombies . . .

    1. We must be the exception then Mike. Most of what you see above was the result of our policy of creating what was 'most asked for' across months following releases. The Flintloque Legion de Nain, the Starvaulters and the Renaissance personalities for instance. I am always happy to listen to customer and gamer requests. Interesting question. We currently have Skeletal Horses, Skeletal Centaurs and a Skeletal Vulture (in the Undead Command pack HOT range). A Skeleton Animals pack is a possibility. I have made a note of it. GBS