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Monday, 17 May 2021

CA6 Deadly Foes three remastered 28mm fantasy miniatures

"Your party has found their lair. Your party has cut through the undergrowth and scaled the walls. Your party has hacked its way through the henchmen and your party has overcome the traps that litter the ground. Your party has lost some members and tears have been shed as those remaining climb the stone stair case and enter the chamber in which the deadly foe you have sought resides. Behind the door is an enemy more powerful that those your party has faced and beaten...will you succeed?”

Three 28mm miniatures from our High Fantasy range sculpted in the 1990's and now re-mastered in new molds and back on the website.  New painted versions as well.  Go HERE for the Adventurers and Wizards collection.  Choose from the pack or single poses from the pack in any quantity; all on screen. 

A Vampire, a Hag and a Summoner...

We are currently working on finishing the new molds for CA7 Classic Fighters.  These will feature soon!

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