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Wednesday 31 January 2024

The Demon Drink a Barrel of Booze in Flintloque and Slaughterloo

As requested by fans of the World of Valon a playtest rules article containing rules for using 59547 Barrel of Bottles from our 28mm Terrain Range in your games of Flintloque and Slaughterlo.  

These rules can be used in play with all players agreement.  Enjoy and we welcome any questions to and we are happy to help.

(54050 Valon Civilians protecting the drinks...)

Keeping the discipline of an army on the march is a hard task indeed, and few aspects of keeping discipline are as challenging as the lure of alcohol. Soldiers of all kinds love to drink, the ‘demon drinke’ as the Joccian’s call it (and they imbibe more than most!) and ensuring that these soldiers arrive for a fight sober is not easy. The constant threat of death, injury and receiving pay that is often worse than that given to an Otharmann galley slave makes the attraction of booze all the stronger.

For Flintloque the following game mechanics:

‘Woz that? I smell’s juniyper!’

You can place the barrel of bottles into any scenario you wish in any setting from the Witchlands to Catalucia to the streets of Londinium.  You may place more than one barrel if you want but ensure no barrel is within 30cm of any other.  Place the first barrel on a road as if it has fallen from a cart or at the wall of an inn or somewhere that makes sense; even in the woods as it might be a secret stash!

During play any mortal character who comes within 5cm of the Barrel of Bottles can choose to drink something from it.  This is in the case of characters who are Elite or Regular or higher experience level.  Raw characters and Civilian characters will automatically choose to drink.  Othari characters will not take a drink.  The Undead will not but Vampyres may if they near.  

The effects of a random bottle are not always for the bad.  They could be good or they could be useful.  It takes one action to try a bottle and then make a D10 roll for its contents and effect.

0 – It is pure firewater!  The character spits it out but the bottle can be used as a Fyre Grenade in play.

1-2 It is cordial water.  The character drinks and it tastes just fine but does nothing else.

3-6 It is the Demon Drink.  The character rolls a D10 on an odd result they drink deep, on evens they do not.

7-9 It is Good Stuff.  A fortifying remedy.  The character is refreshed.

If it is Firewater then it cannot be drunk but can be lit and thrown which is very useful in the Witchlands.  See the game books for Grenade rules.  Cordial Water is safe to drink but does nothing at all though if you choose it might be valuable in a hot climate.  The Demon Drink on a result of drinking deep means the character is enfeebled by booze for rest of the scenario.  They lose 20% of their movement rates and suffer a -3 to Melee Combat and -20% accuracy on all shooting and they may not aim.  The Good Stuff is a tonic possibly slightly Magicke in its making.  The character chooses one of the following boons which lasts for the rest of the scenario.  +10% Accuracy on all shooting or +10% to Movement Rates or +1 to Discipline.  

A character may spend as many actions on drinking bottles as they wish BUT.  They may not pass a bottle to another and they may not take any bonus more than once and if they get a Demon Drink enfeeblement result TWICE they are then rendered unconscious for the rest of the scenario and fall where they stand.  

(Todoroni of Nepolise are fine diners and use their servants to eat well even on campaign)

For Slaughterloo the barrel of bottles is more of a temptation or a treat for a lucky or unlucky unit on the battlefield.  The barrel is placed on the battlefield in a suitable place as with Flintloque on a road or near a building or where it makes sense to the player.  It is recommended only one barrel per game but you can have several if players agree.

The following game mechanics do not apply to Undead units or Othari units.  All other units which are on foot and not artillery (not cavalry) will act upon the barrel if their movement action takes their edge within 10cm of the barrel.  When this happens the barrel is moved into the ranks of that unit and a D6 roll is made upon the unit’s activation for the next three turns.

1 to 3 – Demon Drink!  The unit loses its free (no form roll) action for this activation. 

4 It’s Bloody Water! No effect on the unit.

5-6 – Joyous Tonic!  The unit gains one additional free (no form roll) action for this activation.

‘Only a Drop, sir, honest...hic!’

You can use any model to represent the barrel of bottles on your table such as 59531 Beer Barrel Barricade or 59523 Abandoned Beer Wagon for instance.

Lastly for a wee bit of fun.  What are the favourite tipples of the Races of Valon?

Real Ale: Orcs, Bog Orc, Hob-Goblin, Ogre, Trolka.

Lager / Beer: Dwarves, Dog, Gnome, Goblin, Rats, Trollkin.

Cider: Orcs, Ogres, Rats, Hob-Goblin, Bog Orc, Mountain Elf, Wild Elf.

Cheap Wines: Dark Elf, Goblin, Rabbits, Todoroni, Werewolf.

Expensive Wines: Everyone. Especially Ferach Elves.

Spirits: Ferach Elf, Dark Elf, Centaurs, Orcs, Rats, Dwarves, Todoroni, Dog, Trolka.

Thursday 25 January 2024

Furioso English Civil War rules and 15mm armies released

Now out the brand new rules set by Steve Danes author of Furioso 16th Century as well as Sengoku Monster Hunter and solo play Doom Squad too.  Furioso English Civil War is an eighty page tabletop rules system suitable for scales 6mm to 15mm to 28mm in fighting battles in the 17th century.  The book is in print and as a digital download too (as are our other game systems) with a 20% saving included.  

When on the website click on the book to read about the rules and their features.  Here are the new codes:

FUR03 Furioso English Civil War  (Print and Paid Digital Download)

FURA06 Furioso English Civil War Mega Bundle (Two Armies, Free Bases, Free Book) Save 20%

FURA07 Royalist Army of the West Country (Starter Army with Free Bases) Save 10%

FURA08 Parliament Army of the West Country (Starter Army with Free Bases) Save 10%

This release was delayed (missing the release of our 15mm Ruined and Broken Terrain) so the new 15mm 17th Century ECW Miniature Range supporting these rules is already on the website as single poses.  We have infantry, casualties, command, artillery, cavalry, senior officers and more all for the ECW period.  We also have buildings and other codes which are useful.

We welcome questions and input on new rules systems and are happy to assist with those wishing to review the rules too.  Contact us on

This is our last new release for the month. 

Thanks for Reading,


Wednesday 24 January 2024

Why 15mm Gaming is the Best by Golgothaprime...

A second article from a talented painter and tabletop fictioneer of Instagram with the handle @golgothaprime who has not only a lovely set up of 15mm science fiction miniatures (which you can see on our BLOG in the first article) and gaming table but also a notion of why 15mm scale is the best.  The last article featured miniatures from the 15mm Ion Age Range, the 15mm HOF Science Fiction Range and the SHM 15mm Range . This time its Loud Ninja Games Range from which all the figures in this article are taken (Mutants, Aliens and Road Warriors).  Enjoy!

Why is 15mm gaming the best?

As we all know, the choice of miniature scale all comes down to preferences and what you are trying to achieve with your hobby. With that said, I will now tell you why 15mm is the best scale!

(Checking the cargo as a Merc the Planetary Militia Female Officer of The Ion Age 15mm)

1. The miniatures themselves

Neither too big and detailed, nor too small and fiddly, 15mm miniatures strike the perfect balance between size and detail. The minis are beautifully sculpted, it's clear what each miniature is supposed to represent, you can easily see what kind of weapon they have, and still they do not have an abundance of details which will take an eternity to paint. Mounted on 20mm bases, they can be used in skirmish wargames, multibase them and they can be used for bigger battles. There is an enormous width of miniatures available and since a lot of rulesets are miniature agnostic, you can mix and match with different producers. In one of my Five Parsecs from Home crews I have five models from four different ranges (all made supplied through Alternative Armies), looking great standing side by side.

2. The cost

There is something really satisfying with being able to get half a 15mm army for the same cost as a 28mm squad of ten basic infantrymen. Playing crew-on-crew skirmishes or RPGs, you can always add a new adversary or encounter for a couple of quid. This doesn't mean that 15mm in the end is a lot less expensive than larger scales, just that you get a whole lot more!

3. Easy to paint

I thought that miniature painting was for other, more talented people than me. Turns out that 15mm models are a lot easier to paint than I thought! You just need to undercoat, then block in the colours you want. Wash the different areas with appropriate washes, then repaint with the original colours, leaving the wash in the recesses. To finalize I add a couple of highlights with lighter colours and done! Remember that 15mm miniatures look great with bold highlights!

4. Size and storage

A 15mm miniature takes up about 1/8th the space compared with a 28mm miniature. If you have limited space to store your collection, 15mm is for you. You could also use this fact to have several terrain sets, since they take up less space (this is what I have done and you see in my pictures).

5. The terrain

It started with a 2x2' city board for zombie apocalypse games and sci-fi guerilla war. Then I just had to have a badlands board (a brown 2x3' board) for games set in the wilderness. I got some MDF buildings, then realized the wonders you could do by scratch building terrain yourself. The city got buildings, the badlands got a pine forest and a sci-fi container colony. I wanted a jungle, so I built one out of plant-looking soap holders, realized that the soap holders themselves could be turned upside down and with some plasticard and greeblies be turned into a military base. The jungle had to have some ruins, so I built some out of cork board. I was gifted some starport terrain, as well as another container colony (the one that inspired me to build my first one) and I thought that the spaceport ought to have some spaceships, so I built some. Then I thought that I perhaps needed a bigger starship that could be used to play on, and so on and so on. Now I'm thinking about building some new terrain without basing, so that I could get a desert and an ice planet board to game on... And while I have told you about all this, you should know that it all fits in a couple of boxes on top of a bookshelf.

6. The community

I don't think that I ever have encountered such a friendly community as the 15mm one. I think that the community is one of the best things about the scale. My beloved spaceport terrain was gifted to me by the legendary Spacejacker (as he couldn't bring it as he moved abroad). Shortly after, @tmcllghnpaints gifted me his container colony (which he never played with). I know that there is a group of hobbyists in Canada who send care packages with minis to each other. I've gotten to learn hobbyist across the globe who has helped me with my actual work, when we didn't exchange hobby tips. When I built my first spacecraft from scratch, a fellow hobbyist asked for the plans, which I gladly gave him. A while after, he sent me an STL-file and some pictures of his own craft that he printed. 15mm proponent and creator of Five Parsecs from Home, Ivan Sorensen, is always nice and helpful if you reach out to him.

Overall, my experience of the 15mm community is utterly positive. It's a community which lifts its members, where you are often cheered on, where you can get advice when you need, where people are friendly and helpful. Without the community, I wouldn't be where I am today. 

...and that's why 15mm wargaming is the best!

Thursday 18 January 2024

Planetary Militia Scouts released 28mm Ion Age range

An expansion to the massive 28mm Ion Age miniature range with four new poses taking us up to near two hundred and forty codes. Wow! 
The scouts of the Planetary Militia regiments are trained in long range or extended missions to test out the resolve of the enemy. Equipped like their fellows they are experts in both urban and rural operations and some specialise in deep installation and sub ground operations. Selected from the ranks it is often a way into the Muster Regiments of that planet. 
The new codes as follows: 
IB67 Planetary Militia Scout Squad 
(Value Pack containing four miniatures [IA233-IA236] with a saving) 
Every pose in the range can be had a single miniature
IA233 PM Scout Hermit Plasma Rifle and Sword 
IA234 PM Scout Moth Pistol and Binocs 
IA235 PM Scout Female two Moth Rifles without Stocks
IA236 PM Scout Female, breather mask and Tumbler SMG 

There are other Planetary Militia in the range from the Support Squad to Cold Climes as well as typical Troopers and Command. 
The Planetary Militia are responsible for the direct control of Grima Robot Troops in war zones. Combat Robots operated by issued directives from PM Controllers with no minds of their own are allowable under the Gurtan Artificial Intelligence ban. If you are interested in the Grima visit our BLOG for an article on Combat Robots in the Prydian Precinct. 

We have a number of Platoon Packs which give you a full force including two of the contained miniatures totally free. Choose from Retained Knights, Muster, Khanate Legionaries, Human Betrayers as well as Goblinoid Maligs and Grima Combat Robots. 

This is all of our news for Science Fiction for the month including the Alternate Stars Range of miniatures. It has been suggested that the recently released Armed Crew would be useful in The Ion Age and alongside Planetary Militia; we agree! 
Thanks for Reading, 

Thursday 11 January 2024

Jes Goodwins 1985 Dwarf Warriors returned!

Not often is it possible to return to the world something wonderful in its complete form but this is such a day. In 1985 Asgard Miniatures released the Dwarf Warriors sculpted by Jes Goodwin in 28mm scale. It is now on its own page of the restored Asgard drop down menu of the website. Our set was painted by Alternative Armies lead designer Sam Croes. 
DW00 Dwarf Warriors Set (13 Miniature Full Set with a Saving) 
As well as the full set every miniature is a single pose. 
DW1 Dwarf Adventurer 
DW2 Dwarf Axeman 
DW3 Dwarf with Hammer 
DW4 Dwarf Spearman 
DW5 Dwarf Hero 
DW6 The Black Dwarf 
DW7 Dwarf Scout 
DW8 Dwarf Lord 
DW9 Dwarf Shield Maiden 
DW10v1 Dwarf Crossbowman 
DW11 Dwarf with Arquebus 
DW12 Dwarf Mercenary 
DW13 Dwarf Guard 
Here are the restored Dwarfs alongside other miniatures we make such as the Orc Hero from the Fantasy Warlord Range and the Aged Wizard from our Wizards and Adventurers range. You can also see the Dwarfs next to the Barrel of Bottles which is automatically free in all orders until 6th February 2024. 
These larger Dwarfs were scaled up from the 15mm Tabletop and Asgard Fantasy Range where you can find their smaller brothers as packs and the super as shown FST01 Dwarf Skirmish Pack which contains all twenty poses. Ideal for skirmish. 
Last year we restored the entire Creatures of Chaos range which went down really well and continued what was done with the Nick Bibby Dragon and of course the huge Asgard FM Range which contains loads of different monsters and beasties. 
Our Dwarfish Hosts 28mm fantasy range contains over 60 poses of Dwarf as well as cavalry, artillery and the mighty DH15 Dwarf Runic Golem which is 65mm tall and a great centrepiece for an army. Every miniature can be had as a single on its page page. There is also a Multitude which contains every pose with a saving. 
This concludes all of our High Fantasy releases for January 2024. 
Thanks for Reading, 
GBS (Gavin Syme)

Monday 8 January 2024

Barrel of Bottles free plus new deals and what is new for Jan 2024

“Roll out the….”  Well you get the idea...

Automatically until 6th February 2024 at Alternative Armies in any order which is physical (no digital download only orders sorry) the Barrel of Bottles a great 28mm scale scenic piece will be included.  As many orders as you like and you can purchase this resin model too and you will still get one free per order.  Shown with Legion de Nain Dwarves for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.

59547 Barrel of Bottles:  A one piece 28mm scale resin model of a large open topped barrel containing many glass bottles.  Great for many settings and uses with a total height of 25mm and a width of 20mm.

Here is the Barrel of Bottles scaled up next to some of our miniatures.  The Ruined Apothecary Barricade and an officer from the Legion de Nain Staff.  The Stricken Adventurer and from the Undead Legions Skeleton Skull Pile.  A Classic Fighter with Sword and from Ganesha Games the Scimitar Monster.

Our 28mm Black Powder Scenic Range contains other barrels, crates and festoons as well as barricades and broken wagons. Above the Al-Garvey Goblin Houses. There is also the fantastic Bread Oven and the Wayside Shrine and Tents too.  The mighty Londinium Coach is also there as are Flat Doors and Dead Horses.  Well worth a look and adding to your gaming table.

New Deals and Offers of 5% to 50% off regular prices are now on the website.  These offers are added to all of the Value Sets, Platoons, Core Forces and more which are always there from every range.  The added ones will change once more in a couple of months. Now you can save on Elf Line Infantry, Library Barricade, Space Marine, Culach Lord of the Fomorians, Scimitar Monster and others in 28mm.  In 15mm Automata Infantry, the Griffin, Big Mouth Beast and more.  For 6mm scale BR030 Pilgrim Heavy Tank is there.

What was New in the last Month....

Restoration of classic Asgard 28mm Fantasy bounded forward with Jez Goodwin’s 1985 Dwarfs getting their own page on the website and a value set too.  New 28mm Ion Age with Planetary Militia Scout Squad released. In print and as digital book Furioso English Civil War as well as two 15mm complete armies with free element bases and a mega bundle with both and book free. The second article on 'Why 15mm is the Best' for 15mm Science Fiction by Oscar Falk and new Laserburn painted miniature pictures by Paul Batchelor too. 

Lastly free playtest rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo using the Barrel of Bottles in play; see our BLOG.

Thanks for Reading,


Monday 1 January 2024

New Year 2024 and we commence 8th January

We hope you all had a most Merry Christmas and spent time with family and with your hobbies too.  Alternative Armies commences shipping of orders once more on the 8th January along with a new free in orders model and an outline of what will occur later in this month.  For the next week...

Welcome to the new year!  2024 will be filled to the brim with brand new and restored miniatures as well as promotions and new books too.

Our Festive Discount gives 20% off all orders automatically (no code needed) at checkout (any discounts on screen are ON TOP of this) until we commence normal operation again on the 8th January 2024.  Enjoy!

You will get the EH08 Flower of Evil II free in packages as well.  Great in any scale and with many uses.  This will become a standard to purchase code on the 8th of January when it is superseded by a new free model.

Here is a great spooky and darker vision of the EH08 Flower of Evil II painted by Sporehammer over on Instagram.  If you like a grimmer style then check him out on Instagram. 

Our DEALS AND OFFERS PAGE will also update removing many of the current codes on the 8th January.  Have a browse for things such as the Giant Hydra (above), the Psionic Flayer, Hand Cart with Load, Campfire and the Dragon Newt among many others. 

Flintloque fans!  A free solo play card game set in the Witchlands is on Orcs in the Webbe as part of its annual Advent Calendar.  Can you escape Doctorov’s Garden?

Lastly as a clue to what will be coming first from us in January 2024. Have you seen the restored and excellent 80’s Barbarians by Jez Goodwin?  Twelve characters as singles or as value sets.  What is the clue..well we have restored these and a lot of the FM Monsters Range and the Creatures of Chaos Range...another range of somewhat shorter fellows by Jez Goodwin real soon…

Thanks for Reading,