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Friday 21 February 2020

Kitoka Villagers new pack released in the Kitton range

Far from Urop and beyond the Mordredian Wars away from the battle between the Ferach Empire and the alliances against it is a land almost sealed off from the rest of Valon. Sealed by fate and by the tumult caused by the shattering of the bonds of Wylde Magicke.  This land is called Kitton home of the Kitoka.  The Kitoka lived in harmony with the mountainous land around them and under the sway of the strange creatures which inhabited its forests, streams and fields but that was before the great war. Started by the shattering of the laws of Wylde Magicke this war brought chaos to Kitton and great tumult in nature.  This war ended with the titanic battle of Sekimeowara which saw the Kitoka victorious against arrayed magicke creatures.  The war resulted in the rule of the Tiddlesgawa Shogunate.  The feline Kitota live in a rigid society topped by the Daimyo lords then the Samurai warriors, the Ashigaru soldiers below them then the merchants and peasants and the outcast Ronin most lowly of all.  Skirmishes between Daimyo are common as are bandit raids and attacks by monstrous yokai too.  Welcome to Kitton!

Our last news and release for the month is a brand new pack of 28mm Catfolk for the Kitton range.  The first civilians to go with the Ronin, Samurai and Ashigaru already which brings us to twenty five poses.  As promised we have at least one new pack per month and tinkering has begun on an introductory set of rules based on Flintloque.  Go HERE.

58014 Kitoka Villagers
This pack contains four different 28mm scale metal Kitoka Catfolk miniatures of an average height of 23mm.  Villagers populate the land and in many ways suffer the privations of not only roaming yokai and other monsters but also Ronin and cruel Samurai too.  The poses are: (A) Kitoka Youth with water bucket. (B) Kitoka Young Female with fan.  (C) Kitoka villager with bag.  (D) Elder Kitoka leaning on a staff.  Great characters for your table.

These miniatures are supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the drop down product menu. Choose from a pack and single miniatures to by letter code. Total choice! Assembly is required with some white metal miniatures. Other miniatures shown for scale only and not supplied.

Sculpted by Sam Croes these fantastical Japanese style miniatures are lovely and as the collection grows we will add more villagers, nobles and even monsters..but more on that in months to come.  Have a browse HERE.

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Thursday 20 February 2020

54508 Orc Artillery Crew – Flintloque 004

The Flintloque project for 2020 continues with the forth and so far largest freshened pack now updated and back on the website.  Read about this ongoing project in full on our BLOG.  See the FLINTLOQUE tab on the blog to get all these posts in a line up as they proceed.  Now on with the miniatures and there is a wee offer on these codes as well as a treat.

54508 Orc Artillery Crew
The Orcs of Albion are good with all manner of artillery. This code gives you an Orc gun crew with limber horses which go with any Grand Alliance cannon, howitzer, mortar or any other artillery piece.  An officer in bicorne with papers (1), gunner with ball (2) [note pose 2 is repeated in this code], gunner with rammer and bucket (3), gunner pulling holding on shako (4), gunner pulling looking around (5) plus limber horse with saddle (6) and limber horse with blinkers (7).   Find rules for artillery in 5027 Grapeshotte and 5030 Slaughterloo.  Supplied with resin cartouche bases and unpainted.  The average gunner is 28mm tall.  Go HERE.

We have added the choice with this code of purchasing one random gunner and also just a pair of limber horses.  As with all our 'single trooper' booster options you will get a random gunner but if you order several you will get a different one in rotation until all possible poses are used up.  Also if you wish a certain pose, for instance the officer, then all you need do is contact us on with your order number and it will be so!

Most of the Army of Albion is in Catalucia. After the débâcle of the Retreat to Kooruna and then the victories in Al-Garvey such as at the massively fortified Lines of Tornandbleedasse turning the Ferach back the Orcs once more marched into Catalucia. The role of the artillery in this advance cannot be overestimated and in the dry scrub plains it does grand work.  

We have a number of artillery pieces which will work with the artillery crews.  Such as the 59528 Grand Alliance Howitzer featured here.  See them all on the website in our artillery park HERE.

This is our last Flintloque miniature news for the month.  There is a free article plus a Kitton release.  Remember our shipping and pricing structure will change from Monday 24th February. Read about this on our BLOG.

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Wednesday 19 February 2020

Optional Advanced rules for Mortars in Slaughterloo a free article


By popular request we present a one page free play tested article for optional additional rules to use Mortars in your games of 5030 Slaughterloo mass battle. These do not replace the 'treat them as you would howitzers' standard rules in print but rather they give more scope for players who choose to use them. For Flintloque you will find all needed rules and types for Mortars in 5027 Grapeshotte expansion book. You can see all our free articles for all game systems (hundreds of articles) on our website HERE. Read on for more. 

The big bore such as our 59520 Mortar Set are not the most common artillery pieces and are mainly used for siege craft as well as long range bombardment rather than on the battlefield...but some armies of Valon make great use of them in the field such as the Von Rotte Dwarves and the Otharmann Empyre. They are open to all armies. Above you see gunners from 54508 Orc Artillery Crew loading fuze shelle into a mortar ready to give the Ferach some fire! 

Mortars in Slaughterloo 
This one page of optional advanced rules can be downloads as a PDF from our online storage by CLICKING HERE. Bolting onto the standard Slaughterloo rules they give more flavour to the masters of indirect bombardment. They also feature a siege mortar artillery piece which is new to the game. 

If you already play Flintloque then you are on your way towards the big battles which Slaughterloo offers. The rules are the largest book Alternative Armies has ever released and contain not only the game but also details of every army on Valon too. It uses the same miniatures, same basing as Flintloque and is a natural progression from skirmishing. Your cannon with crew section or your skirmishers section or your line infantry section becomes a unit in a division of units. Read more about Slaughterloo HERE. The mighty book is in print and a digital download too. 

Thanks for Reading, 


Tuesday 18 February 2020

Spike GNATS Mech 90mm tall released with offer

The USGC (United States GNATS Core) gets a third giant mech with the release of the front like artillery support Spike! This new kit joins the Contender and the Crookback in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range.  Great for any game system. Go HERE or read on for more.  

The offer is that this code is 10% off until 1st March 2020; discount is on screen and you need only add to cart. Note this also means if you select the 'Buy Three Save 10%' option on screen it will save you 20% until then!

The 'Giant Neuro Assisted Titanic Soldiers' front line mechs.  With more firepower than several main battle tanks they join Security Force Alpha (SFA) Humanity and its more than a platoon of infantry poses as well as many specialised troops, battlesuits, bikes, portable weapons, light and medium vehicles plus drop pods and drop coffin.  Search 'Security Force Alpha' on the range page 'filter by' if you wish them all collected in front of you.

HOF147 Spike GNATS Mech
This 15mm scale high quality resin kit contains all the pieces needed to assemble the Spike GNATS. Standing at 90mm tall when assembled it has seven pieces which create a durable model made for use on your gaming table. GNATS stands for 'Giant Neuro Assist Titanic Soldiers' and they are the ultimate weapon of battle. The model is easy to assemble. It is supplied unpainted and unassembled without a base. You can purchase ONE kit or select on this page 'BUY THREE SAVE 10%' and you will get ten percent off three on screen.

The Spike is a super heavy artillery support mech armed with two LSMLS Missile Silo Pods as arms which can fire guided munitions of types including 105kg high explosive, 725 grenade scatter rounds, a solid tungsten dark anti GNAT missile as well as other specialised load outs. The 'Large Scale Multiple Launch System' arms are accompanied by a chest mounted auto reloading ripple fire MLS missile bank for medium range engagements plus four upper chest stationed 60kw lasers. It also has a number of point defence lasers for small scale anti-infantry and material tasks both front and rear. It has rocket pods fitted to its rear to allow easy balance and stance regaining. Spikes are secondary front line units in the USGC (United States GNATS Core). It is a tier two GNATS meaning it is a main battle size machine.  Go HERE.

This is our last 15mm science fiction release for the month of February 2020.  

Thanks for Reading,


Monday 17 February 2020

51050 Dark Elf Inquisitor – Flintloque 003

The Flintloque project for 2020 continues with the third freshened pack now updated and back on the website. Following up on the Dismounted Orc Dragoons and Dwarf Camp Followers.  Read about this project in full on our BLOG.  See the FLINTLOQUE tab on the blog to get all these posts in a line up.  Now on with the miniatures and there is a wee offer on these codes as well as a treat.

51050 Dark Elf Inquisitor
The Catatonic Church rules Catalucia with a firmer grip than the arguing Junta's and the army or even the nobles.  Their faith is instilled in the priests and inquisitors who carry out duties all over the land.  Dressed in simple robes and a wide brimmed hat this Dark Elf is excellent to add to your collection or your games.  Sculpted by Dave Toone.  One 28mm scale single piece metal miniature (27mm tall). Miniature supplied unpainted and with resin cartouche base.  


Faith in Flintloque
You can find full rules for the use of semi magicke characters of the cloth in 5027 Grapeshotte 3rd edition book (page 90).  Use these when playing Flintloque and add these characters to your scenario.  Grapeshotte is a fantastic resources and indeed read as it gives you the armoury and artillery for every nation on Valon and exotic equipment and rules such as faith, vehicles, exploring officers and more. Get this ninety six page book with added templates in print or as a digital download HERE.  Grapeshotte is not a game book rather it bolts right onto War in Catalucia, Death in the Snow or Bier & Bones.

5110 Regimenta del Sanna Annie
Something of a legend in Southern Catalucia is the once magnificent Regimenta Del Sanna Annie, an ancient and venerable regiment of Grenadier quality troops in the personal service of Fernando. Since those glory days the ‘Sannie’ as the Orcs call the battalions has taken part in many battles and survived them all almost intact. Accompanied by a priest on a donkey and gaudy officers along with a veritable train of women and hangers on the Regimenta is a spectacle on the move. It is organised like any other Dark Elf Line battalion with the same equipment. A full set of 28mm scale miniatures giving you a fighting force for Flintloque or Slaughterloo along with characters and an insert with added rules!  See the Dark Elf Army HERE.

If you are new to Flintloque then it is well worth going along to our website HERE for the Begin in Flintloque page of resources, starter set and scenarios.

Thanks for Reading,


Friday 14 February 2020

Shangpin 15mm vehicles for the Xin released in six variants for The Ion Age

The Xin Precinct is made up of the eight central star systems along with a number of smaller outposts all contained with a constricted pocket of stellar space that has only now become accessible once more after a thousand years of isolation caused by the detonation of the Aldan Crucible during the first Khanate War.  Contained by Dolorous Clouds that resulted from the detonation which also decimated the Prydian Precinct there is now a slim open passage for navigation by Ancep Drive.  Our knowledge of the Xin comes from archives that are from ancient times and also a more recent  partially successful expedition mounted in 4303IC by the Starvaulters and of course from the Great Trade Fleet dispatched to Prydia in 4327IC.  Commanded by Grand Admiral Hong Tu Quin the hundreds of vessels that make up the fleet have visited a third of the systems in the Precinct thus far. Trading in exotic goods, rarities as well as information and technology they have made allies and some enemies.

While the hegemony maintains its own imperial army and fleet officially under the command of Princess Xin Meiying the grand admiral has his own military that is embarked upon his starships.  Collectively known as the 'Sanbao' the gifts or protectors we refer to them as Trade Fleet Soldiers for the most part.  Refer to other entries in AAT Series 77 for the Sanbao in detail.  These troops are very effective and have aided our regiments in actions against the Khanate Empire.  The Xin hegemony is centred on the three core planets in the central Xin Precinct system of Jinhong.  From the lotus throne on the planet of Wei the princess rules in troubled seclusion while the planets of Zhao and Yan are in an uneasy alliance.  We know of the rebel Prince Tang and his efforts to marry the princess though these actions seem to be taking place in the holdings of all three planets of the Jinhong system outside of the core system.  All three core planets have the other systems in the Xin Precinct split between them.  Refer to other entries in AAT Series 77 for details.

The Council of Addans has deemed the Xin Trade Fleet has a nominal ally though it is up to each Knight General and Marcher Baron to establish their own relations with the vast fleet as it passes through.  As yet Grand Admiral Hong Tu Quin has not responded to the ongoing campaign in the Carmarthen cluster.
Academy Auto-Trainer Series 77, New Glastonbury, 4335IC 

A major release into the 15mm scale Ion Age range with codes for the Xin Trade Fleet.  Designed by Michal Janecek the fine fellow who created the mighty Tohlic Armoured Crawler comes the Shangpin a multiple use vehicle in three types with two different modes of propulsion.  See the Xin part of the range HERE for all the troops and specialist infantry plus the Jade Ape Battlesuit. The Shangpin operates as a cargo carrier as well as an armoured personnel carrier and an armoured fighting vehicle too.  It is a medium vehicle comparable to the Prydian Mullo AFV and the Pugnus and Manus wheeled vehicles of the Shia Khan.

IAF173 Shangpin APC
The Shangpin armoured personnel carrier transports ten Sanbao mercantile troopers of the Xin and is armed with a turreted main gun.  This code comes in two different variants these being either one tracked or one wheeled.  Make your choice and you may also choose three of the same vehicle and save 10% on screen.  A 15mm scale kit made of high quality grey tone resin with a total of five pieces (plus six wheels or two track sections) including a choice of two different weapons.  Once assembled it is 80mm long, 50mm wide and 25mm tall. 

IAF174 Shangpin AFV
The Shangpin armoured fighting vehicle is used for fire support and has a missile pod armament. This code comes in two different variants these being either one tracked or one wheeled.  Make your choice and you may also choose three of the same vehicle and save 10% on screen.  A 15mm scale kit made of high quality grey tone resin with a total of three pieces (plus six wheels or two track sections).  Once assembled it is 80mm long, 50mm wide and 25mm tall. 

IAF175 Shangpin Cargo Carrier
This type of Shangpin moves goods and other materials which the Xin have sold in their business deals. This code comes in two different variants these being either one tracked or one wheeled.  Make your choice and you may also choose three of the same vehicle and save 10% on screen.  A 15mm scale kit made of high quality grey tone resin with a total of three pieces (plus six wheels or two track sections) including a cargo pod which may be attached or left loose.  With this code you may also select to purchase the cargo pod on its own as well. Once assembled the vehicle is 80mm long, 50mm wide and 25mm tall. 

Each of these codes has many images on its page of the website which you can scroll through and enlarge.  The lettering and colours of the Shangpins are very much in keeping with the Xin and their ways. In addition for those seeking a larger force there are a couple of extra options with savings for these vehicles on the website.  You can get one of each type of Shangpin wheeled (three kits) with a 15% saving and the same for tracked variants.  Go HERE. Excellent!

But what of the Xin themselves?

The Xin in Patrol Angis
We have an updated version of the free download article for making use of the Xin Trade Fleet in your games of Patrol Angis.  Seven pages long and fits right into the main game book and Callsign Taranis as well. Get it from our online storage by CLICKING HERE.

Here are some scale shots for you of the Shangpin next to other Xin codes as well as the Khanate main personnel carrier and a tracked Mullo medium vehicle.

Thanks for Reading,


Wednesday 12 February 2020

Kartel Looted Pratley new 6mm by Bradley Miniatures

Now on the Bradley Miniatures 6mm science fiction range page at Alternative Armies the brand new BR033 Kartel Looted Pratley!  Go HERE for the range.

BR033 Kartel Looted Pratley
Half tracked armoured vehicle used by many factions and also often looted by the dreaded Kartel.  A 6mm scale metal vehicle kit which comes in a pack of four or can be selected as a single vehicle too.  Each vehicle is composed of a hull with a separate turret.  Easy to assemble and 20mm long and 13mm wide.  Supplied unassembled..

Here is the render upon which the final highly detailed metal model was based.

No matter which game system you play in 6mm you will find something of interest in the Bradley Miniatures range.  Here is the current list of codes each of which comes as a single model or in a pack from which you can select a single if you wish to tailor your army to exact numbers.  Go HERE.

BR028A Sekmet Assault Rig Walking
BR028B Sekmet Assault Rig Running

BR029 Kuu Patrol Vehicle
BR030 Pilgrim Heavy Tank
BR032 Perscheron Cargo Transporter

BR002 Armadillo APC
BR003 Stalker Missile Tank
BR004 Hunter Battle Tank
BR005 Nemian Assault Tank
BR006 Tiger Walker
BR007 Jet Grenadier Platoon
BR008 Grenadier Platoon
BR009 Grenadier Weapons Platoon
BR010 Stormhunter SPG
BR011 Lionsguard Platoon
BR012 Attack Bike Platoon
BR013 Gryphon Gravscout
BR014 Trencher APC

BR015 Flame APC Caisse
BR016 Tryant SPG Caisse
BR017 Marksman AA Caisse
BR018 T47 Main Battle Tank
BR019 Actium Superheavy Tank 
BR020 Kourian Superheavy Tank
BR021 Calydon Battle Tank
BR022 Tyros Laser Destroyer Tank 
BR023 Lionheart A Battle Tank
BR024 Lionheart B Battle Tank
BR025 Ironclad Superheavy Tank
BR026 Lynx Scout Walker
BR027 Corvo Dropship (Massive 6mm scale Dropship) 

Thanks for Reading,


Monday 10 February 2020

Demon Painters released in the Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy range

Now released at Alternative Armies new 15mm scale miniatures sculpted by John Bell added to the Sengoku range of Japanese Fantasy.  These are more miniatures working towards Set Seven with nearly one hundred and fifty poses in the range.  A pack and singles giving you the Demon Painters! Go HERE or read on for more.

SGFP40 Demon Painters
This pack contains twelve mixed miniatures. Four poses of Demon Painters two male and two female. Civilians or actors in your games of Sengoku Monster Hunter. Taken from codes SGF138,139,140 and SGF150.  The pack offers a small saving off the single purchase of these codes.

You can also get these new poses as single miniatures under their own codes as outlined. As far as we know Sengoku is the biggest 15mm Japanese Fantasy selection in the world.  Have a browse HERE

SGF138 Male Demon Painter painting
SGF139 Female Demon Painter standing
SGF140 Female Demon Painter painting 
SGF150 Male Demon Painter standing 

While you can use the Sengoku range of miniatures for any game in this scale there is an excellent game system at Alternative Armies which uses these miniatures.  Two books written by Steve Danes (the creator of Furioso and of Doom Squad).  Currently there are no specialised rules for Demon Painters but they are in the works for a future article alongside rules for the Dragon Ki-Shu in the game.  If you would like to know more please contact us on

Sengoku Monster Hunter  
A Tabletop Game for up to Four Player or Solo Play
A game for one to four players set in medieval Japan where monsters and creatures of myth roam the jagged crags and hidden valleys of the Sacred Mountain. It is from the Sengoku setting and has merciless hunters who track down the monsters and slaughter them at every opportunity. Who you Play. Hunters are the players characters in the game. Each hunter has a profile of attributes, skills and special abilities that players can improve if their hunters are successful. There is a range of weapons, armour and equipment that hunters can acquire as well hired henchmen, spirit guides and others to assist them in their expeditions. The more powerful the hunters get…the greater challenges they can take on!  Author:  Steve Danes. A4 Format, 52 pages.  In PRINT or a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD at a twenty percent less.

Sengoku Rampage
Rampage is the second book in the Sengoku Monster Hunter series; the game set in a mythical Japanese past of fierce monsters and even fiercer monster hunters. This is a supplement to the original rules and it provides much more material for playing Sengoku Monster Hunter. Players will need to be familiar with the original rules and will of course need the first book to be able to make use of Rampage.  It's features are: More Monsters More Encounters.  New Hunters and Clans.  New Hunting Grounds including the Underground.  Monster Rampage which is a larger version of the game where the Hunters become the hunted. Author: Steve Danes. A4 Format, 52 pages. In PRINT or a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD at a twenty percent less. 

Thanks for Reading,


Sunday 9 February 2020

15mm scale Jet Bike flying stand released in the HOF Range

A new release into the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range by customer request.  The great little metal flying stands which come with our jet bike codes in the range now have their own code!  Go HERE for the range or read on.

HOF88C Jet Bike Flying Stands
This specialised pack gives you ten metal 15mm scale stands ideal for mounting your flying small vehicles or other models such as flying infantry or creatures. Each stand is identical and is 12mm tall total height from top to bottom.  Choose a pack or using the drop down menu a single stand.  You can find this stand included with some of our other codes from where it originated.  Such as HOF91 Cultist Speeder, HOF88 Octopod Jetbike and HOF67 Zidhe Jet Bike.  It can also be used with the great HOF110 Octopod Racer too as example.  Go HERE.

Above are the jet bike codes referenced from left to right.  Below is the Octopod Racer.

A wee release this time but one wanted by request so we delivered it as asked.  We will return really soon with more new awesome!


Friday 7 February 2020

Ki-Shu Oriental Dragon good for all scales now on the website!

A model much requested and now newly molded again for this new age.  Out of production for some two decades it is our pleasure to present once more Ki-Shu the Oriental Dragon!  See it in our Monsters collection HERE (it is also in the Sengoku range and the Kitton range too since it works for those settings) and read on for details.

This is a model which is suitable for tabletop gaming in several scales.  It looks grand in shades of orange!

DRG5 Ki-Shu Oriental Dragon
Creatures of guardianship and friendship as much as destruction the oriental dragon is a potent symbol and a great model to use in your games. This monster comes in three parts (body, left arm and right arm) made of metal and is easy to assemble.  It stands 55mm tall.  Suitable for use in 15mm and 28mm scale and it is supplied unpainted and unassembled without a base (shown on a 50mm square base).  Sculpted by Steve Trickett in the early 1990's and now re-mastered. Go HERE.

You can put this dragon in to any game system of your choice.  Here is a photo of Ki-Shu next to a 15mm scale Sengoku miniature and a 28mm scale Kitton miniature both in the style of Japanese fantasy.

We have a great many monsters and creatures in 28mm scale at Alternative Armies such as a Giant Troll, Giant and Lesser Spiders as well a Tree Demon plus Big Mouth Beast and Sandworms.  A Giant Hydra and the Air Squid too.  Have a browse HERE.

There be monsters and creatures in 15mm scale too. See the HOT Range HERE.

Thanks for Reading,


Wednesday 5 February 2020

Esper Team, Penal Legion Guards and Prisoners released in the HOF 15mm range

We follow up on the Contender and Crookback GNATS Mecha kits with three new packs for February 2020 in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range at Alternative Armies.  Fifteen new poses sculpted by Sam Croes from the ideas of Fred Richards over in the United States of America. Great for any game system in this scale. Go HERE for the range or read on for more.

Not everything is military and at times there are those who need to be locked up and those who must do the those whose minds are...superior!

HOF137 Esper Team
This pack contains ten 15mm scale metal miniatures taken as a mix of five different poses with one of each and random of the rest in the pack. Espers are those lucky or damned individuals whose minds have the power to alter matter or to influence the actions of others.  They are feared and often employed by shady types bent on domination!  You can choose from a pack or single poses.  They are from left to right: Esper in Trenchcoat with cyber eye right arm raised (A), Esper in Trenchcoat with cyber eye left arm raised (B), Esper with cyber goggles arms spread (C), Esper in Trenchcoat left arm raised and mind plug (D) and Esper in Trenchcoat running with right arm raised (E). This code is supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on 20mm round bases). These miniatures go excellently with other HOF Human packs.  Go HERE.

HOF138 Penal Legion Guards
This pack contains ten 15mm scale metal miniatures taken as a mix of five different poses with one of each and random of the rest in the pack.  Guards in the Penal Legion often come from the same training centres as Security Force Alpha with an emphasis on non lethal containment.  In light clamshell armour and full visored helmet that keep the most dangerous criminals in line.  You can choose from a pack or single poses.  They are from left to right: Guard with Riot Shield and Shock Baton raised (A), Guard beating Shock Baton off his Riot Shield (B), Guard standing legs apart with Shock Baton and Riot Shield (C), Guard advancing with Shock Baton raised (D) and a bare headed Guard or SFA Trooper with a heavy duty motion tracker (E). This code is supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on 20mm round bases). These miniatures go excellently with other HOF Human packs.  Go HERE.

HOF139 Penal Legion Prisoners 
This pack contains ten 15mm scale metal miniatures taken as a mix of five different poses with one of each and random of the rest in the pack.  Banished from society for crimes both vicious and morally destitute by standards of the day. Sentenced to the penal legion and given dangerous jobs to do they sometimes rebel and stage break outs!  You can choose from a pack or single poses.  They are from left to right: Prisoner with bomb collar running (A), Prisoner with bomb collar arms by his side (B), Prisoner with bomb collar left arm raised (C), Prisoner with bomb collar arms spread (D) and Prisoner bare chested and bomb collar (E).This code is supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on 20mm round bases). These miniatures go excellently with other HOF Human packs.  Go HERE.

All across the Human Colonies and on Terra itself there is a need for security after, during and even before the high rollers and expensive kit arrives in the battle zone. Security Force Alpha is just that force filling in as police, paramilitaries, mercenaries and planetary militias too. They are the faceless grunts that do the thankless jobs needed by all those who govern, control or enforce. Use them as you will from the near to the far future!  

The SFA contains a huge variety of poses of 15mm white metal miniatures and vehicles allowing a wargamer to assemble a cohesive force for their campaigns. A whole integrated range within HOF which contains Mechs, Vehicles, Bikes, Battlesuits, Drop Pods, Infantry, Command, Scouts, Elites, Female poses and more!

Thanks for Reading,


Monday 3 February 2020

Alternative Armies pricing and shipping rate changes occur late February 2020

Time passes and it has been some four years since the last time Alternative Armies looked at its pricing on miniatures, books, postage and painted stock.  As we are always fair with our customers, we are now giving notice of two things.  Firstly, that we shall be altering the price of shipping and products and secondly that this will occur across one week beginning Monday 24th February 2020.  Now follow the details of what shall be happening and also our Contact us and Information page.

Postage and Packing Rates

The cost of mailing worldwide has increased to a point where a price increase is now needed; though not for all world regions.  The UK is not changing.  We are also doing away with the 'international signed for option' and replacing it with a more expensive but far superior 'door to door courier' faster service; provided typically by UPS or similar which is fully tracked, signed and insured.  This means there will be 'Standard Mail' which is Royal Mail in the UK and airmail in all other world regions and there will be ‘signed for door to door courier in all regions’.  In the UK there is also a new cheaper rate for small orders and a lowering of the order value at which free standard shipping kicks in!  Free Shipping kicks in at a lower rate in Europe and North America too and remains the same for Rest of World.  Here are the rates coming in on Monday 24th February 2020.

UK: Small Order (3.00GBP) up to 20.00GBP value of order, Standard Mail (5.00GBP) from 20.01GBP to 49.99GBP value of order. Free Standard Shipping over 50.00GBP. Door to Door Courier (any size orders) 15.00GBP.

Europe (all regions): Standard Airmail (8.00GBP) on orders up to 75.00GBP then free standard shipping. Door to Door Courier (any size orders) 30.00GBP.

North America: Standard Airmail (10.00GBP) on orders up to 75.00GBP then free standard shipping.  Door to Door Courier (any size orders) 30.00GBP

Rest of the World (all regions not already listed): Standard Airmail (12.00GBP) on orders up to 80.00GBP then free shipping.  Door to Door Courier (any size order) 40.00GBP.

Product Pricing

Raw material costs and labour have risen over the last four years but we like to think we are an efficient team at Alternative Armies and that we offer great value across several thousand products.  We are adding twenty percent to some of our printed book titles though not all.  Not all miniatures are going up in price, oh no not by a long shot.  Here is what will happen across the 24th to 28th February occurring range by range on the website.

Books: Our Flintloque and Slaughterloo titles are increasing in price by 20% as are titles such as Furioso and Doom Squad and Sengoku.  Smaller books such as the USEME series are remaining at the same price.  Digital downloads will alter alongside the printed version.

Miniatures 6mm Scale: All of our 6mm scale ranges such as Bradley Miniatures will not alter in price.

Miniatures 15mm Scale: All of our 15mm Historical Ranges such as Altuos, Isarus, Medus, Brickdust will not alter in price.  Our 15mm Fantasy ranges such as HOT and Tabletop Games will rise by an average of 10% in price.  Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy range will not increase in price.  Our 15mm Science Fiction ranges such as HOF and SHM will increase in price by an average 10% through some of the larger kits such as mecha will not increase in price.  The Ion Age will also increase in price by around 10%.

Miniatures 28mm Scale: We shall be increasing the prices of our 28mm Fantasy ranges by an average of 25% (2.00GBP to 2.50GBP) this includes Ganesha Games ranges.  We will not be increasing the prices of our 28mm Science Fiction miniatures such as Alternate Stars.  The World of Valon range is more complex covering game packs and over twenty different races and armies.  On average we shall be raising the price of a miniature by 25% (2.00GBP to 2.50GBP) though a few packs will get cheaper and some will go up by 10% only.  We shall maintain the single, pack, unit structure meaning a discount for a skirmish pack and a bigger discount for a unit.

Other Ranges: We shall be adding about 10% to the prices of our 28mm resin terrain range codes.  Typhon will remain at present range price.  Grinning Skull will increase by around 10% as will Frontear.  The Erin range and the Sulphur range will remain at present range price as will Vulcan Models.  Torture Chamber range and Guild Room will increase by around 10%.

Painted Miniatures

Alternative Armies provides to wargamers and collectors many thousands of pro-painted miniatures a year all produced here in Scotland by our team.  The prices of these miniatures include the figure itself, the base, the painting and scenic basing effect.  We shall be increasing painted prices in line with those on the miniatures if they are 28mm or 15mm scale and so on.  This will not take effect immediately as all painted stock shown on the painted pages of the site will remain at current prices until sold.  The other change is that we will remove the 'purchase painted' choice from all codes across the website EXCEPT for the in stock items on the painted product pages.  This means you will be able to purchase for immediate shipping what is in stock plus deals and offers.  Of course if you wish any of our codes pro-painted and based (such as a regiment of 54503 Orc Line) we will quote you for it at and give an estimated dispatch date. Please email us on with your proposed miniature painting order and we will be happy to give you a quote.

If you have any questions on these changes please contact us on and we will be happy to assist you.

Thanks for Reading,