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Thursday, 27 May 2021

Bread Oven 28mm scale and Loaves set released

Our final releases for this month are all about the dough man!  In 28mm scale and great for historical and fantasy as well as Flintloque a Bread Oven in highly detailed resin plus a sprue of loaves and bread shovel which is also a bread basket option if you are on a roll for the crust.  Go HERE for our scenery range which includes Roadside Shrine, Tents, Barricades, Abandoned Wagons and much more.

Give us this day our breads and thus you can almost smell the newly baked with this lovely model.

59541 Bread Oven: This code composes a 28mm scale high quality resin building great for your table.  Supplied in two pieces.  A roofed bread oven with separate chimney which has loaves of bread within the oven cavity, a bread shovel in place and wood for the oven to burn leaning against the side of the building.  Excellent for any aspiring village or in a town.  A focal point for a scenario or as part of your table.  This building is 75mm tall.  If you would like items to use with this building look to 59541P for a bread shovel and various breads as single pieces.  Go HERE.

This building goes excellent with our 59542 Roadside Shrine for man needs both bread and faith to live. The miniature shown is General Saindoux a 28mm Elf from 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set for Flintloque.

59541P Loaves and Shovel – Set, Single and Bread Basket: This code is a sprue of metal 28mm pieces these being a shovel for placing or removing bread from an oven as well as two round loaves, a large loaf and two medium loaves.  Great for any setting.  You can choose from a set or a single piece (the shovel or one random loaf) or the 'bread basket' which gives you twenty mixed loaves with a 10% saving included.  These pieces are made to go with 59541 Bread Oven. Go HERE.

See you all next month and remember you have until the end of May to automatically get a 28mm scale Harpy with your order free from us in your package.  Details on our BLOG.

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