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Thursday, 13 May 2021

Sotobas, Grave Stones and Stone Marker released Sengoku 15mm range

As well as one hundred and seventy different Humans, Yokai, Creatures, Monsters and more in the Sengoku range there are also scenic elements as well.  These new releases add to that with Stone Marker, Grave Stones and Sotobas for your collection and gaming table. Sculpted by John Bell. Go HERE for the full range to browse.

Great for any setting and game system to which they are suited including playing Monster Hunter.

SGFP50 Graveyard Set: This pack contains twelve mixed models randomly but evenly of stone marker, two different grave stones and two different Sotobas fences.  Great scenery set for your Japanese village or for hunting out bandits or Yokai.  Taken from codes SGF174,175,176 and SGF177.  The pack offers a small saving off purchasing each scenic piece on its own.

Each Human miniature is approx 16mm tall. Miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted without a base.  Bases used in the pictures are 20mm round for scale comparison picture. Each of these new miniatures is in the range as a single code as well for maximum choice.  Go HERE.

If you have not checked out Steve Danes excellent solo play set of rules and their expansion which sees you create a Hunter, join a Guild and then seek out and hunt down Yokai and all manner of other Japanese mythic creatures then you are in for a treat.  Begin small and expand in any direction.  The range is always growing and you can get the books in print or as paid digital downloads.

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