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Wednesday 26 August 2020

Todoroni Generale 135mm tall Bust new for Flintloque fans

While you cannot actually use this new release for games set in the World of Valon it may well be a must for those players who collect and field the Ferach Empire more specifically the Todoroni of Nepolise.  Staunch and indeed slimy allies of the Elves the Todoroni now boast a one tenth scale bust of a high ranked officer.  Go HERE or read on for more.

A most fine piece for your mantle or your table. This bust depicts a senior field officer of the Kingdom of Nepolise; a 'Generale' in flamboyant uniform and bicorne. In 1/10th Scale and cast in high quality grey tone resin this bust is easy to assemble.  It can be assembled in one piece or with the bicorne separate and the head of the Todoroni with powered wig showing. Sculpted by Andy Gorman and 135mm tall. This kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted.  The stand for the bust is part of the model and is included in the body piece.  LE43 Baron Petrochemicoli is shown for size comparison only and is 28mm tall.  

We have a whole range of Limited Edition miniatures for Flintloque and Slaughterloo and remember you can get into Flintloque with Escape the Dark Czar beginners set.

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Monday 24 August 2020

Come into the Bar Room we have the furniture all laid out

As the Summer Campaign event 2020 draws towards its close on 1st September we are happy to present to you the first codes from the classic 1980's scenic range 'The Bar Room' which we have brought back to the world.  Originally from Tabletop Games these 28mm pieces fit into any fantasy or historical setting as well as roleplay and dungeon crawl.  We shall be continuing with these codes as the year progresses. Go HERE.  This is what we have now.

The Oval Table, the Large Table, Long Bench Seat, Chair and Set of Shelves.  All of these are released as single codes and all save for the Shelves can be had in a bundle with a saving of about ten percent as well.  These pieces go excellently with the Wizards Workshop miniatures which are all in the Guild Room too.  Potions, Books, Scrolls, Bags & Capes.  You can see in the pictures here how well they suit.

Makes you want to go to the Pub eh!   

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Friday 21 August 2020

RUFUS Android new for Alternate Stars range

Allow me to introduce RUFUS to you! This new addition to Alternate Stars is on our website now.  Go HERE for the range.

R.U.F.U.S stands for Robotic Unit Fighting or Utility Servant and this type of Android is deployed across the Star Empire to bolster troops.  It is also used by merc crews and brigantines as added muscle.  Over time their neural nets develop personalities. A larger model (40mm tall) in any game system of your choosing beyond our little snippet of possible setting.  Useful in 28mm and 15mm settings as a war droid or personality. Composed of a resin upper body, resin legs plus arm with fist and arm with double chain cannon in metal.

Scale shots against other Alternate Stars miniatures and an SFA Trooper from the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range.

We are well known for Flintloque for our High Fantasy Ranges for our Ion Age science fiction all in 28mm scale plus many more and as a long established company with a proven track record. Alternate Stars is totally generic (do you like the play on our name?) and each miniature has its own style and potential uses plus some of the characters draw their inspiration from other parts of Alternative Armies....can you spot them?  There are twelve other character poses plus a set of all twelve with a built in saving.  

Lastly there was an independent in depth review of the range made by Tabletop Games UK.  You can read it on their site HERE.

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Wednesday 19 August 2020

Wizards Workshop 28mm classic scenics are all back!

 It is my pleasure to announce that the classic 1980's Tabletop Games wargame terrain collection called 'The Wizards Workshop' is now back in production at Alternative Armies.  Following up on Laserburn, Asgard Barbarians and the Torture Chamber ranges these models are back in the world.  See them all on the Guild Room page HERE or read on for more information.

Very useful for your wargaming table as well as for dungeon crawl and dioramas too.  Piles of books and scrolls as well as a magic mirror and ornate table and who does not love skulls topped with candles.  Twelve codes including a Cauldron on a fire.  Many uses in your games.

What is a Wizards Workshop without the man himself!  A full set or as with all our other scenics you can purchase pieces from the set as well.  See the Guild Room page HERE.

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Monday 17 August 2020

HOT29 Eagle Lord returns!

Earlier this year Alternative Armies greatly expanded the number of High Elves in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range and this led to the removal of a classic pack for  re-mastering and new molds.  The Eagle Lord now returns to the nest ready to aid the forces of good.  Go HERE for the range.

“From atop their aeries the great Eagles look down upon the laid out lands.  Their eyes see far and their majestic wings cover leagues in minutes while their beaks can carry a man off in death or in rescue.”

HOT29 Eagle Lord

A three piece metal model easy to assemble which when built is about 40mm from bottom of rock pillar to top of wings.  A fine ally of an Elven Army or a creature in your games.  Go HERE.

As you can see the Eagle Lord goes really well with Elf Cavalry packs such as HOT9, HOT42, HOT43 and HOT116 Elf Cavalry Command.

Relatives of the mightiest of Eagles our Elves soar into battle atop their Eagle mounts.  This is HOT125 Armoured Elf Eagle Riders.

Something else which makes an Elvish statement is a Hero on a Wyvern!  This is HOT118.  You can 'filter by' on the range page to see only Elves or use the Search box with the given codes.

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Friday 14 August 2020

Grey Aliens sixteen new 15mm poses released

 We are delighted to now double the size of the Grey Alien forces in the HOF Range with these brand new releases.  Going from the original three packs and a flying saucer we have sixteen new poses of soldiers, abductors and overlords for your games.  Our thanks to veteran wargamer Fred Richards for his contributions to the new Greys.  Go HERE for the range or read on for more.

Grey Aliens are an enigmatic race of small, bulbous-headed, and highly intelligent aliens, the Greys are primarily scientists rather than soldiers, but sometimes come into conflict with other races when competing for resources, or when seeking to establish possession of a particular site for temporary and mysterious purposes. Their unauthorised experimental activities on live subjects who have usually been abducted can also provoke a hostile military response from races who have been subjected to such intrusions. Indeed, the Greys appear to regard the rest of the universe like their own enormous laboratory. More warlike races despise Grey reluctance to cause casualties, a sign of weakness, but the Greys have been reluctantly forced to train combat teams and actual soldiers as their ability to evade detection is declining. A Grey stands at approximately four feet in height and has light grey skin with black almond eyes and favours uniform suits of a silver and blue colour.

Each of the new packs can be had as a pack or as singles in any amount by choices on the page. Go HERE for the HOF Range.

HOF148 Grey Alien Soldiers II

A pack of ten Miniatures mixed of the following four poses.  Grey Alien Soldier walking with Ion Stubber gun (A), Grey Alien Soldier walking with Zap Death Ray Rifle (B), Grey Alien Soldier firing Zap Death Ray Rifle (C) and Grey Alien Soldier firing Ion Stubber gun (D).

HOF149 Grey Alien Soldiers III

A pack of ten miniatures mixed of the following four poses. Grey Alien Soldier in visor standing with heavy Disintegration Rifle (A), Grey Alien Soldier firing heavy Disintegration Rifle (B), Grey Alien Soldier firing Neuro Flayer Rifle (C) and Grey Alien Soldier standing with Neuro Flayer Rifle (D).  

HOF150 Grey Alien Abductors

A pack of ten miniatures mixed of the following four poses. Grey Alien with optic aiming Energy Capture Matrix cannon (A), Grey Alien with Energy Capture Matrix cannon leveled (B), Grey Alien casualty face up (C) and Grey Alien casualty face down (D).  Abductors are tasked with bringing down and taking test subjects and prisoners back to high command. On occasions..some Greys are killed in the task. 

HOF151 Grey Alien Overlords

A pack of ten miniatures mixed of the following four poses. Grey Alien Overlord in cloak holding 'Hamlet MkIII' cyber skull (A), Grey Alien Overlord arms open wide (B), Grey Alien Guard in helmet with Energy Spear standing (C) and Grey Alien Guard in helmet attacking with Energy Spear (D).  Overlords command are are obeyed with psyker powers and fanatical personal guards.

Here is a scale picture of a Grey Alien overlord next to a Human trooper of the SFA (Security Force Alpha) and a tracked Charger APC. These popular codes let you see how tall a Grey is and additionally all of the bases are 20mm round resin from our Bases range.

If you want to get started for skirmishing then check out the Landing Party!  

A saucer and one of each of the original twelve poses of our 'Greys' with a saving too.

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Wednesday 12 August 2020

Splendorous Djinn re-mastered with new pieces now released

Making a return to Alternative Armies a mighty creature in our fantasy ranges.  The Djinn has been re-mastered and transformed into a multiple part kit with a small degree of posing and two different choices of weapons included. 

“You cannot control me mortal nor bend me to your will. Without the flask, the bottle of my enslavement, I am free to act as I please. I may choose to return to my dimension or to send you there in my stead. I may elect to shift shape to that of a demon which will core your bones or to take the fleshy guise of a maiden which will sour your loins. I could crush you or stretch you so tall your head will cloud touch. But I will stay my act if you wish for it. I can make dreams real and make gold from purest air. Trick you? No. Never. It is not our way mortal. Now...wish.”

VNT32 The Spendorous Djinn
This code contains ONE metal model approx 55mm in height which can be assembled in two different ways and has two different weapon hands included.   Works in several scales as a giant or god or foe. A Large Djinn (Genie) kit composed of one body with a separate head, separate fist hand and two different weapon hands ( trident and magical staff).  Assemble your chosen version and use other weapon hand for diorama or scenics.  Small degree of wrist and neck pose choice. This model is not supplied with a base and is supplied unpainted.  Images show variants and scale shot (other miniatures not included).  Go HERE.

As you can see above this creature works well in 28mm scale and in 15mm scale too.

We have a large array of monsters which you can put into your games.  See the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range and the 28mm Monsters and Creatures Range to name two possibles. Dragons, Giants, Trolls and much more.  Such as the VNT38 Big Mouth Beast above which is a fearsome thing!

There is a mass of new releases and news this month which will be coming at your every two days of so.  Keep an eye out for it!

Thanks for Reading,


Monday 10 August 2020

Kalene the Barbarian Priestess 28mm released and free too!

Sculpted by Sam Croes let me introduce you to Kalene!

"The tribe chose her for her strength.  Kalene had killed the fearsome one eared snow panther which had carried off old and young alike. Now she leads the warriors into battle with a stone blade and the skull of Dargara the maimed wrapped with fur from the panther. Her magics are growing and the blood of foes spilled feeds that growth!"

FL24-03 Kalene Barbarian Priestess
This female miniature is great in any 28mm scale game system or RPG system as a character.  Inspired by the classic 1980's fantasy films and the Torture Chamber range restored on our website. Half nude barbarian with stone dagger and skull standard.  Stands 28mm tall. This miniature is not supplied with a base (shown on a 25mm square cartouche base) and is supplied unpainted.  Other miniatures shown for scale only and not supplied below.  Go HERE.

This is the third miniature in the growing FL24 code following on from the Midsummer Druidess and the Witch Carline.  Useful character figures for fantasy or myth tabletop gaming for your collection.  We may indeed add further unique poses in this code during future events!  If you have ideas for a female miniature or any type please contact us; we would love to hear about it (plus if we make it, you will get some gifts!).

Kalene would be right at home among the classic 28mm Asgard Barbarians range.  Twelve different miniatures for dungeon crawl, skirmishing and more.  Plus two different value sets of all twelve.  One with a saving and the other with a free miniature included.

There is a mass of new releases and news this month which will be coming at your every two days of so.  Keep an eye out for it!

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Friday 7 August 2020

Summer Campaign 2020 – 15% off orders, 20 new releases, free miniature

It is the middle of the year and the second mega events which Alternative Armies runs each year is on!  The Summer Campaign 2020 event runs until 9am GMT 1st September 2020 and is packed with brand new miniatures and a superb offer as well.  Go HERE for the website and read on for full details of everything happening.  You can see our postage rates HERE with free shipping levels and a special UK small package rate plus courier shipping.

15% Off Every Order

During the event when you reach the checkout on the website (or by email or phone) with your chosen codes in cart you will automatically get 15% off the cart total on screen before reaching payment. This applies to every single product on the website and if they are already discounted (like Slaughterloo DAP's, Digital Download books or value bundles) then the 15% is applied ON TOP of that.  No limit on the number of orders and just add to cart as normal then proceed to checkout.  Choose your shipping region and method as normal.  Note you will not be able to use any other discount code during the event.

See a simple linked up list of all the ranges we have on our site on a page of our blog HERE.

Twenty New Releases

We will reveal twenty or so new releases across our ranges and scales.  All of these codes are on our website now so that you can place your order and know everything which will appear in full during August 2020. Here is a list of all of the releases and of course you will get 15% off them during checkout. 

VNT32 The Splendorous Djinn (1 Kit)   
HOT29 Eagle Lord (1 Kit)

HOF148 Grey Alien Soldiers II (10)
HOF149 Grey Alien Soldiers III (10)
HOF150 Grey Alien Abductors (10)   
HOF151 Grey Alien Overlords (10)

The Guild Room
WW4 Ornate Table     (1)
WW4A Wizards Tray (1)
WW6 Cauldron on a Fire (1)
WW7 Ornate Mirror (1)
WW8 Skeleton on stand (1)
WW9 Skull Candle Holders (2)
WW11 Hanging Cloak & Bag  (2)
WW12 Potion Bottles (1 Set)   
WW13 Books (1 Set)
WW14 Scrolls and Books (1 Set)

BR25 Shelves (1)
BR2P Oval Table Bundle (10)           
BR3P Large Table Bundle (10)
BR6P Bench Seat Bundle (10)   
BR23P Chair Bundle (10)

AS013 RUFUS (Robotic Unit Fighting or Utility Servant) Android

BU01 Todoroni Generale Bust  (1/10th Scale) 

Kalene Barbarian Priestess free in every Package

During this event we are putting this brand new 28mm scale metal miniature worth 2.50GBP into every order automatically which is sent out across the world (any order which is physically dispatched).  She will have her own announcement but Kalene joins the Midsummer Druidess and the Witch Carline miniatures as part of the expanding FL24 code.  Inspired by the classic Asgard Barbarians and the Torture Chamber range she is great for many settings.  Find this miniature HERE.  You can of course purchase this miniature and if you do you will still get another one free in your package.  A wee treat from us!

Printed Books

With the situation in the world being what it has been for the last four months we had run out of copies of many of our gaming titles.  This included Doom Squad and Sengoku Monster Hunter as well as all three of the Patrol Angis books. The offer applies to them and you can see all print books HERE.  Digital Download versions are 20% cheaper and the offer also applies on top of that; see them all HERE.

If you have any questions please do ask us and thank you for your continued custom.


Saturday 1 August 2020

Summer Campaign 2020 begins 7th August!

In a weeks time a big event will commence at Alternative Armies.  From the 7th of August until the end of the month we will have the 'Summer Campaign 2020' which will see new releases as well as an overarching discount plus a free miniature in every order.  While we will give full details when the event begins this short announcement gives you time to prepare and to have a wander around our website thinking on what you may want to add to your collection.  Go HERE for the website or read on for more.

The Summer Campaign will be in three main parts as follows. Firstly you will automatically get a brand new 28mm miniature in your package (Kalene Barbarian Priestess) free of charge; a gift from us.  Secondly as you checkout on out website your cart will automatically gain a 15% discount on everything in it!  Thirdly we will have over twenty new releases in 15mm and 28mm scale across Flintloque, Fantasy, Science Fiction.  This will all be explained in detail when the event commences.  If you wish to be informed directly by email then please contact us on heading 'Summer 2020' and I will reply to you when the 7th comes.

As always each new item will get its own news article and we will also have our printed books back in stock.  All of this will be on the website the day the event commences.  It has been a tough time the last four months as everyone knows but we remain committed at Alternative Armies to bringing you great miniatures and games at excellent prices all manufactured right here in Britain.

Thanks for reading and not long to wait!