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Wednesday, 12 May 2021

HOT128 Lizard Ogres released HOT 15mm Fantasy Range

Now added to the new Savage Lizardmen part of the mighty HOT range a new pack of two poses of Lizard Ogres!  This is our sole release in this scale and genre in May. Go HERE to browse the range or read on.

“Arid land of rocks and sand giving nothing for free except pain and misery.  From this land and its caves came the savage tribes of Lizardmen for whom war is constant need of life; for who controls scarce water controlled existence itself.  All would have continued thus but for travellers who, as they were tortured and then consumed, let it be known that richer places lay over the blistering horizon.  Places to be conquered.  Places to be ruled by the tribes.”

HOT128 Lizard Ogres

This code contains two different metal 15mm scale miniatures each is approx 20mm tall.  Lizard Ogres are the hulking brethren of the Savage Lizardmen and are used as muscle against the foe. Lizard Ogre with club in both hands (pose 1) and Lizard Ogre holding a boulder overhead (pose 2). As with all HOT 15mm Fantasy codes you can purchase the pack or you can choose a sampler which in this code allows choice or each of the miniatures as a single; a great way to try or to make skirmish forces with HOT.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on 20mm square bases from our ranges).  Other images give scale comparisons and these codes not supplied.  Go HERE.

We began this new fantasy army last month with three packs of warriors, spears and polearms and it is our intention to expand each month towards a full force of infantry, monsters, cavalry, command and artillery in 2021.  Thank you for your kind words and you can use these miniatures in any suitable rules system.

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