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Tuesday 27 April 2021

Savage Lizardmen Army begins with three new packs 15mm HOT Range

“Arid land of rocks and sand giving nothing for free except pain and misery.  From this land and its caves came the savage tribes of Lizardmen for whom war is constant need of life; for who controls scarce water controlled existence itself.  All would have continued thus but for travellers who, as they were tortured and then consumed, let it be known that richer places lay over the blistering horizon.  Places to be conquered.  Places to be ruled by the tribes.”

Alternative Armies is delighted to present the first three codes in a brand new army which will expand the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range once more.  The Savage Lizardmen are here to stay with Warriors, Spear and Polearms.  In coming months they will continue to expand on this core. Go HERE or read on for more information.

HOT127 Savage Lizardmen Spears – A pack of ten or a sampler of all four poses.

HOT130 Savage Lizardmen Warriors – A pack of ten or a sampler of all four poses.

HOT134 Savage Lizardmen Polearms – A pack of ten or a sampler of all four poses.

Here is a scale picture of a new Lizardman next to a Medus Human as well as an Ogre and the Ghoul Dragon. These new warriors will suit any game system for battle level or skirmish or even dungeon crawl encounters.  Search by code on the website to find models shown.

There are more than one hundred and forty packs in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range covering Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, Elves, Zombies, Skeletons, Undead Dogmen, Elementals, Dragonmen as well as Humans and many different creatures and monsters such as the mighty Djinn (above).  Have a browse HERE as there will be something you will like we are sure.

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Friday 23 April 2021

52523 Legion de Nain Line released and Bier Wars begins

“So we will attack the Krolsberg Brewery, probably the best brewery on Valon, in doing so steal the recipe for the most favoured bier of the Dwarves.  Then we will sell it to other lesser brew masters and in doing so ruin the city of Monich and, though I do not tell these troops under my command it will also rip the Krautan League asunder.  For cheaper special brews will be exported and end the reputation of Krolsberg and with that break the spirit of every Nain!”   Johann Von Drikenbahn.  Spy in the pay of Mordred's Empire on the eve of the Beir Wars.

Possible have flown, ideas been passed around, thoughts ruminated upon and now its time to show you the first code in a simply huge expansion to the World of Valon.  We present the Legion de Nain Line! Eight new poses of Dwarf and the beginning point for The Beir Wars.  Every one of these short chaps is a real character for your forces.

52523 Legion de Nain Line

This is the core infantry of the legions armed with Dwarf Musket MkII and in campaign dress for all weathers. Long coat and boots as well as the Raupenhelm (caterpillar helmet). An Officer pointing while holding an Axe, Banner Bearer with Musker, Sergeant with Halberd and arm raised plus Musician with Drum. Four different poses of trooper these being advancing, marching, firing and loading (our favourite pose). Packs on back and items such as bed rolls, satchels and bottles about their persons.

You can choose from a pack of ten miniatures (all eight poses plus two more troopers) or a unit of twenty (ten more troopers with a saving built in) or a single booster of one.  Order the single and you will get one random trooper, order more singles and we will give you different troopers.  If you want a command pose single then details are on the page. Go HERE for 52523 and scroll through the pictures on its page as after the main images there is a front and rear of every pose so that you can see them in great detail.

Drawn from across the former Krautan League (now Krautia and the Ferach controlled Confederation of Finklestein) and its hundreds of small or tiny states and cites the Legion de Nain was its armed force for protection and attack.  Drawn from all over and pooled. Seven legions identically outfitted and armed made up of infantry, cavalry, artillery as well as senior command and specialised units who differed only in the colours of their uniforms came to blows in the Bier Wars; as each declared its favourite tipple and thus loyalty.  As well as Krautian regular soldiers and troops from Beervaria the legions skirmished with each other and also fought several pitched battles all in an effort to control the recipe for Krolsberg bier which had been stolen from the Monich Brewery by the Dwarish ferach spy Johann Von Drikenbahn.  Breweries and drinking halls all across the League were burned down or captured.  The legions of the league would never be the same again.

As we progress in this year more releases will happen monthly as we expand the Legion de Nain and work towards it as a full force of all arms (the biggest ever expansion to the miniature range for a single army) we will also be slowly putting together a Flintloque campaign book on the Monich Beir War too.  Resident Valonian artist Edward Jackson will once again be creating artwork for this title and here you can see one of the first works.  Follow this on the Bier Wars TAG of our blog.

It has been a quarter of a century since the first classic Legion de Nain blister codes were sculpted and these brand new Dwarves are very much in their style.  In fact they fit right in with the original codes and thus in May we will be putting all the originals out in new molds as well as a new officer for the Finklestein Line Infantry (the original Legion de Nain) and a couple of separate characters such as the Finklestein Dwarf Messenger too. More on that next month plus other news. Above is General Saindoux an Elf character from 5024 Escape the Dark Czar next to one of the original legion Dwarves for scale.

If you would like to get into Flintloque in the lands of the Dwarfs then look no further than 5028 Beir and Bones game book.  On its own with full rules in print or as a digital download or as a shilling starter pack with miniatures and scenarios.  Go HERE.

If you have any questions please contact us on and ask.

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Thursday 22 April 2021

Wayside Shrine and Shrine Tokens 28mm released

“Dust may coat your feet as you trudge along the dirt trail and you may ask yourself why your gods have forsaken you as your belly rumbles.  Worry not though for a Wayside Shrine is ahead and any offering you make will surely be answered with fresh water and a good meal.”  

Two releases into our 28mm Black Powder Terrain range which can be used for many time periods as well as for Flintloque and Slaughterloo of course.  They join more than a dozen other pieces such as Tents, Abandoned Wagons, Barricades, Campaign Table and Hand Cart.  Go HERE.

59542 Wayside Shrine

Along the road as the dust rises and the troops march, some fall out from the column to make offerings at the shrine which has stood for an age and gives comfort. This code composes a 28mm scale high quality resin building great for your table.  A roofed shrine at the top of a set of stone steps cut into a rocky outcrop.  It is a single piece and can be used rurally or near a road or in an urban area.  A focal point for a scenario or just part of your table.  You can place any token or items on it or within its arch as you please. This building is 60mm tall.  If you would like items to use with this building look to 59542P Shrine Tokens.

59542P Shrine Tokens (Set of Six or Singles)

Each to their own gods and their faiths.  Place your tokens and make your prayers. This code contains six different 28mm scale metal pieces ideal for scenic use on buildings or on the bases of your figures or in their hands or on backpacks and so forth.  Contents are: Dark Elf Saint (Catalucia), Goblin Saint (Al-Garvey), Todoroni Saint (Nepolise), Plate with Coins, Vase with Flowers, Sign of Sentinel (Greate Britorcn) Look to 59542 Wayside Shrine for the building these were made for. Note any miniatures shown not of this code are for scale only and not supplied (in images the Wayside Shrine is shown with these pieces upon it).

See the whole range of terrain HERE for all of the highly detailed Barricades and other pieces.  This includes a value pack with a saving.

We have a whole array of 'Bits and Sprues' for adding to your scenics, your table or your miniatures.  Horses and other mounts as well as animals live and deceased. From tankards to pastry pies, fruit, feathers and weapons too. Go HERE for a look.

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Wednesday 21 April 2021

MRX23 Handbuchse Light Gun and Landsknect Crew 15mm released

Our last historical release of the month and event period is one which was requested by customers more than any other in our expansion of the 15mm Renaissance Range which supports Furioso the game system.  It is the Handbuchse Light Gun plus separate crew.  This follows up on our brand new Landsknecht command set releases earlier this week.  See the whole massive range of three hundred choices HERE.

MRX23 Handbuchse Light Gun

15mm Scale Miniatures. This artillery pack contains a 16th century heavy rifled gun known as a 'Handbuchse' which was used mainly by Landsknechts but also by some others.  Static and hard to use and move it could prove useful.  The gun comes in two pieces and also with two gunners one with match and the other to hold the gun.  Crew are Landsknechts. One smaller artillery kit of 15mm Metal Miniatures from the Altuos range. 

This code is supplied unassembled and unpainted.  You can take a set or select the gunners only or the gun on its own in any quantity.  Go HERE.

As well as the 15th century, 16th century and early 17th century European nations in the range we also have the Ottoman Turkish Empire represented as well.  Go HERE for a refined search.  You can also purchase their horses on their own as well as a recent improvement to options online.

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Tuesday 20 April 2021

HOF161 Uplifted Cattle 15mm scale released

“Farmer Jones got a real surprise on Friday morning for he did not know that the Zeta Reticulans had visited his dairy farm during the night and had 'uplifted' his cows.  Rather than happily queuing up for the milking machines the cattle were walking about on their hind hoofs and carrying death rays!  Farmer Jones never managed to tell his wife about this..but she heard the herd atomise her man and his dying scream.” 

A new code in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range gives you three poses of cyber augmented cows armed with heavy death rays projectors.  It is also our last in the massive expansion of the Grey Aliens in the range. Our thanks to veteran wargamer Fred Richards.

HOF161 Uplifted Cattle: This pack contains three 15mm scale metal Cows in a three different poses. These were once normal cattle but now cyber and generically uplifted they obey their overlords. Each miniature is approx 23mm to eyeline in scale with the rest of the HOF Range.  Eye lenses and cables along with other odd devices make the Uplifted Cattle very strong.  

In fact they are 'Udderly Splendid' (groan!) Upright Cow aiming heavy Death Ray (A), Upright Cow with heavy Death Ray raised (B) and Upright Cow firing heavy Death Ray (C). See them HERE.

The grand and noble HOF (Hordes of the Future) range contains a wide variety of 15mm Science Fiction Miniatures and Vehicles. Each miniature is on its own integral base and made in high quality metal or grey tone resin.  Humans (Security Force Alpha, Cultists, Post Apoc Warriors, Rim Mercs, Civilians), Aliens, Mecha, Robots and much more besides in more than one hundred and sixty codes of some four hundred poses. These miniatures can be used for any purpose in this scale. Every code can be bought as a pack or you can also choose single miniatures from pack codes within them.  Refine your search on the range page by type using the 'Filter By' box.

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Monday 19 April 2021

Landsknecht Command Set and Armoured Command Set 15mm released

Alternative Armies expands our 15mm Renaissance range again with two new codes. We now have more than forty poses of Landsknects with pike, sword, arquebus, halberd and crossbow as well as mounted with same weapons plus an Organ Gun and an artillery crew too.  To this we add four pose command sets of officer, musician, standard bearer in typical costume and as armoured. Go HERE for the range or read on for more. Additionally you will find the artillery on Page Four of the range.  You can refine your range search to 'Landsknecht' only on the page too if you wish.

Useful in Italian Campaigns as well as across Europe in the sixteenth century we hope you enjoy these historical releases which can also be used for fantasy if you prefer an 'imagi-campaign' or such. 

MR125 Landsknecht 16th Century Infantry Command

Four different Metal Miniatures from the Altuos range.  These Landsknect Command poses go with our range of Landsknects.  Drummer, Officer, Fifer and Standard Bearer. Individual codes are: MR125,MR126,MR127 and MR128 if you wish to ask about multiple singles.  If you wish certain poses this is fine just state in order notes or by email with order number.  So if you want four dummers just ask for 'MR125 please give me 4x Drummer' and it shall be so!  Go HERE.

MR129 Landsknecht 16th Century Armoured Infantry Command

Four different Metal Miniatures from the Altuos range.  These Armoured Landsknect Command poses go with our range of Landsknects.  Drummer, Officer, Fifer and Standard Bearer. Individual codes are: MR129,MR130,MR131 and MR132 if you wish to ask about multiple singles.  If you wish certain poses this is fine just state in order notes or by email with order number.  So if you want four dummers just ask for 'MR129 please give me 4x Drummer' and it shall be so!  Go HERE.

You may find the following of interest as well.

MRX23 Organ Gun 

One artillery kit of 15mm Metal Miniatures from the Altuos range. Composed of organ gun on carriage and two wheels. The Ribauldequin, also known as an infernal machine or organ gun, was a late medieval gun with many small-caliber iron barrels set up parallel on a platform. In use during the 14th and on through the 16th century such as that used by the Kingdom of Aragon. It is also a rather fanciful artillery piece perhaps inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. Go HERE

Everyone needs somewhere to live even if they are only in fifteen millimetres tall.  While our Ion Age Terrain range gives you buildings for alien planets it is to the HOB 15mm Buildings range we go for fantasy and historical settings from horse and musket back to medieval and imagi-nations.  These are in the 15mm Renaissance Range too.  Five different buildings as well as three different tens and some scenics too. Great for your table.

Also if you are keen on Renaissance Warfare check out the Furioso rules system with its Italian Wars expansion as well as our 15mm range which contains over three hundred different miniatures. Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Command plus Horses and the man of the age Leonardo da Vinci!  Both books are in print and in digital download versions twenty percent cheaper too. 

Thank you for your time. 


Thursday 15 April 2021

TSF60 Gorgory giant lizardman classic model released

Alternative Armies is delighted to announce the return of a re-mastered 1980's classic science fiction model by Tabletop Games.  Not seen in decades and among the last codes in the range the Gorgory follows up on the Szithk Warbirds and this giant lizardman works in 28mm and 15mm scales. Go HERE for the Asgard and Tabletop Science Fiction range.

We are continuing the work to locate and restore the codes in these ranges.  Many models now only exist in the wild as their molds are lost.  Our deepest thanks to Mark Stevenson for his input in this restoration. Now onto the pistol wielding cool!

TSF60 Gorgory: Returned to production for the first time since the 1980's this classic kit provides you with a big mean Lizardman with wings and an energy pistol.  Great for any system. Composed of the body with head and legs and arm, a pair of wings, arm with pistol and a code unique highly detailed base. Once put together the model is 40mm tall, 120mm wingspan and 70mm total length.  

If you missed the warbirds here are the details of those.  Some of the finest models sculpted in the 1980's.

TSF01 Szithks Male Winged Warbird with Rider: Composed of the body of the warbird, a separate leg, two wings, a saddle and a Lizardmen holding long rifle (Szithk) plus a code specific metal base.  Note the wings will require pinning to stay in place as with the original release of this model. Once put together the model is 50mm tall, 100mm wingspan and 60mm total length.  The saddle is 30mm tall. You can choose from a complete kit of all the parts or the Bird with Wings on its own, the Rider only (no weapon) or the saddle only. 

TSF02 Szithks Female Warbird: A giant Warbird the wingless female.  Great for any system. Composed of the body of the warbird, a separate leg and a code unique base. Once put together the model is 50mm tall and 60mm total length.  The base is 30mm long. This model works in several scales. 

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Wednesday 14 April 2021

Wendigo a new 40mm tall monster released

“A malign and evil monster which comes from the ice flows and from the forests to consume the flesh of living creatures and to cause them madness and in possession of their minds make them commit heinous acts.”

A creature of North American folklore the Wendigo which takes many forms and several spellings. Our painted example was chosen to be a woodland not ice Wendigo composed of rock and vegetation rather than snow and tundra.  Its guts are superheated!

7120 Wendigo

This pack contains one 28mm scale metal and resin model. Supplied in five pieces these being the lower body and legs, the upper body, the head and two arms.  A degree of pose choice in arm and head positioning is possible. When assembled the model stands 40mm tall, 50mm long.  Go HERE.

As you can see this monster works in many settings and scales shown with a 28mm and 15mm miniature.  Sculpted by John Bell in his work on the Frontear Range and alongside his Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy Range this is a great model with a lot of detail to be seen.

Thank you for Reading,


Tuesday 13 April 2021

Cockatrice remastered in two scales at Alternative Armies

Now in new molds two different versions of the same monster taken from English myth and legend.  This type of work is constantly going on at Alternative Armies as we keep the many thousands of miniatures we produce in good condition for customers.  We wanted to show you the new pictures for these creatures.

You can find the larger model in our 28mm Monsters and Creatures Range and the smaller model in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range or by going to the website and searching by code and key word.  A couple of wee stories for you now.

“It be a monster of magic I tell you. The head of a roosting bird and the body too, it has a tail topped with a wicked arrow like sting. Leathery bat like wings and a beak that could pierce plate armour. It is bigger than a war horse and some say its gaze can poison a Man to near instant death. Me thinks it might have come from misty Albion in origin but much smaller being from a yoke less egg sat upon by a toad. When you face it lower your visor and strike hard using a shield to guard from the beak and the claws upon its feet. Strike hard and fast for its breast. How do I know this? I have killed a Cockatrice found in Verhell and it made for fine roasting and eating!”

"In the legends of old England at Wherwell there is a creature sized of a great cart horse known as the Cockatrice. The egg of a Cock incubated by a Snake will give birth to a monster which will grow into that with the head of a Cock, the body of a great Bird, the tail of a Serpent and wings of a leathery beast of the air. It could be prevented by tossing the devil egg over a loved home without it striking beam and landing upon the other side to smash. But in battle this monster must be avoided in its glare and in its touch for it can cause death with the 'darting eye' and with its poison breath and axe like beak. With sword and might or with that most precious of things a mirror will you defeat the Cockatrice."

Thank you for your time.


Monday 12 April 2021

Bikuni Nuns, Onyudo and Henge released Sengoku 15mm range

The Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy range passes one hundred and seventy codes with this new pack and single miniatures release. 

Great for any setting and game system to which they are suited including playing Monster Hunter.  Go HERE for the full range.

SGFP49 Bikuni Nuns, Onyudo and Henge

This pack contains ten mixed miniatures. A mix of two different Bikuni Nuns and two different Henge Daimyo (Barbaric and Civilised) plus at least two Onyudo with head choice sprues. Taken from codes SGF169,170,171 and SGF171. The pack offers a small saving off the single purchase of these codes. Here you can see pictures of the miniatures in the pack both front and back.  Each Human miniature is approx 16mm tall. Miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted without a base.  Bases used in the pictures are 20mm round.

As with all packs every miniature can be had on its own in any quantity as a single.

If you have not checked out Steve Danes excellent solo play set of rules and their expansion which sees you create a Hunter, join a Guild and then seek out and hunt down Yokai and all manner of other Japanese mythic creatures then you are in for a treat.  Begin small and expand in any direction.  The range is always growing and you can get the books in print or as paid digital downloads.

Thanks for Reading,


Thursday 8 April 2021

HOF160 Mind Brutes and HOF160A Mind Brute Arms released

“Obey me slave.  Do my bidding.  I made you and I command you.  Go forth and bring me prisoners from this world and from others. Use your psychic powers and the claws that crush. We shall rule for you are my Mind Brutes!”

Two new codes in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range giving you firstly four armed creatures from a science fiction pulp just like our Grey Aliens army and secondly sets of their four arms for your bits box and conversions.  Go HERE.  Our thanks to veteran wargamer Fred Richards.

HOF160 Mind Brutes: This 15mm scale pack contains five Creatures in one pose of body, legs and head along with five different sets of four arms.  When assembled you will have five differently posed and weapon holding models with four arms each!  With bulging brains these brutes obey their masters whither on Earth or any island like it in space.  Great for any game system. Each miniature is approx 20mm to eyeline in scale with the rest of the HOF Range. See them HERE.

HOF160A Mind Brute Arm Set: Ideal for conversions and additions to miniatures.  This pack contains five different sets of four arms taken from the Mind Brutes (HOF160).  Add these to your bits box! Arm Sets are: Open Claw, Closed Claw + Closed Claw and Energy Rifle. Open Claw, Energy Pistol + Closed Claw and Energy Pistol. Open Claw, Open Claw + Open Claw, Open Claw. Closed Claw, Grasping Claw + Closed Claw, Grasping Claw. Sword, Open Claw + Sword, Closed Claw.  See this pack HERE.

The grand and noble HOF (Hordes of the Future) range contains a wide variety of 15mm Science Fiction Miniatures and Vehicles. Each miniature is on its own integral base and made in high quality metal or grey tone resin.  Humans, Aliens, Mecha, Robots and much more besides in more than one hundred and sixty codes of some four hundred poses. These miniatures can be used for any purpose in this scale. Every code can be bought as a single pack or you can also choose single miniatures from pack codes within them.  Refine your search on the range page by type using the 'Filter By' box.

Thanks for Reading,