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Thursday 28 July 2022

Summer Mega Event begins 1st August read on...

Not long now....

As the month draws towards its close and now that we have made all of our releases and news it is time to hint at what is coming in August. Perhaps you can guess from the picture. Yes...its..Summer Mega Event 2022! For the entire of next month we will be holding one of our few big offer, big releases events each year. 

Full details of the event and its releases and news will be published on the 1st alongside the next brand new Alternia monthly free miniature. We will have new releases for Flintloque, for The Ion Age, for High Fantasy, for USEME, for HOF 15mm Sci-fi, HOT 15mm Fantasy and also for Asgard classic fantasy and 6mm scale too. There will be a free full size Flintloque scenario and more. A whole month of tabletop fun with so much awesome you will be sick of hearing from us no doubt....joking! 
However until then we would like to, in addition of giving advance notice of the event, extend an invitation to make use of the event discount at checkout. We are always fair at Alternative Armies so the event automatic 20% discount is live now and automatic at checkout. Until 1st August the current Deals and Offers stand alongside the New Releases if you wish an early treat for yourself plus ALT007 Alternia Black Powder for free. 
As always our team here in Scotland thanks you for your custom, your loyalty and your enthusiasm. 

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Dark Elf Colour Party released and remastered Line and Gunners for Flintloque

“The Catalucian Army is split in two. Since Mordred signed the Treaty of Friendship with Mordred, many imperial regiments have flocked to the Elven banner. However, others still remain loyal to their King, and fight on the side of the now Grand Alliance. Years of neglect have left the Dark Elf army weak and disorganised. The Junta Council struggles to pay them, food is scarce, and but for a few notable exceptions, their training is almost non-existent. Keeping any form of cohesion and discipline within the ranks is near impossible. The Duke of Wheeling-Turn believes the normal Line Infantry to be incapable of standing their ground, and recent performances have provided proof that his belief has a solid foundation. It has to be said though that the Dark Elves have beaten the Ferach on a few occasions and they tie down a lot of Armoricans in tracking them down.”
The World of Valon is a huge miniature range encompassing Flintloque as well as Slaughterloo and other titles set in the game world. Alternative Armies mantains not only new releases for the range but also remolding and remastering too across the twenty plus armies of the Mordredian Wars. While we do not tend to publically state this regular process we do on occasion and today is such a day. Alongside four brand new Dark Elves we have re-mastered the original line trooper poses and the gun crew too. Plus a line officer from an original code. The sun is shining here and in Catalucia despite the Ferach Empire. Go to the Dark Elves of Catalucia or read on for this month's entire Flintloque news. 
For players of Slaughterloo we have 51521 Dark Elf Line with offers a unit of 20 with a saving or a section of 10 plus single trooper option. Composed of the new 51053 pack plus multiples of the troopers in the 51018 pack. As with all World of Valon codes we provide our resin cartouche style bases included for free. 
The new colour party sculpted by Sam Croes using the same parts as the original 51018 Regimenta del Nino Cisco so that the officer in a dashing pose of pistol and sword (excellent for duelling too) as well as the drummer, standard bearer and sergeant with a nasty halberd fit right in with the re-mastered troopers. Alongside the choice of single poses now in 51018 this is also the case in 51053 Dark Elf Colour Party too. 

As many long time customers know we often make new Flintloque releases from our 'asked list' with those things most requested being brought into miniature life ongoing. A command section for the Dark Elf Line was such an ask as was an officer to be used in many roles. 51007C Dark Elf Line Officer is the result. Taken from the original 51007 pack and remastered. 
51515 Dark Elf Artillery Crew: There is not as much in the way of guns among the Dark Elves as there is for the Army of Albion or the Ferach Empire to be sure but those crews who serve do tend to do so now much more well than before. Learning and surviving has led to nimble gunners. Remastered this artillery crew contains six poses of officer (51007c), gunner with musket plus gunners carrying ball, rammer, trailspike and match. Two limber horses are included. You can choose from the pack or a pair of horses on their own or a single random gunner. 
Our Summer Mega Event Month is August this year and we will tell you about that later this week. For now remember you get ALT007 Alternia Black Powder free in every order shipped automatically (she makes an excellent Dark Elf Guerilla leader we are told) worth 2.50GBP and we want to say that during August there will be a free full sized (solo and two player) Flintloque scenario. Titled “Led by the Reigns damned by the Hoof” this scenario sees a company of Regimenta Nino Cisco along with a field gun and Orc officer having to fend off a cloud of Elf Dragoons until night and safety arrives. As always it will be a free PDF and we will announce it. 

Lastly our current Deals and Offers selection which changes on 1st August contains several excellent codes for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Get 20% off all the units of Ogre Cavalry such as KGL Dragoons, Hunvarian Lancers, Hunvarian Guard all on Rhinos. Well worth a browse. This is our last release for the month and we thank you for your support. 

Thursday 21 July 2022

HOF111H Scrofa Hover AFV joins our wide 15mm armour array

A major part of the mighty HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range is Security Force Alpha otherwise known as 'SFA'. With about ninety poses of infantry (command, female, scouts, elite, support and more) alongside bikes, battlesuits, portable weapons and mecha the SFA are perfect for a near future all arms force. 

The venerable Charger APC moves the infantry around in a choice of tracked, wheeled or hover propulsion and it falls to the Scrofa AFV to give some more mobile firepower. Now added to the more than one hundred and sixty choices of the HOF range is the variant hover Scrofa.  You see it above next to SFA infantry and our concrete barriers and barrels.

HOF111H Scrofa Hover AFV contains the resin parts to assemble one 15mm scale vehicle as a top hatch carrier or turreted variant with hatch open or closed. The Scrofa is the smaller brother of the Charger and is a common military transporter of the Human Colonies and Security Force Alpha. It is at home in any near future or such 15mm scale game system. Parts are: Scrofa Hull with Hover Propulsion (with integrated equipment rolls) Options Sprue (Hatch Top, Turret Top, Hatch SFA Crewman, Closed Crew Hatch). Approx 60mm long, 35mm wide and 20mm tall when assembled. Very easy to assemble.

An enemy for the SFA to fight?  There are many possible foes for this generic army but perhaps one out of this world might suit best.  We have a wide selection of packs (with singles an option within them) of HOF 15mm Grey Aliens.  Infantry, Command, Science Team, Capture Teams, Casualties, Disc Riders, Arachnid Soldiers, Human Thralls, Dominator Spheres as well as Hostile World Armour and Flying Saucers.  Take me to your leader!
Battlesuits are the big boys in an urban fight. HOF121 Bear Cat comes with several build options including (for the right arm mount) a twin rotary cannon, chainsaw and drill; for the top mount a missile pod and machine gun. There are other battlesuits in the range with more specialised missions such as the Hades Battlesuit for longer range missile support. 

If you like to drop in unannounced we can sort you right out. Drop Pods in open or closed types and a single occupant Drop Coffin. All as single kits or value bundles of three saving 15% off regular prices. 
Right now ending with the month of July 2022 on our Deals and Offers page the core SFA Infantry sprues are 20% off alongside nearly eighty other bundles, packs, armies and forces. Well worth a look. 
We hope you liked our last 15mm news for the month. Thanks! 

Thursday 14 July 2022

HOT135 Savage Lizardmen Archers join their 15mm army

“From a barbaric time in a savage land these cold blooded warrior and live in many tribes which often war with each other. Their armies shake the very ground as they advance in unity against the foes of their race.” 
The Savage Lizardman Army in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range expands once more with a new pack of ranged warriors. Above you can see the new Archers ahead of the mighty Lizardman Behemoth; facing off against a trio of Ogres intent on mayhem. See the whole range HERE
Great for any game system the new HOT135 Savage Lizardmen Archers contains ten figures an even mix of four poses of 15mm scale metal miniatures. As with all HOT 15mm Fantasy codes you can purchase one pack or you can choose a sampler which gives you one of each pose of miniature from this pack; a great way to try or to make skirmish forces with HOT. 
As well as twenty poses of infantry there is a Behemoth and Lizard Ogres as well as Artillery with crew and an Iganosaur too. 
See the Lizardmen in battle above against our Giant Slugs from Tabletop Miniatures code 549. There will be further releases later this year expanding this army even further as we move into cavalry both on the ground and flying too. 
You may not have seen our great HOTR resin 15mm Orc forces. Command, Horde, Archers, Cavalry and Trolls. Every code can be had as a single sprue or a pack or value army builder bundle with a saving. See them all HERE within the range and alongside our other metal Orcs, Chariot and Mountain Orcs. 
 Thank you for your time and this is our last fantasy release of the month. 

Thursday 7 July 2022

Asgard FM Fantasy Range 1980s returns second round

Alternative Armies is delighted to restore to the world a range which inspired so many which followed it. At the dawn of the 1980's Asgard Miniatures began their Fantasy Monsters (FM) range. We have worked hard to allow tabletop gamers, collectors and Asgard fans the chance to have these miniatures once more. 
The second round of releases is here. Consisting of ten codes from FM10 to FM20 which are fantasy monsters with some version 1 and version 2 as well as the Sacrificial Tree and first Undead of the range. These join the first dozen codes on the Tabletop Games and Asgard Fantasy Range page. 
FM10 Giant Bat 
FM11 Salamander V1 
FM11 Salamander V2 
FM12 Cockatrice V1 
FM14 Spectre 
FM15 Minotaur V1 
FM15 Minotaur V2 
FM16 Unicorn 
FM17 Basilisk 
FM18 Skeleton Warrior 
FM20 Sacrificial Tree 
FM20a Victim for Sacrificial Tree 
Each miniature is shown in a series of pictures and angles with a total height listed to help you know their size. Total height is from sole of foot to top of highest part of the figure. In the case of long creatures a total length is given the same way. 
The Sacrificial Tree with or without Victim is a code we were asked a lot about. Part of the FM range we have also placed it in the Torture Chamber Range as its nature suits that too. A great piece for your table. 
The Barbarians of the Wilds some of the finest character miniatures of the 1980's as singles and a value set. Sculpted by Jez Goodwin. 
Alongside the other collections we have restored there is the Tabletop Games and Asgard Miniatures Science Fiction Range which contains many aliens, robots, creatures as well as the mighty TSF01 Szithk War Bird pictured. Great in any game system and collectors. 
We hope you enjoy our efforts to keep such wonderful classics in production and we are continuing with this project and each time we get further codes online we will let you know. 
Thanks for your Time. 

Friday 1 July 2022

July 2022 and seventh new Alternia Black Powder free in all orders

The seventh month of the year and the seventh free all month version of our 28mm scale mascot is here!  Alternia Black Powder is a wee homage to The World of Valon and Flintloque but of course no Humans during the Mordredian Wars so she wears the uniform of Greate Britorcn in spite of that.  Great for any horse and musket or fantasy setting.  See her and her sisters HERE.  

To get this free 28mm miniature you need do nothing but order and as long as that order is shipped out (no downloads only sorry) the miniature will be included. As many orders as you like all month and if you missed a previous Alternia (ALT000 to ALT006) just ask for it with your order or using the order number and we will give you that one instead!  Nice eh!

“Oi!  She ain't no Orc..what's dis all about!” 

(Orc Dragoon confused by the lovely Alternia who is certainly a Human).

We have new releases this month in the 15mm HOT Fantasy Range, the Dark Elves of Catalucia for Flintloque, the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range and lastly the next re-mastered and molded return group of Asgard Fantasy Miniatures from the 1980's.  News on each of these as they happen.  But for now we would like to invite you to visit the Deals and Offers page where a new array are 5% to 50% off list price.  

This includes 15mm scale Security Force Alpha trooper and support sprues at 20% less and Bradley Miniatures 6mm scale Attack Bikes at 20% reduced.  There is also 20% off the Combots from the Ganesha Games 28mm sci-fi rangeFnorr the Big 'Un and Fomorian Druid Indech are reduced too.  Get yourself a Cadaver Monster if you wish as well.

Highlighted this month to go with Alternia Black Powder we have 20% off several Flintloque and Slaughterloo units of cavalry from the Undead of the Witchlands as well as the Krautian Giant Legion and Confederation of Finklestein.  Two different codes of Undead on Zombie Horses and three of Ogres riding on Rhinos as well as our selector pack of three kinds of Rhino.  

Get yourself some heavy hitters at a mighty discount.  Oh and not to be left out our 28mm scale Wraith Riders who make use of the Undead Horses are also included!  These Deals and Special Offers end 1st August.

Thanks for Reading,