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Saturday, 1 May 2021

Harpy free in May orders and news at Alternative Armies

"Bird-bodied, girl-faced things Harpies are; abominable their droppings, their hands are talons, their faces haggard with hunger insatiable" - Virgil Aeneid Book III

May begins and a new free miniature in every order is here for this entire month.  The Harpy! You need do nothing but place an order which requires to be shipping anywhere in the world (no Digital Download orders only sorry!) of any size and we will automatically include this miniature.  As many orders as you want and ends 9am GMT 1st June 2021.

HE06-01 Harpy: This metal miniature is supplied in two pieces (Harpy and Wings) and stands 25mm tall when assembled.  Great for many settings including mythology and high fantasy.  The Harpy stands bare breasted, leg raised with a spiked club ready to strike. Go HERE.

Alternative Armies News for May

With the completion of the Torture Chamber Range we are turning to the 15mm Fantasy Range to restored more classic Tabletop Games models and miniatures.  In May we will have the first restored creature the Winged Fiend. The 28mm Space Marines have been re-molded and new photos will be shown of these Asgard classics.  Imperial Commander has just gone out of stock in the Laserburn range and will return.  Two packs in our Adventurers and Wizards 28mm fantasy range have been taken offline to re-mastering (CA6 and CA7) and will return soon.  Sengoku will get further 15mm releases with a graveyard set and singles of markers and sotobas.  The new Savage Lizardmen army will expand in the HOT 15mm Fantasy range with a new release giving more muscle.  We will have a new piece of 28mm scale Terrain as well to follow up on the Wayside Shrine and it will have additional pieces too.

Flintloque will see the re-release of the original Legion de Nain pack codes following up on the new Legion de Nain Line in April.  As well as new molds of these Dwarf infantry and command poses there is also the gun team and separate codes of the mounted officer on pony and the Dwarf Messenger plus a new officer with sword on foot to complete a classic foot command pack.  Alongside these packs we are replacing the existing Dodo, Pig and Boar mounts for Al-Garvey Goblins, Krautian Dwarves, Confederation Dwarves with new poses in metal and resin of these creatures. These will allow us to lower the price of affected cavalry codes and you will be able to get these creatures on their own as well.  

Lastly the first of our postponed projects will be happening across May 2021 and that is Erin.  Our Irish Celtic Mythology 28mm range will be going out of stock on the website shortly. The range will return with new images and new formations of codes all in preparation for our planned expansion of Erin and a new edition of the game rules as well.  There are some poses of Fomorian and Sidhe which have not been seen in many years and these will appear too.  News on this will occur on our blog.

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