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Monday, 24 May 2021

CA7 Classic Fighters three remastered 28mm fantasy miniatures

"It is as you climb the final stair case that you look back over your shoulder. It was not in the town not in the Inn that you noticed. It was not in the woods when the Goblins attacked that you saw. Not in assaulting the Dark Summoner in his castle that you realised amid his minions and their spraying blood no. It is as you climb the final stair case and face the door behind which evil resides waiting that you look back and realise now is the time. The Fighter steps forward muscles rippling and jaw set tight. This is his task, his destiny. He will go through that door and emerge triumphant or not at all!”

Three 28mm miniatures from our High Fantasy range sculpted in the 1990's and now re-mastered in new molds and back on the website.  New painted versions to see as well.  Go HERE for the Adventurers and Wizards collection.  Choose from the pack or single poses from the pack in any quantity; all on screen.

Armoured Fighter, Cloaked Fighter and Gladiator...

This re-release follows on from the restoration of CA6 Deadly Foes for a total of six miniatures sculpted by Kev White back in the early 1990's.

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