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Thursday, 20 May 2021

Finklestein Dwarf Gun Crew and Dwarf Messenger for Flintloque

The last news for the World of Valon this month sees us complete the mission of returning all of the classic Legion de Nain and Uhlans Krautia plus new animals for them to ride to the website and the Flintloque player base.  We present now the Finklestein Dwarf Artillery Crew plus by request a now single to buy Dwarf Messenger which can fit into any Confederation or Krautian collection.

Go HERE for these on the website and read on for more information.

52511 Finklestein Dwarf Artillery Crew: This code contains eight 28mm scale metal miniatures.  Useful as gunners for any of the tiny stattes and cities in the confederation there is an officer a rammer, ball, trail hook, match and satchel for six Dwarf gun crew.  There are also two identical limber horses.  This code will work with any of the cannons, howitzers and mortar in the artillery range for the game.  Part of this code was originally known as 52009 Artilliere Legion de Nain.  Comes supplied with resin cartouche bases for all miniatures.  Go HERE.

52511E Dwarf Messenger: This code contains one 28mm metal Dwarf in great coat and woolen hat carrying a heavy satchel. Useful in any Dwarf force and in your scenarios.  By request this pose is taken from 52511 Finklestein Artillery Crew.  Go HERE.

If you missed the first articles all about the new Pummilig Pig, Riding Boar and Dodo see it on our blog HERE.  The second article concerned all of the classic 1990's Legion de Nain miniatures now re-mastered and returned to the website; see it HERE.  In June the next brand new Dwarfs are coming your way!

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