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Begin in Flintloque

Now you can go to the Witchlands and try to Escape from the Dark Czar!

Go to the Beginning in Flintloque page of our website for all of the miniatures, models and books discussed here.

If you would like to read a series of articles about Flintloque on this blog written by wargamer Andy Jefcoate then you can by clicking HERE for the latest and working backwards.

So you have heard mention of a tabletop miniatures game called Flintloque that has Elves, Orcs, Zombies, Dwarves, Ogres and many others fighting with muskets, pistols and cannons.  You have come to the right place to make a start with the greatest Fantasy Black Powder in the world.  Starting from nothing we will take you into the World of Valon with our beginners box set '5024 Escape from the Dark Czar'.

The beginners box set plus free materials and scenarios giving you a path to follow which widens out into a range which has half a dozen books and more than one thousand different miniatures.  Once you are happy with Escaping the Dark Czar we recommend you move on up to 5026 Death in the Snow a full game book which is in print, digital download or a shilling pack with scenarios and miniatures.

There are articles on our blog which give you access to video reviews on Youtube for this beginners set.  Created by TAG (Talking about Gaming) they are impartial and an excellent view.  Go HERE for reviews and the first play through.

There is now a fifty minute long deep review of 5026 Death in the Snow created by TAG Channel which is a great listen and view.  Enjoy!

We have free resources for you Flintloque journey which you can download by clicking on the links here which are hosted on the Alternative Armies website and listed here for the sake of space and access. These are presented in a linear fashion allowing you to follow the journey.

Taking up from where the booklet left off we have two more expansion adventures. Scenario Four then Scenario Five which includes a Uniformation Article too.

Rotten Spotters – Dark Czar Scenario Six
The sixth scenario for Escape the Dark Czar arc sees Captain Preserovitch now once more back in the saddle and hunting for General Saindoux and his growing band of survivors with his savant zombie Cuirassiers.  Will his mounted Zombies find the mortals as they search the the snow covered landscape in the midst of a  falling sun for survivors sneaking through their line?  You take the part of the Undead on the hunt if playing alone or as them and the mortals for two players.

Copse of Corpses - Dark Czar Scenario Seven
The seventh scenario in the 'Escape the Dark Czar' arc for Flintloque is here. Copse of Corpses sees the survivors trying to cross a dangerous awakening field.  Solo play fun!  Click HERE to download.

Snowballe Volley – Flintloque Scenario
The eighth scenario for Escape the Dark Czar arc sees General Saindoux and his survivors team up again with Frantz Von Der Wagg and his Dogmen Line this time around Cryptmass.  Attacked by Snowmen in the service of the Dark Czar their only hope lays with volley fire and that the lightening storm raging overhead will favour them and not the enemy.  Will the survivors drive off the coal faced menace or fall to their vast numbers?  In this large scenario you will have two players but it can also be played solo.  It features play test rules for Flintloque which you can try out.  CLICK HERE to download the scenario.

Caught Short (Escape from the Dark Czar): The ninth linked scenario for General Saindoux and his survivors of the Grande Armee du Norde is a tense action packed adventure.  The survivors continue their retreat and come across a large group of Finklestein Dwarves who are attempting to rescue camp followers led by Heinz der Mead from the attacking Undead.  Lending their strength will Saindoux prevail or get caught short like the Dwarves? This full size free scenario for Flintloque (two players or solo play) can be downloaded as a PDF from our website storage to your device directly by CLICKING HERE.

Download all of these by clicking on the links.