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Monday 26 July 2021

Significant site wide price rise in August 2021 at Alternative Armies

Sadly we are going to have move our prices for the first time site wide in five years.  It was a large decision to take and it was taken with care but we cannot put it  off any longer for our customers.

During the month of August (after 3rd August) prices will rise between 10% and 20% range by range until the entire website is re-priced before the end of the month. Most ranges by 20% increase. We made mention of this at the start of July to give our customers notice and having the increases follow the summer event saving means most codes are twenty percent less; then twenty percent less again during event time compared to post event and post increase August rise.

The 28mm Ion Age science fiction range and the 15mm Laserburn range will not increase in price.

Our deals and offers page will see some alteration as well with some of the bundles reducing their savings to ten percent or five percent.

Our printed books will rise in price but the relationship between them and their digital download versions will remain in place at one fifth less in price.

If you have any questions please ask us on and we will do our best to assist you.

The free miniature or pack each month WILL remain.  We will continue to fund this fun for our customers such as August 2021 with the Hann Merchant.

Thank you as always for your custom.


Saturday 24 July 2021

Bradley Miniatures 15mm tank showcase

All of the models in the 6mm Range and the 15mm Range by Bradley Miniatures are manufactured in Scotland by Alternative Armies.  We have been wanting to showcase the four great tanks in the larger scale range and thanks to Sam Croes and his air brush we are now able to in glorious colour.  Four different example schemes.  If you are viewing this on our blog then clicking on each picture will make it much, much larger.  

Views from all angles and a 15mm miniature (a Scout with SMG code HOF132C) for scale.

As well as the tanks there are two other vehicles in this range.  These are the Devil Frog Artillery (a tractor which pulls your choice of field gun) and the Chariot Armoured Car which is show below next to the Lionheart A.

Great for any near future or planetary defence force setting we hope you enjoyed this little showcase.

Thank you for your time.


Thursday 22 July 2021

Run while the Pub is Closed free solo play Flintloque Scenario

I know it has been while since the last free content to play Flintloque.  I hope this solo play scenario set in the Bier War is fun for you all.  Go HERE for the massive amount of free files on our website for all game systems.

With a winnowing crack the musket ball blew chips of stone from the edge of the swall.  Soldaten Bruste pulled his head back rapidly and then tentatively removed the small stone pieces from his braided beard.  “Ze Rottes are closing in sir.  Your orders?”

Captain Krass considered his response.  All around him the blue coated soldiers under his command were busy reloading their muskets looking around for enemies.  His sergeant was at the very solid looking door of this huge building his axe in both hands. Krass briefly wondered what had possessed the Dwarves of Fassbier to construct such a mighty public house on the outskirts of their town.  He was thankful they had.  It would be a fantastic strong point and they needed that right now. “My order are such.  Sergeant Luncke get that door staved in so that we may enter.” 

Run while the Pub is Closed:  A free solo play three page Flintloque scenario set in the Bier War.  Can your skirmishers reach a safe place before a larger force of infantry and cavalry overwhelm them?  CLICK HERE to download the PDF from our website storage.  Enjoy!

You can visit the Confederation of the Finklestein page or the Von Rotte Legion page on the website to see the miniatures.

This is our last new content for the month.  We do have a couple of announcements to come and a free article too before the end of July.

Thanks for Reading,


Wednesday 21 July 2021

52525 Legion de Nain Light Troops released and the Bier War

“That crafty beer loving Baron von Rotte saw his chance to gain some glory and many kegs too when the Bier War began in earnest.  With the attention of the Legions de Nain taken up in Worstweiser and Krickle where new breweries being built the battalions of the Baron made a rapid march on the town of Fassbier home of the fabled brewery of the same name.  If Fassbier fell then the city of Madabier, already reeling from the attacks on the Krolsberg Brewery (probably the finest in the world) could go into open revolt and be ripened wheat for the conquest.  It would fall to the numerically greater but far less experienced 1st Legion de Nain to stop him with their skirmishers taking the first blow.” Harold Brekmeister the learned Dwarf  (historian and scholar at Monich University)

The Legion de Nain grows with the third brand new full unit release in the Beir War setting; this time the Legion de Nain Skirmishers or Light Company!  Every one of these Dwarves is a character in its own right full of personality.  If missed what has already occurred, new Legion de Nain Line, the new Legion de Nain Grenadiers, re-mastered and expanded original Legion codes plus new Pummilig Pig and Riding Boar you can read about these on our blog on the Beir Wars TAB.  Go HERE for the Confederation of Finklestein on the website where all these miniatures reside.

52525 Legion de Nain Skirmishers: This is the light company of a battalion given the role of ranging ahead of the line and grenadiers.  Armed with Dwarf Musket MkII and dressed as other soldiers in the Legions with long coat, boots and the Raupenhelm (caterpillar helmet).  Officer in duelling pose with pistol (A), musician with horn and musket (B), sergeant swinging axe (C), standard bearer with sword sword (D).  Four different poses of light company trooper these being running with musket forward (E), kneeling firing musket (F), standing loading musket (G) and sprinting flat out leg in the air (H). All have extra equipment such as packs on their backs and cartridge boxes about their persons.  Ideal to mix in with your line infantry or for skirmishing.  A unit of twelve (with saving built in) or single miniature booster.

Order the single and you will get one random trooper, order more singles and we will give you different troopers.  If you want a command pose single that is explained the page. Go HERE for 52525 and scroll through the pictures on its page as after the main images there is a front and rear of every pose so that you can see them in great detail.  Some of the more dynamic Dwarves in the range!

As we progress in this year more releases will happen monthly as we expand the Legion de Nain and work towards it as a full force of all arms (the biggest ever expansion to the miniature range for a single army) we will also be slowly putting together a Flintloque campaign book on the Monich Bier War too.  Resident Valonian artist Edward Jackson has been creating new drawings for this project.

There are now thirty eight poses in the Legion. Above is General Saindoux an Elf character from 5024 Escape the Dark Czar next to Dwarves for scale.

If you would like to get into Flintloque in the lands of the Dwarfs then look no further than 5028 Beir and Bones game book.  On its own with full rules in print or as a digital download or as a shilling starter pack with miniatures and scenarios.  Go HERE.

If you have any questions please contact us on and ask.

This is our only release for the World of Valon this month we hope you like it but look out later this week for a free solo play scenario featuring these new Dwarves set during the Bier War.  Go to our Free Downloads page of the website in case you missed 'Run while the Pub is Closed' when it came out.


Tuesday 20 July 2021

HOT136 Savage Lizardmen crew and Catapult released

“They lower the rock into the cradle.  Sinews tighten and hides stretch as the weight takes its toll.  The enemy are far away but this will reach them. This will kill them.  Hissing in joy and whip cracking the crew release the torsion and death flies forth.”

Now released into the HOT 15mm Fantasy range the next two codes in our expanding Savage Lizardman Army.  The army grows and this artillery joins the Behemoth, Lizard Ogres and packs of warriors with polearms, swords and other weapons.  Every code is a full pack and also (if it contains more than one pose or miniature) a 'sampler' option giving one of each pose in the pack.  Ideal to test the range and for skirmishing in 15mm scale.

HOT136 Savage Lizardman Artillery:  This code contains one catapult kit and two 15mm scale Lizardmen crew in metal.  This is the same catapult as HOT136A and the crew are one with a large rock and another with whip.  Shown on 20mm square bases.  Supplied unassembled and unpainted.  You can choose from a pack or select the crew on their own or the artillery piece on its own.  Go HERE.

HOT136A Savage Catapult:  This code contains one 15mm scale multiple piece metal kit to build a four wheeled catapult covered in animal hides and such detail.  Ideal for any primitive, barbaric or chaotic force.  Supplied unpainted and unassembled (shown on a 40mm by 30mm base).  Easy to assemble.  Go HERE.

You get four free Giant Slugs in every order this month automatically.  You need only order and we will include them.  Here they are in combat with the Savage Lizardmen.  Read in full on our BLOG or see 549 Giant Slugs on the website.

These are our last 15mm scale and fantasy releases for the month of July 2021.

Thank you for Reading,


Thursday 15 July 2021

Mrurz and Centalons return Tabletop Games science fiction

Now restored and on the Alternative Armies website five more classic miniatures by Tabletop Games.  As we continue to restore the 1980's 25mm to 28mm scale metal figures these follow up on the Large Sadistic Demons and the Szithks Warbirds, the Gorgory, Orts and Thulgs.  

This time it the four legged alien Centalons and the furry not so cute Mrurz. See what is in this combined range HERE on the website.

TSF22 Mrurz with blaster rifle

TSF21 Mrurz with machine pistol

TSF20 Mrurz with slug pistol and force shield

TSF31 Centalon with Assault Rifle

TSF30 Centalon with blaster pistol and force sword

The miniature used for a 28mm scale comparison is an Ion Age 28mm scale Retained Knight (IB23).  See that range HERE.

Thulgs and the One Eyed Glax arrived back on the website last month and were well received. These were a pleasure to restore to the world and we will continue with further returned classics across this year for science fiction and fantasy and scenic ranges.

There are all of our releases for this scale and genre this month.

Thanks for Reading,


Tuesday 13 July 2021

CA2 Halfling Walking Party 28mm returns

Now in new molds our great high fantasy set and singles for those wanting to walk into adventure.  Great for any system.  See our full array of 28mm scale Adventurers and Wizards on the website HERE.

"Will you go down to the woods today? You better take some supplies. Why? Well the woods can be a dangerous place but not for all those who travel through them when you bump into a party of Halflings out for a walk. Share your bread and cheese with them and your bottled ale too. Why? It will be best for you and they will reward you with tall tales and with song and dance too. But come without your supplies and those same Halflings will dance a merry dance with their hard soled feet upon your own and all week long you will hobble not walk!"

CA2 Halfling Walking Party: This pack contains six different metal miniatures of approx 20mm height each. These are barefoot in cloak with Staff, barefoot walking with Backpack. Female Halfling barefoot walking with Staff. Halfling barefoot with Sword and Bow. Female Halfling barefoot in armour with Bow and Halfling barefoot Wizard with Crystal Ball and Wand. You can choose the pack or any poses from it on the page. Go HERE.

There is a lot to our fantasy ranges and topping each of the arrays is the 'multitude' a value set containing a whole load of miniatures with a built in saving too.  We have these for our Knights, for our Dwarfs (also the great offer with free Dwarf Runic Golem included), for our Orcs and Goblins, for the Crystal Elves and for the Undead too.  A superb way to one click your way to skirmishing as there is only one of each pose in the multitude.  

This is all of our news for high fantasy in this scale for July 2021.  Thanks for Reading!


Monday 12 July 2021

Phree added to the 28mm Frontear black powder fantasy range

It is our great delight to announce the release of more miniatures sculpted by John Bell (creator of the Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy range) into the Frontear game system.  Following up on the Logann Braves and the mighty Wendigo these tall 28mm scale birdmen fit right into the game and any other suitable wargame too. See the whole range HERE including the book as a digital download plus Orc Gunfighters, Civile Warre Soldiers, Frontear's Orcs and Dark Elf Banditos too.

"Elsewhere in North Amerka, different Tribes reacted in a far more hostile manner to the Uropeans’ arrival. Word filtered through to the Uropeans settling the west coast of a different race inhabiting the continent’s arid south, and the Great Plains further east. An Avian race called the Phree made their home here; hunter gatherers who followed the vast herds of buffalo that migrated across these vast, fertile plains.

These fiercely territorial people had not taken kindly to the Catalucians encroachment on their ancestral hunting grounds. Their Shaman had experienced a profound loss of power, but most infuriating of all to the wandering Phree was the fact that they could no longer fly as they once had. A whole generation had been set-a-foot, never they believed to experience the wonders and freedom of flight again.

The eagle like Phree could have become demoralised like the Macaw, or suspicious and withdrawn like the Logann; instead, they became hostile and the Catalucians paid in blood for every mile they travelled North in their pursuit of gold. Out numbered and outgunned, the Phree nevertheless knew the country like the back of their wings and that, coupled with their native courage and ferocity, made them an adversary to be feared." - From 7000 Frontear.

Each of the three new packs of four can be had as a pack or as a single miniature.  A Phree stands about 35mm from sole of foot to beak and they are armed with a mix of bows, clubs, spears, tomahawk and small shields.  Sculpted by John Bell. Sadly we were unable to get a set of these miniatures painted before release but we hope these sharp images of the metal will serve the purpose.

There is a lot in the Frontear range which is part of the World of Valon, setting for Flintloque, such as the Wendigo you can see here.  In the game book you can choose to fight in the Greate Rebellion which sees Amerka break away from Greate Britorcn or you can have scenarios with Davvie Crockorc at the Alamoque, perhaps go with the North or South in the Amerkan Civile Warre or take up six shooters in the Wylde West.  Go HERE.

Thanks for Reading,


Thursday 8 July 2021

Niccolo Machiavelli on foot and mounted 15mm scale released

Alternative Armies in support of the expanding Renaissance range is delighted to present the second of our 'MRP' series of 15mm scale personalities of the period.  Who better to follow Cesare Borgia than with one of the most famous men of Italy; the one and only Niccolo Machiavelli.  Go HERE for the range or read on for more information.

Niccolo Machiavelli (3 May 1469 to 21 June 1527) was an Italian diplomat, philosopher, politician, historian and writer who lived during the Renaissance. He is best known for his political treatise The Prince written about 1513. He has often been called the father of modern political philosophy and political science. For many years he served as a senior official in the Florentine Republic with responsibilities in diplomatic and military affairs. He wrote comedies, carnival songs, and poetry. His personal correspondence is of high importance to historians and scholars. He worked as secretary to the Second Chancery of the Republic of Florence from 1498 to 1512, when the Medici were out of power.  He knew Cesare Borgia and also Leonardo Da Vinci the trio being outside Florence in 1502-1503. Machiavelli conceived of a militia for Florence, and he then began recruiting and creating it. He distrusted mercenaries and instead staffed his army with citizens, a policy that was to be repeatedly successful. By February 1506 he was able to have marching on parade four hundred farmers, suited (including iron breastplates), and armed with lances and small fire arms. Under his command, Florentine citizen-soldiers defeated Pisa in 1509.  In later life he wrote plays and political treatise.  He died at 58 years old.  


(No eulogy would be a match for such a great name)

MRP02 Niccolo Machiavelli (Foot and Mounted):  This code contains three miniatures in 15mm scale.  Machiavelli on foot and as a rider along with a horse. A personality miniature to use any game system or to add to your collection. Supplied unpainted.

If you missed our Da Vinci Tank along with the great man himself as well as Borgia as a 15mm character you can see them in the range HERE.

This concludes our 15mm Historical releases for the month of July 2021. Thank you for Reading,


Wednesday 7 July 2021

Gaki hungry spirit zombies released Sengoku 15mm range

Now with over one hundred and eighty different miniatures the Sengoku range has expanded again with new models by John Bell for this month. Yokai, Creatures, Monsters, Samurai, Peasants, Scenics and much more.  This time three new single miniatures and a collected pack of them with a saving.  Go HERE for the range.

“Gaki are spirits which live in horrible torment and are afflicted with constant suffering. They look vaguely human, but they have distended, bulging bellies and tiny, inefficient mouths and throats. They inhabit a parallel realm called Gakido. It is a barren place, full of deserts, wastelands, and other inhospitable terrain.”

Above you can see Takemito the Sumo (SGF103) with his hammer hunting Gaki amid the cherry trees.

SGFP52 Gaki Hungry Spirit Zombies: This pack contains twelve mixed miniatures.  A random mix of three poses of Gaki which are hungry spirits or Zombies which are ideal low level foes for your hunters and samurai. Taken from codes SGF185,186 and SGF187.  The pack offers a small saving off the single purchase of these codes. Bases used in the pictures are 20mm round for scale comparison picture. Each of these new miniatures is in the range as a single code as well for maximum choice.

As the range has expanded we have gathered miniatures into bigger sets such as the second one SGFP7 Sengoku Set II which contains Buddhist Monks, Miko Maidens, Ghosts, Monsters, Fighters plus Snake and Spider demons.  Each of these sets is maximum value with a saving giving an array of models for your table. If you purchase every Set then you have everything which has been released in the range.  We are currently in the midst of ninth push towards a Set.

Thanks for Reading,


Sunday 4 July 2021

Summer Campaign 2021 event 20% off all orders plus new releases and deals

Alternative Armies summer mega event! There is a whole lot to this offer which runs until 9am GMT Tuesday 3rd August 2021 and it is all outlined here covering four weeks of new releases and more.  Go to the WEBSITE and have a browse down to the left hand menu and within them sub-menu’s to see what interests you among our thousands of miniatures, bases, books and more. Here are the headlines!

20% Off Every Order At Checkout:  Once you have put everything into your cart proceed to checkout. Once there our website automatically deducts twenty percent from the cart total on screen before payment is made.  This discount is automatic and applies to everything on the site AND if the product is already discounted on screen (such as a value pack or divisional army pack) then this discount will apply on top!  So for example all digital titles are 20% less than print and you will get a further 20% off them during the event. Note you may not use any other manually entered discount code during the event.

Free Shipping, Shipping Rates and Small Order Shipping Rate: You can see all our prices for shipping on our WEBSITE including flat rates for door to door courier shipping.  The UK and now Europe have a 'small order' reduced shipping rate.  Free standard shipping comes in at 50.00GBP for the UK, 100.00GBP for Europe, 125.00GBP for North America and the Rest of the World. Note you must reach this amount AFTER your discount is applied for the free shipping to come into force. The largest orders will be sent out for free shipping by UPS Courier and we will inform you of this by email.

Free in your Package Automatically:  This event runs across the entire month of July and the start of August.  During each month we have a free code of miniatures which is placed by us into every package as it goes out; a gift from us to you.  This changes on the 1st of each month and you can see what it is on the website.  In July four Giant Slugs!  You need do nothing but order and you will get it.

Note on August price rises:  Sadly we are going to have move our prices for the first time mainly in five years.  We have already done so for the 28mm Ion Age science fiction range by 20%.  Some ranges such as Laserburn will not move in price while others like the Torture Chamber range and the 28mm Terrain range will shift up about 10% and some others by more.  We regret this but we are as fair as we can be and have told you in advance. These rises will occur across August after the event ends meaning all of our products will be more expensive at that time.

New Releases:  We have over a dozen new releases coming this month as well as showcase articles plus several interesting deals and offers.  Classic Tabletop and Asgard 25mm Science Fiction will see the return of Mrurz, Szithk, Froog and Centalons figures following up on the Thulgs and One Eyed Glax.  Sengoku expands with Gaki Spirit Zombies as singles and a pack.  John Bell presents three new packs into the Frontear 28mm Wylde West range; the Phree. We showcase custom paint jobs on Bradley Miniatures 15mm scale tanks.  Our Halfling Walking Party pack in the 28mm Adventures and Wizards range has been re-mastered.  In our 15mm Renaissance range we release a second historical fellow on foot and mounted he knew Cesare Borgia...the man who wrote a book called 'The Prince'.  A pair of brand new releases in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range expands the Savage Lizardmen with artillery on its own or with a crew.  For the World of Valon we have new images of the Krautian Dwarf Command Set, Uhlans Von Krautia, 105th Rifles Skirmish Pack and Valon Civilians plus by request a single mounted Dwarf Officer for your sections.  The new release for Flintloque is in the Confederation of Finklestein gives us the third core type of infantry for the expanding Legion de Nain; Dwarf skirmishers.  This will all happen within the event by end of July.

Deals, Bundles and Offers: We keep all of our biggest savings in one place across all our ranges. See them HERE. Those keen on our Slaughterloo game system should visit it’s page HERE where divisional army packs already with a 15% saving are all listed. Well worth checking out and the offer discount is ON TOP of prices discounted on screen.  These change frequently and are set for the period of the event.

Rule Systems and Digital Downloads: At Alternative Armies we have a selection of gaming titles in PRINT and as PAID DIGITAL DOWNLOADS all of which are in this Event. Note also that our download version are 20% cheaper than print and that is before adding them to the cart. Loads of titles.

We accept many forms of payment through our website such as Paypal and Credit Cards plus Google Pay and Apple Pay.  If you would like to speak to us about an order or you have a question please make contact on or go to our Facebook Group or MeWe page or our Forum.

Thank you for reading and enjoy one of the biggest events of the year!