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Tuesday 30 August 2022

Ready to use Painted Miniatures from Alternative Armies big overhaul and new stock

While we have an array of many thousands of different miniatures in three different scales you may not know that we also supply those miniatures painted and based ready for use to customers all over the world.  Each year entire armies are sent out for Flintloque, Slaughterloo, HOTT 2nd Edition, Patrol Angis and more while legions of single fantasy and sci-fi miniatures and packs of 15mm infantry and vehicles reach tables finished right out of the box.  Our price includes the miniature, the painting of it, its base and its basing effect and that is good value.  All done by hand here in Scotland by our team of ladies and divided by scale or genre.  Try us out and allow us to save your eyes and hand to make more time to play as we all love.

Typically stock level is one of anything shown and of course any discount codes or running events will give you their discount on the painted price at checkout as normal.  You can order as many of the item as you wish and it we do not have it in stock to that level we will contact you with a date upon which your order will be ready to ship (if you just have to have two units of Elf Line Infantry and we have only one for example).

High Fantasy.  On these pages all of our miniatures in that scale suitable for any fantasy system.  Elves, Orcs, Undead, Dwarves and much more from our ranges.

The World of Valon.  On these pages all of the miniatures as singles, packs and units for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  All painted codes which contain a standard bearer get a flag for free attached to the standard pole.

Science Fiction.  From the scales of 28mm and 15mm scales including The Ion Age and our other suitable ranges.

Terrain and Scenics.  Populate your battlefield with our terrain all painted up and ready to use.

15mm Scale Miniatures.  Smaller scale and here on these pages all of our fantasy, science fiction and historical in 15mm.  Infantry typically single based and other on element bases depending on game system.  

We were asked at the weekend by several tabletop gamers what ALT008 Alternia Beach Huntress (free in all packages until 1st September then for regular sale on the Alternia page) looked like in battle against the restored FM23 range Giant Slug!  Well here you are the Giant Slug seems like it might be able to take several stabs from that arrow headed spear!  They go well together.

See you all again 1st September when we reveal the new next free monthly Alternia!


Thursday 25 August 2022

Bulldog Heavy APC's, Charger Anti-Grav AFV, SFA Bundles all new for HOF 15mm Sci Fi Range

The mighty HOF 15mm Science Fiction range expands its vehicle park in this announcement of new releases.  Over 170 codes all of which are single pieces or packs which can be had as single miniatures within them.  Robots, Aliens, Octopods, Cultists, Zidhe, Automata, Killer Plants, Scenics as well as Grey Aliens and of course the array of Security Force Alpha (SFA) which is a generic near future force of all arms.  It is into this part of the range we go with four new vehicles and two saver bundles. 

The Bulldog is a heavily armoured low profile transport for dangerous urban areas mainly used by the Security Force Alpha in the Human Colonies.  Its hull is reinforced beyond that of the Charger which gives better protection at the cost of speed.  It carries five to eight troopers (depending on turret choice) and comes in a wheeled, tracked and anti-gravity variant.  

Each Bulldog is about 55mm long, 50mm wide and 25mm tall and the anti-gravity variant is a little bigger and comes with a resin float base.

HOF166A Bulldog Heavy APC Wheeled

                 HOF166B Bulldog Heavy APC Tracked

HOF166C Bulldog Heavy APC Anti Grav (Base included) 

We have a new Charger APC /AFV which is the fourth variant joining the wheeled, tracked and hover versions.  As with the Bulldogs and other Chargers it comes with a sprue of parts (gun turret, flat APC top turret, turret hatch, half SFA crewman) allowing for choice in assembly. 

HOF28D Charger MkII Anti Grav APC (Base included)

There are more than eight poses of infantry in the SFA covering many different roles.  The central Troopers and Support Troopers are resin as is the Maginot Defence Turret and these all feature along with a choice of Charger APC's in our HOFA Security Force Alpha Core Army Set.  These sets give you 10% built in saving and come with 75 Infantry, 2 Turrets and 6 Chargers.

HOFA01 Security Force Alpha (Core Army Set) (Choose Wheeled, Tracked, Hover or Mixed)

HOFA01A Security Force Alpha (Core Army Set) (Anti-Gravity)

It is often useful in terms of scale to see a line up of different types of models so here below is such a line up of infantry (HOF112), Portable Weapon with Gunners (HOF117 and HOF141), Charger Anti-Gravity variant and a tier one Haymaker GNATS Mech (HOF165).

Thank you for your time and we hope you like the new additions to this mighty range one of the largest in the world.


Tuesday 23 August 2022

New Dogmen for Flintloque: Colour Party plus remastered Grenadiers and Chassuers

Huzzah! Alternative Armies presents all of the releases for the World of Valon for this month. Following up on the new colour party for the Dark Elf Line and for the Zombies of the Witchlands we have the same for the Dogmen Grenadiers and Chassuers.  

Greatly asked for and now here three new miniatures plus three remastered packs  (bringing their bases into alignment) which assemble into two big Slaughterloo codes too.  Go to the Dogmen of Ostaria or the Confederation of Finklestein as these figures work for both with a change of uniform.  All poses can be had as packs or single miniatures within them by selection on screen.  So if you have formations of Dogmen already and wish only to gain a number of drummers or standard bearers this can be done with ease.

56132 Gulash Colour Party:  This new pack contains three larger Dogmen which are a Sergeant with Axe, a Drummer and a Standard Bearer who are all bare headed.  These fit right in with 56010, 56011,56012 and are the command element in units of 56513 and 56514 too.

56010 Gulash Command

56011 16th Ostarian Line Grenadiers

56012 16th Ostarian Line Chassuers

The officer and one sergeant from 56010 plus the three miniatures from 56132 form the command element of 56513 Dogmen Grenadiers (56011 troopers) and 56514 Dogmen Chassuers (56012 troopers) and as with all Slaughterloo units there is a built in saving for a full unit and such a unit is also a full Flintloque section too.

You can find the rules for the Dogmen of Empire and Confederation in 5028 Beir and Bones for Flintloque and of course in 5030 Slaughterloo as well.  These Dogmen also accompanied the Emperor Mordred into the Witchlands and can be found fighting the Undead of the Dark Czar.  See 56594 Dogman Witchlands Line for campaign dress poses into which you can put these new miniatures.

If you visit our Begin in Flintloque page you can get started in the game with the 5024 Escape the Dark Czar set.  If you already play then the miniatures in that beginners set slot right into any Ferach Empire and Witchlands force.

Thanks for your time,


Monday 22 August 2022

Free Flintloque Scenario: Hobby Horse Fort Solo or Two Player

We are off to the sunny climes of Catalucia for more free content for Flintloque.  This two player or solo play full size scenario sees the Dark Elves take on the Elves of Armorica without much involvement from allies on both sides. Go HERE for the massive array of free files hosted on our website for our game systems.

Hobby Horse Fort: A free full size scenario two or solo play four page Flintloque scenario set in Catalucia.  Can the Regimenta del Nino Cisco and its gunners survive a Dragoon onslaught in a now rather crumbling place of fortification?  CLICK HERE to download the PDF from our website storage.  Enjoy!  

Last month we released a new Dark Elf Colour Party and also the re-mastered original blister pack codes and the artillery crew all of whom feature in the above scenario.  Read more about that on our BLOG.  You can visit the Dark Elves of Catalucia page or the Elves of Armorica page on the website to see the miniatures.  All of the game books are in the Flintloque Game System page as print and digital download.

This free content for August 2022 will be followed up shortly with the new releases for Flintloque...good doggies...

Thanks for Reading,


Saturday 20 August 2022

Crystal Outcrops any scale released in HOT 15mm Fantasy range

“Fields of stony radiance are the fields of crystal! A result of magical outburst or the mother earth spilling forth her bounty it matters not for the crystals have many uses. Sharp, reflective and enduring they make blades and much more. Raiders will try to steal these riches but with your help they will not succeed.” 

A set of seven different new resin models which work in any scale really but ideally 6mm, 15mm and 28mm the Crystal Outcrops are useful scenics for fantasy and science fiction tables. See them alongside the rest of our 15mm scale scatter scenics and barricades in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range. Sculpted by Andy Gorman (who also made our Renaissance 15mm Tents and Equipment). 

HOT147 Crystal Outcrops (pack or singles from it in any amount) or HOT147 Crystal Outcrop Saver Bundle which gives your four sets of seven pieces with a built in saving.
HOF129 Cans and Boxes Scatter Scenics - Value Pack
In our HOF 15mm Science Fiction range we have 'scatter scenics' which fit right in with these new codes. Barrels and Concrete Barricades, Body Bags, Tents and Torn Tents, Military Tents plus Alien Plants.

While fantastical is a lot of fun it must never be said that history is not the greatest source of tabletop gaming and hobby learning.  To that end we would be remiss if we did not remind you of our 15mm scale historical ranges.

Ancients and Dark Age true scale 15mm.  Many nations and peoples to choose from; the classic Tabletop Games range renewed at Alternative Armies.  From the glory of Byztantium to the Arabs of the Middle East.  Our event is on until 5th September and this range is very affordable.  

Medus true scale 15mm Medieval (Wester Europe, Eastern Europe) the classic Tabletop Games range renewed at Alternative Armies.  Great choice and very affordable too.  Thank you. 

Brickdust true scale 15mm Napoleonics.  The classic Tabletop Games range renewed at Alternative Armies.  Huge selection and keenly priced too.  March for Napoleon or against him. Includes re-mastered British Rocket Troops (BA11 to BA13 variants).  Until 5th September event is on.  Thank you.  

Furioso and our 15mm Renaissance Range.  Alternative Armies has hundreds of poses from 15th to 17th century, infantry, cavalry, artillery, personalities and Da Vinci.  Well worth a browse and thank you kindly for your attention. 

Thank you for your time. 

Thursday 18 August 2022

Awaited and now here FM19 Storm Giant by Asgard Miniatures

When Alternative Armies made the announcement that we were going to remaster and re-release the Asgard Fantasy Monsters (FM Range) it was greeted with happiness and that made us smile. One of the most requested returns was that of the FM19 Frost Giant a 70mm tall three piece metal monster fondly remembered. Well today is the day! Now on the website with all new pictures! 

You can see the mighty giant (which was at the time one of the biggest such in Great Britain we are told) above being attacked by three of the Barbarians of the Wilds (sculpted by Jez Goodwin). Sculpted by Tony Ackland the Frost Giant works for all scales of armies especially 28mm and 15mm. 

Here is FM19 from all angles and with example miniatures. That is a mighty mace he is swinging! 
Alternative Armies has other giants which can feature in your games. Such as the DH15 Dwarf Runic Golem (above) and our own classic DH3 Fnorr the Big Un who is about the same height as the Frost Giant both in our Dwarven Hosts range. OH31 Durzum the Dwarf Killer is our 100mm tall Giant Troll who comes with a free Orc part of our Goblin and Orc Hordes range. Lastly from our Kitton Range is 58020 Jigoku the Giant Oni which is 100mm tall and enemy of the Samurai Catmen.
Thanks for Reading, 

Wednesday 17 August 2022

IA212 Banneret Kali Brindle released 28mm Ion Age

“Banneret Brindle of the 68th Knightly Regiment of Prydia command six lances of mainly female Retained Knights who have come to be known as 'The Ladies of Myrcna' as they spearhead operations for their overall commander. A fair leader Brindle inspires those around her and has been successful in nine orbital cassillis insertions to rebel worlds.” 

There are over two hundred miniatures in The Ion Age 28mm Range and that increases by one with the release of a new female character officer for the Retained Knights. Following up on IB59 Female Retained Knights as one to lead them on the table. Below you can see her alongside a Starvaulter (from IB56) the elite of the Prydian Precinct and a female retained. 

IA212 Banneret Kali Brindle: This metal miniature is composed of two pieces those being the miniature and its backpack. Armed with an Angis 12.5mm AP Pistol and Octa Power Sword. Her helm is clamped to her leg. Great for skirmish level games or combining with other codes for bigger formations and battles. This miniature fit in perfectly with the rest of the 28mm Ion Age range in the civil war or against the Shia Khan Empire. 

Great for any game system there is an array of not only Nobles, Retained, Muster and Planetary Militia but also the Khanate too. Legionaries are their forces in te main but there are elite Nox and also Goblin Maligs. Human traitors known as 'Betrayers' fight on the side of the enemies of Man and we have new pictures of these recently remastered miniatures. 
 Patrol Angis, Callsign Taranis and The Khanate Return (three book bundle)
There are many Ion Age Publications including the well known Patrol Angis game (which plays just fine in 28mm scale by doubling all distances) and MOTH a skirmish game plus Firefight 2.0 an intense grid based urban combat system. All are print and paid digital download. 
Thank you for your time. 

Tuesday 16 August 2022

A real horror the classic any scale FM23 Giant Slug returns!

You had better bring a whole barrel of salt if you venture down into the dungeon this day. Sculpted by Stan Pochron in the early 1980's the Giant Slug has now been restored to production in glorious metal. See it in the Tabletop Games and Asgard Fantasy range on the website. 
FM23 Giant Slug: A creature of nightmare to be sure! Supplied in metal as one piece which is 55mm long and 35mm tall. A weighty creature great for any scale of tabletop gaming. Sculpted by Stan Pochron. Shown with 28mm Barbarian and 15mm Tabletop Fantasy for scale only. 

A very useful creature for any setting and though we painted our example in a lurid pink it will take any colours and we think suit them. An ice slug, a desert slug or perhaps a Martian red slug for instance. 
VNT37 Crustacean Monster - 45mm tall
Alternative Armies has many creatures to populate your gaming table and you can see them in our 28mm Monsters and Creatures collection such as the great VNT37 Crustacean Monster which stands 45mm tall and can harass your characters at sea and shallows while the Giant Slug has at them in caverns and dank places. 
Thanks for Reading, 

Thursday 11 August 2022

Arid World entire 6mm buildings array and range released

This new release is truly massive (well its 6mm scale so not literally..chuckle!) and establishes a brand new section too on our website.  An entire Arid World array of buildings with twenty eight different structures as well as several saver bundles giving a discount (5% to 15%) off entire settlement, town or city.  See it all in our new 6mm Terrain Range.

Sculpted by the talented A.Dogan Sayiner there are solo dwellings, normal dwellings, tower dwellings, stores, merchants, commercial, generator, power station, temple, industrial, eatery, storehouse as well as government monolith and building.  Walls, Towers, Gate.  All in a style suitable for our own world and alien worlds where it is very hot and sunny.  So great for many periods and settings in 6mm scale.

There is far too much to show here.  We have given each code had a front photo with Bradley Miniatures 6mm Infantry for scale and a top down image with dimensions so that you get all the nifty details each building has.  Go to the website to see all of these.

Bradley Miniatures 6mm Science Fiction Range goes great with this new array of terrain and has over thirty packs (pack or single option) of vehicles, infantry, walkers, civilian, artillery and a fantastic drop ship too.  Use with any rules system!

Written by Vic Dobson the UM016 USEME 6mm Science Fiction rules are super easy to play and we have a great in depth BLOG POST walk through of the rules too.  Get them in print and as a paid digital download.  If you are keen on pocket sized rule system with solo play and plenty of free resources see all fifteen titles in the USEME pages.

Thanks for Reading,