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Thursday, 6 May 2021

F34 Winged Fiend classic Tabletop Fantasy miniature released

Now returned to the world an excellent fantasy miniature last seen in the 1980's.  The Winged Fiend is suitable for any scale and for lots of game systems too.  You can see it in the gradually expanding classic Tabletop Games 15mm Fantasy range HERE on our website.

F34 Winged Fiend: Summoned to the mortal realms or brought by magic to the lands of reality the Winged Fiend will do your bidding in a pact which will cost you your soul! This code contains one metal miniature supplied in two pieces these being the fiend holding pitchfork and a set of wings.  It is 24mm to the top of the horns. 

While part of the 15mm scale range this creature can be used in any other scale too as our image shows alongside a Medus 15mm Knight and General Saindoux a 28mm scale Elf.  Sculpted by Tony Ackland in the early 1980's.  Go HERE.

Alternative Armies has completed the task of returning the Torture Chamber Range to the world and is now moving on to Collectors Sets (such as the Orc Rock Band and Orc Family Outing) as well as the Science Fiction of Asgard and Tabletop Games.  There are also more 15mm Fantasy Monsters to be restored and we are working on these too.  The Winged Fiend is the first 'F' code of several coming in 2021.  We thank everyone for their support in this legacy effort.

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